The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 2

Mind Control

Scully poured herself another coffee and sat down beside Mulder. "How's it going?" he asked.   "Good" she replied, "He's co-operating fully. We have his entire network mapped out, including the second tier, and were ready to start reeling them in.   Nearly all of them are at his school, so you'll start there.   There are three or four families, and a few other loose ends you can handle while you're there.   I'm still debriefing the subject".   Mulder took the bait: "or has he been debriefing you?".   "Bit of both, if you must know" she admitted with a sly grin. "Well" said Mulder, "Don't wring him dry just yet, you know the Director wants him in good condition".   "He's young, he'll recover" she said, unconcerned.

"Which story did you tell him anyway?" asked Mulder. "The one I thought he'd find easiest to believe. " replied Scully. "Which one's that?" "Guess. "

"His mother was abducted by aliens when she was pregnant?"  "Wrong.

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"His mother was abducted by aliens BEFORE she was pregnant?"  "Wrong again. "

"His father IS an alien?" "Still wrong. "

"His grandfather?" "Wrong again. Let me give you a clue: No Aliens. "

"What? None at all?" "Nope.   Counting those all as one, you've got 2 guesses remaining. "

"Secret Cold War genetic experiment by the Soviets?" "Nope. " "By us?"  "Nope. " "Not the French?"  "Again, Nope. " "What's left?  Not the Natural But Rare Genetic Mutation? You didn't tell him that one?" Mulder looked astonished. "Finally, you got it. "

Mulder looked puzzled.   "Why not just tell him the truth?" Scully shook her head in a familiar gesture of weary resignation. "Don't be a fucking idiot Mulder. "

"Are you sure you got all his post-hypno hooks?" asked Mulder, once he'd stopped sulking.


    "Yep, sure". She showed him the list on her iPad:


These apply to all the slaves:

obey all commands, in person and by phone, using voice recognition only, no code-wordsfeel pleasure on obedience, whatever the command don't talk about any of this to outsiders.


These apply to all the females:

enjoy sexual intercourse and oral sex with him, both giving and receiving. spontaneous orgasm on key phrase "good girl"  always nude when visiting his place, as long as his father's not around. His mother is controlled, so he doesn't care what she sees. feel no modesty around him (he watches them peeing and showering, and he fucks them in front of each other, even mothers and daughters) wear only skirts without panties. Some exceptions to that, he thought he sas being careful.


Some of them got a couple of extras:

preceive his penis as nine inches long. have an orgasm every two minutes whenever they're fucking.


For the families he's enrolled, he's added these:

always nude at home, unless there's any un-enslaved around mothers ordered to put all their daughters on birth control, including under-age/virgins

 "Pretty comprehensive list.   He was well on his way to Cult status, if you ask me. " observed Mulder.

"But wait, there's more" added Scully.   "He's had some of the women try to control their sex partners by copulin ingestion followed by voice-control.   He wasn't aware that this has limited effect unless the Magic Potion is made using his own SuperSpunk.

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    But he also ordered them to make themselves completely available sexually to their partners at all times, giving blowjobs, masturbating in front of them, all that good stuff. That probably gives them more control than the copulin dose, the guy's aren't actually controlled, they just don't want to spoil a good thing by causing an argument. "

"Pretty smart kid. Are you sure he's Secure?" asked Mulder. "Oh, definitely" said Scully. "He obeys my voice.   And I've set up a 3-part keyphrase:  When he hears 'Serve your country' twice, followed by 'Serve my country' - or 'cunt' - he ejaculates.   The first two phrases give him an erection, and then reinforce it.   Can't expect him to cum right off from cold, he's just a male", and she gave Mulder a smugly superior grin. "It will come in handy when we start ramping up production. "

"He could have been a whole lot worse" mused Mulder. "He's only gone after his own sexual fantasies, and they are pretty much straight down the line. Nothing sadistic or weird, no revenge or degradation. And he's not had his slaves doing crimes for him.   He could have had them robbing banks by now, or he could have been pimping them.

