The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 3

Mind Control

The guy in the sex shop had seen many things, but this was by far the best.   The shop belonged to his uncle Bernie, and Jim liked working there. Though the pay was lousy, it helped him survive as he struggled to finish his graduate studies, and it wasn't open in the mornings. At first he'd hoped there'd be other benefits, but the customers were mostly dirty-old-men or flamboyant gays.   He'd no objection to either, but he wasn't interested in their company. A steady stream of mousy or overweight housewives and the occasional hooker made up the female customers, and the hookers weren't even offering a discount. Only rarely did some swinging couple or group turn up to liven the place up.

The young woman was wearing a raincoat, belted, though it wasn't raining.   She had a gorgeous face, and there was a voluptuous figure under that coat, he was sure.   She seemed a bit dazed, not quite sure of herself.   She asked about vibrators and dildos, and he directed her to the right shelves.   In five minutes she was back at the counter, empty handed.   "Can you help me?" she asked. "I don't know how to find one that suits me. "  Oh, man, was this girl for real? 

He led her back to the display of sex toys. "Well", he started, "it depends on your taste.

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"My taste?" she looked shocked. "I didn't realize they were flavored. "  Was she shitting him? Or (but don't get your hopes up) maybe flirting with him?"No, they're not flavored. I meant YOUR taste. "  "MY taste?" she asked again, with a deer-in-the-headlights look. "OK, I really need to get one that suits me" she said hesitantly, more to herself than to him, and she reached under her coat and dug around for a couple of seconds, then withdrew her hand,  and held it out to him.   It was his turn to look surprised. "Here" she said. "Taste. This is my taste. Can you help me find something that suits it?" 

A slow realization dawned on him like a bank of floodlights coming on one by one, and slowly, carefully, he reached out and took her hand, raising it to his face. He felt the wetness, and he smelled the smell of her on the two outstretched fingers. He sucked her fingers, and knew her taste, oh yes he did.   He held on to her hand for as long as he could, licking and sucking those two dainty delicate fingers. He had a boner stuck pointing the wrong way in his jeans, God this was hot.

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She was looking at him expectantly. "Do you know what would suit me now?" He felt dizzy. He glanced over at the counter, half expecting to see his own corpse slumped over it. Died and gone to heaven? Whatever, just go with it. "Well, I think so, but I'll need another taste to make sure. "  She held her hand out to him again. "No, it's worn off. "  She reached under her coat again and came back with her fingers freshly coated in her juice. He sucked them greedily, oh, this woman was beyond belief. If she was playing with him, he was happy to play with her, see where the game would go. "Well?" she asked. "Can't be completely sure with the fingers. Need to go direct to the source" he said hopefully. "OK" again, and she stood patiently before him.   This isn't happening, he thought, as he slowly crouched down.

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   "Don't wake up, don't wake up, please please don't wake up" ran through his racing mind as he reached for the flap of her coat, going slowly in case this isn't really what she meant.   But she just stood there.   He pulled the two sides of her coat apart, and there before his face was a pair of creamy thighs, black fishnet stockings below, the black strip of suspenders running up to black lacy belt above, and framed by all this erotic beauty, was a completely smoothly shaven pussy.   Her legs were parted slightly, and he pressed his face against her, tried to reach her with his tongue.   Then he clasped her round the backside and lifted her left leg, opening her so his mouth could close over those seeping lips.   She hooked the leg over his shoulder, and he steadied her with both arms as he sucked and slurped at her wetness, for god she was wet.   She idly stroked his head as he ate her out for as long as he could.   Until, at last, he felt her tap-tap on his head.   He looked up, her juices glistening on his nose and chin.  

"Well?" she asked. "I really need to get a vibrator or dildo that suits my taste.   What do you recommend?"

She's still playing her game, whatever it is, he decided.   Maybe it's a dare or something. "Well, Miss, I must say you have excellent taste.   Never tasted finer.

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   I'd suggest a gel vibrator with a realistic shape, molded to feel just like a real cock.   We have several sizes.   Would you like me to measure you for size, it's important to get the right fit?" "Oh, yes please. If you don't mind. I didn't know it would be so complicated. "

"That's why it's always best to shop in person.   You can buy all these things online, but the only way to find out what suits you best is to come into the store, where you can get expert advice tailored specially for you" the spiel rattled off nicely now and calmed his nerves.  