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   Plus he's been careful not to make any of them pregnant. "

"Yes" said Scully, "he's not a bad kid really.   Though the scale of his network is worrying.   He's got more girls than he can even get round to fucking, and he's been putting all his energy - and semen - into extending his empire, just for it's own sake.   He's got all these girls on birth control, yet he always pulls out so he can collect his semen.   I think his power was starting to corrupt him.   That's why we went in hard and fast, we didn't know his intentions, or what defenses he had. "

"None at all,  as it turned out" said Mulder. "He'd no idea he'd been spotted. "

"Yes, he wasn't as smart as he thought he was.   It was the School Prom that did it.   He'd no idea the ripples that caused. School Prom's just don't get cancelled for lack of interest.   The homeland surveillance program highlighted an anomaly,  enough to warrant a second look.   After that we just kept on finding more, especially once we started listening to phone chatter round the school, it was clear there was something going on, and it all led back to Greg.

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"So, " said Mulder, "the Moral of the story is . . .   Dont Mess With The Prom?" "Exactly. "

"For the control phrase" said Scully, getting back to business, "I propose we implement it exactly as the Director ordered", and she clicked playback. Her iPad replayed the Director's voice: "The password will be need-to-know. Just we three, for now. "  "Fine by me" said Mulder.

"Now, I'm gonna call the kids' parents, put them out of their misery" said Scully. "Call me when you reach the school. " . . .

Under Scully's supervision, Greg phoned his mom, and Marisa's mom, and handed over control to Scully.

  She took the phone and informed them of the second cover story - that Greg and Marisa were in Witness Protection, and were helping the authorities, that they were not criminals but heroes, but this must all be kept secret, else it would surely endanger them.

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    Greg and Marisa would not be able to return home for the forseeable future, possibly a year or more, and their cover must not be blown.   News would soon be announced that they had died in a firefight with law enforcement, but this was only a cover story, and the parents would hear from both Greg and Marisa as soon as the news breaks, to reassure them that the report of their death is not true. Each mother was given the task of breaking all this news to her husband.

As expected, Greg and Marisa's fathers called police, who refered them to the FBI, and eventually found themselves routed thru to Scully, who confirmed the whole story, and secured their co-operation by getting Greg and Marisa to speak to them briefly.

 Mulder pulled up in the school parking lot and stepped out of the car.   The Principal, Mr Pulaski, was waiting by the curb.   Mulder greeted him: "You must be Pulaski. I'm Mulder".   The principal shook his hand and said softly "I'll suck your cock for fifty dollars. " "Maybe later" replied Mulder, and they walked together to the Principal's Office.

So far, the handover was progressing well.   The first was Marisa. Scully brought her to Greg's room, and left them alone for two hours.   Returning, she found them both asleep, naked, entwined in each others arms.   Romeo and Juliet.

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    How touching, she thought.   Waking them, she ordered Greg to transfer control of Marisa to herself.   As a parting shot, Greg's last words to Marisa before the handover were "Good girl".   Marisa suddenly started panting, moaned, shuddered with pleasure and snuggled back down beside him.  

Scully waited a minute, then gently spoke to Marisa.   "You control some slaves, don't you Marisa?" "Yes". "Do you have all their numbers in your phone?" "Yes. " "Do any of them have slaves under their control?" "No. " "Here's your phonebook.   Cross off the ones that are NOT your slaves" said Scully, handing over a sheaf of printout.  

Then Scully had Marisa transfer each of her slaves by calling with the order henceforth to obey any voice that spoke the 3 magic phrases in sequence:  'Need to know', 'Just we three', and 'for now'.  

"Good girl" said Scully, when she decided they'd done enough for today, and was rewarded with a brief look of gratitude from Marisa before her eyes widened and she panted, moaned, and practically swooned with pleasure. Once the school principal had been done, Mulder followed up with a call of his own to arrange this meeting.   The greeting phrase was something the Principal would never have said, so it confirmed that the control arrangement was working.

In the office, Mulder produced his list of students still under Greg's control.

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   They were summoned in turn to the Principals office. Pulaski waited outside, as ordered, while Mulder went through the same procedure with each:  Greeting the girl by name, he said "I'm Agent Mulder, and I have someone on the line wants to speak to you", handing her his phone.   Each reacted with surprise at Greg's voice - it was all over the news that he was missing, a fugitive, after a dramatic drugs bust at his house.   They'd assumed Mulder was FBI, and was there to ask about Greg.  

Then, each one the same, froze, slack jawed, as Greg gave them their instructions.  

"Hi sweetie, yes, this is Greg.   Don't talk, just listen. I'm ok. You are not worried about me, or Marisa. There's a man there with you, his name is Mulder.   From now on, you are going to answer all his questions truthfully and obey all his orders exactly as you have obeyed mine.   After this phone call, you no longer have to obey me any more.   Is that clear?".   Each girl replied "Yes", and Greg said "Now give the phone back to Mr Mulder, there's a good girl".  

Mulder enjoyed their different but similar reactions, as the orgasm hit them.

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    It was like a series of auditions, each one had her own personal twist on the theme of panting breath, moaning, gasping, shuddering, wide eyes rolling up, knees trembling or buckling entirely.   Mostly he was able to catch his phone, though a couple of times he was glad the floor was carpeted.  

After the first two, he made them sit down before he passed them his phone.

By the ninth girl, Mulder has a hardon that was straining to escape the pants of his black suit.   Nine teenage girls aged 13 to 17 had just had orgasms in front of him, and then gazed blankly into his eyes, awaiting his command.   The first three he'd simply commanded them to return to class, say nothing about him or Greg, and in future obey commands from him or from any voice that quoted the code phrases "Need to know", "Just we three", and "For now".

From the fourth one, he added: "Did you just have an orgasm?" ("Yes").   "Are you wearing panties?" ("No") "Show me. "

From the seventh, "Stand up and turn right round, slowly. Is your pussy wet?" ("Yes") and "Stand still while I check", and he felt his dick stiffen even more as he slipped a finger into each slit, found it slick with her juice.

So, by the ninth, Mulder knew what he wanted. He looked thru his notes, then ordered Pulaski to fetch the cheerleader Geri King.   Mulder harbored an unfulfilled lust for cheerleaders, ever since his own days as a nerd at high school, when he could only fantasize about the cheerleading team, none of whom ever gave him a second glance. Plus his notes told him Miss King was on birth control, so he could do her bareback, and ejaculate inside her. His notes included medical records for all of Greg's slaves, and he'd been pleased to see that all the girls were clean, not a single case of any Sexually Transmitted Disease among them.

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The thought made his dick even harder, as he waited for her to arrive. Bareback sex with a teenage cheerleader, here we come.

Geri King entered the Principal's office, looking every bit as good as he'd hoped. Mulder sent Pulaski to wait in reception.   He greeted her like the others and handed her his phone.   There followed the usual sequence:  a look of surprise, a pause, then "Yes" followed by the unmistakable signs of an unexpected orgasm pulsing thru the girls body, her face aglow, her gaze unfocussed, her eyes wide and pupils dilated.


Then she shakily handed Mulder his phone. Her face aglow, she looked gorgeous. A stay ringlet of her light brown hair had escaped her hair tie, and dangled beside her flushed cheek. Her lips were moist, and slightly parted.   He could see she had a terrific figure inside that school uniform, D cup breasts contained in a sports bra, flat tummy and broad hips, firm smooth legs extending from the short skirt.

"Did you just have an orgasm, Geri?"  "Yes" she said in a shaky voice.   "Are you wearing panties?" "No. "  "Show me. " She lifted the hem of her school skirt, revealing her totally bald pubes, with mucus glistening between the lips of her pussy.



Mulder reached out and slid two fingers inside her, they slid in easily on her slick juice, until he had them all the way in.   He curled his fingers, gently played round her g-spot.   She gasped and leaned back, spreading her legs wide and raising her hips to give him better access.   "Take off all your clothes, Geri" he instructed, and in a moment she was naked, and even better built than he'd dared to hope.   Mulder also stripped.