"If you would like to come to the fitting room back here, I'll just grab some samples. " He led her by the hand - afraid to let go of her in case she suddenly ran away, or vanished, or something - into the back room.   This was where customers could watch videos, and where the hookers sometimes came, though Uncle Bernie had a policy of not letting them bring their Johns into the shop.   It was ok if the guy was in the shop already, though, as if that made any difference.   There was a mattress on a divan base, an ancient sofa and an even older armchair.   All looked like they'd been dragged in off the street, which they had.   There was a DVD playing on the projector, and on the screen a pair of skinny asian girls were sharing an enormous black cock.

"Make yourself comfortable, I'll be back in a second", and Jim raced to the shop door to flip the sign to "closed" and slip the latch, then grabbed a pack of condoms.

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    From under the counter he grabbed a couple of vibrators in their packaging, then zoomed to the back room doorway. Here he paused for breath.   On the screen, one of the asian girls was lowering herself onto the big black cock, while the other one sat astride the guy's face.   Jim's tasty customer had parked herself on the sofa. Her coat was hanging open, and Jim noticed for the first time that she was wearing nothing else above the suspender belt.   Her boobs, firm but ample, easily a D he reckoned, were both uncovered.   She had her legs apart, and was methodically, repeatedly dipping two fingers inside her pussy, then sucking them.   Her face indicated she was concentrating on the taste.  

"Oh, my, she's quite something" Jim thought. "Here we are, Miss" and he set down the boxes. "Just sit back on the sofa there, make yourself comfortable. You might like to raise your knees.   Here, let me put this cushion behind your back, it's not good to slouch. "  She was now arranged on the sofa, facing the projection screen, with her legs nicely apart.   He knelt beside her and quickly unwrapped the smaller of the two vibrators he'd brought, then slipped a condom onto it.

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   "Relax, and we'll see how this one fits. " and he guided the thing between her thighs and slowly inserted it into her vagina. Still fearing he was going to wake up at any second, he began to stroke in and out. "I haven't switched it on yet, as we're just measuring you up for size.   How does this feel?" "Mmmm, pretty good. Is this what suits my taste?"  "Not sure yet, Miss. You see, your taste changes considerably after orgasm. " "I had an orgasm this afternoon, does that count?" "How long ago was that Miss?" "About half past three. " "It would be best to have a fresh one, if you can manage it" he said, all the while delving steadily in and out of her cunt with the condom-clad device. "OK, I'll try. " And she took hold of the thing herself and cranked up the pace, rapidly fucking herself with singleminded concentration.  

"Miss" said Jim, with his fingers crossed, "you might like to try something a bit larger.   "Oh, yes, yes, let me try it".   Jim was swiftly dumping his pants and rolling a condom onto his erection, which he knew to be both longer and thicker than the small vibrator he'd given her.   "If you'd like to stand up, we can try fitting this one from behind.

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  "  She stood, then looked at his condom wrapped dick.   "But that's not a vibrator. That's your dick, unless I'm very much mistaken. " "Yes, and it's the same size as the other vibrator.   The boss doesn't like customers opening all the boxes if they're not buying, so I'd like you to try this for size before we open another box.   If it's too big, you can go back to the one you've got already. "

"OK", she sounded only half convinced, but she turned her back, and her butt, towards him, and leaned on the armrest of the sofa.   He spat on his cock and rubbed in the saliva, then slipped between her butt cheeks, found her hole, and plunged in.   She reacted at once, "Oh, yess.   That's better.   Fuck yes.   This suits my taste, fuck yeah" and he gave her a thorough pounding, her words becoming meaningless gasps and moans, blending with the muted screams and moans from the onscreen porno babes, until she reached a crescendo "Fuck yes fuck me fuck I'm fucking cumming, woooohoooo. . . " and with an explosion of profanity surprising for such a beautiful young history teacher, she orgasmed extensively and copiously.

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    Jim understood this was his chance too, perhaps his last one, and he let go all restraint and pounded her until his own orgasm overtook him his cum filled he condom. He pulled out and dumped the condom in an ashtry.  

"Shall I check if you've had a change of taste?" he asked. "OK" she said, and he helped her sit down where he could easily reach her pussy for a lengthy exploration of the flavor of her post orgasmic flood of juices.   He was astonished at how much juice she'd made, and a new stain was spreading on the already much stained cushion beneath her.  

"So, he asked, which one did you prefer?" "Oh, the second one, for sure. I'd no idea it would be so complicated.   Thank you for your expert assistance. "

"Will that be cash or credit card? And should I include a spare set of batteries?"

Sometimes, just sometimes, this was a great place to work, thought Jim.