"Suck my dick" he told her, and she squatted before him to take him in her mouth.   I could cum in her mouth, thought Mulder, gazing down at her pretty face, her bright blue eyes wide open looking up at him as he steadily thrust his dick in and out between her lips, feeling her tongue working around the head.   She's good at this. And he wondered how she'd received her training.   Was it all under Greg's spell, or had she been sucking cock already, how many boyfriends had it taken to get her this good, as she licked his shaft, sucked his balls, slapped his dick on her tongue, and tried to get the whole length of him down her throat.

But he'd set his sights on pussy, so: "Stand up now, turn around, place your hands on the Principal's desk".   She obeyed, presenting him with her gorgeously athletic butt.   He bent his knees and guided his dick between her buttocks and found her pussy, warm smooth and juicy.   His dick slid into her all the way.   Then he slid out, right out to the last inch, and in again, setting a pace that she matched by rocking her pelvis.

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    He found his stride, then, contained the urge to finish, and settled in for a good long fucking workout.   She was up for it, bouncing against him, meeting his thrusts until he finally let off his brakes and sprinted all out for his personal finish line, when an orgasm overtook her and she roared a full throated cheerleader roar that must have echoed round the corridors and the reception area where Pulaski waited. That was it for Mulder too, and suddenly all the pent up lust he'd felt from this morning's parade of schoolgirl orgasms erupted from his balls and pumped up the length of his dick and out into the depths of her sopping pussy, and he stopped, buried ball-deep inside her, feeling the aftershock tremors ripple thru her. God that felt good, my first cheerleader, he thought as his pulses subsided.  

"Now suck my dick again, clean it all up" he instructed, though it was hardly necessary, as Geri was ready to do this anyway, and once more she squatted before him, this time with his cum dribbling out of her swollen cunt in blobs and dripping on the carpet in front of the Principal's desk.   Let Pulaski sort that out, thought Mulder.

After he had sent Geri back to class, Mulder checked his list.   Over 40% of the girls in this school had been enslaved by Greg, though he hadn't gotten round to fucking them all, especially the younger ones, many of whom - his notes showed - were still virgins.   Mulder hadn't intended taking over Greg's sexual activities, but, hey, it was there on a plate for him, the gift of a lifetime.   So, he decided, the best thing was not to waste it.   He called Scully and told her the work at the school was taking longer than he'd expected, so he'd be staying here at least a week.  

Scully didn't even pretend to be surprised.

He needed a place to stay, and some company would be nice.   He delegated to Pulaski the task of booking him into a comfortable hotel, and ordered him to fetch the history teacher, Miss Shell, when classes finished.  Meanwhile, he had schoolgirls to reprogram.



Miss Shell was just as Greg had described: 5'5" with nice full hips, D cup breasts, a prominent butt and a face that looks like a young Claudia Schiffer. She didn't look a day over 25. He gave her the phone.   The same pattern - surprise, pause, "Yes", orgasm, hand over the phone.  

Fuck, this never gets old, thought Mulder. He liked the way her more experienced body absorbed the orgasm, surprised, but less overwhelmed, more like she was savouring it, and she seemed to spin it out far longer than any of the teenagers had. He enjoyed confirming that she wasn't wearing panties, that she was on birth control, and discovered that she was so wet from her orgasm that the juice was dribbling down the inside of both her thighs. Yes, she would do very nicely indeed. So. . . .

"Go home, pack an overnight bag. Shower and dress in stockings, suspenders and high heeled shoes, with a full length coat over that, and nothing else. Bring any vibrators or dildos that you have.

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   If you haven't any, go out and buy one that suits you, and make sure you've got fresh batteries. Come to my hotel room at 7 tonight. You will stay the night and go direct from the hotel to school tomorrow, so make sure you have work clothes with you. "

"Now, kiss me. "  She raised her pretty face to his, and they shared a long and succulent kiss, full of promise of the pleasure they would share tonight.