The Night of the Motherlode


Last winter was one of the harshest and coldest in our region. Up to six feet of snow total for the year. But it was one of the most enjoyable for me. A true story with a few minor embellishments.

It was our third snowstorm that season and I had already gone out and done my shopping earlier that week in anticipation of the one they called "The Motherlode". They were expecting a full 30" in some areas and I could already hear the wind and first flakes of snow pelting the windows. I'd hunkered down for the night with a fridge full of deli meats and cheeses, beer, chips and lots of leftover chinese food and pizzas. I popped in some rented porn dvds and figured that would be my entertainment when there was a knock at the door. It was Carla.

A fat neighborhood whore who was once a high school classmate of my father's. She was stuffed into a dark green parka and wearing her typical grey knee length night shirt with the slits up the side and a pair of Ug boots. She was also carrying a big plastic bag.

Me: "Hey, mama. What's new?"I said,kind of blocking the doorway. As I was hoping for a little alone time though I could always use a good fuck.


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  You feel like a date??",her voice cracked with pleading eyes. Her 58 year old face was plain and clear of the make up and eye liner she usually wore. Her dirty blond locks peeked from under the parka hood. She looked like Shelly WInters.

Me:"I don't really have any cash on me right now darlin'. Just spent everything at the market. Maybe next time. "

Carla:"Well you don't have to pay me now. I just kind of need a warm place right now. "

Me:"What happened?"I said, looking at the black trash bag. "You get kicked out??"

Carla:"Yeah, well the halfway house I was at told me I had to leave 'cuz me and a couple of the other girls were having a beef. Fucking bitches!!!I really don't have anywhere to go. Can I stay here??I'll can sleep on the floor. Or can you let me sleep in your car. I won't steal nuthin'.

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  I just dont want to freeze to death tonight". She pleaded with her head cocked to the right awaiting some sign of approval.

I stroked my chin for a second. She was a hot piece of ass in her day right up to her early forties and she was the last of the great gold diggers. I was one of the only guys who never got a chance to fuck her back then. Recently I'd gotten a few blow jobs from her. I remember she had really dissed me telling me that I wasn't ready for her and to come back when I was a man. Now how the tables had turned. She was living in homeless shelters and boarding houses,having gotten off of alcohol & cocaine and clean and sober but broke and living on food stamps. Her kids had disowned her and never came to visit though reportedly they would send her clothes and care packages with no return address during the holidays. Most of the guys who'd spent lots of money on her and even wanted to marry her now wouldn't even admit to knowing her. In the past, she would rolled her eyes at a guy like me working at the docks and driving around in a beat up five yr old car.

Me:"I'll tell you what. You can stay here tonight. It's too cold in my car anyway.

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  You shouldn't have tobe stuck out there in the harsh elements. "I said patronizingly,inviting her in. "But the storm is gonna be pretty bad so you may be stuck with me for a few days. "

I started licking my lips as she took off her parka and revealed that bloated but still voluptuous body. As she bent over to take off her boots,I got a good look at that wide fat ass,stretching the cotton of her long nightshirt. I reached under her night shirt and grabbed a handful of ass as my reward and said " but the pussy is free, right???"

She giggled at the gesture and cooed,"Of course!!".

Suddenly that movie I was about to watch wasn't so interesting. I led her down the hall to the bedroom. I was already pulling off my shirt and kicking off shoes as I followed that fat ass. Once in the bedroom,she started to take her clothes off but I told he to stop. That was my job. I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her nightshirt up above her hips. She was wearing white granny panties that barely covered her milky white fat ass. I snatched them off and let them dangle off her left ankle,Her pussy was a big hairy muff pie. She tried to cover it up, embarrassed.

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Carla:"Sorry it's not shaved. I haven't fucked in awhile"

Me:"Me neither!!I said,my cock growing hard at the sight of her bushy, dark brunette jungle snatch. I usually preferred a shaved snatch but pussy is pussy.

I usually like a blow job first but I couldn't help myself. I dropped to my knees, pulled her by her heavy legs and thighs toward the edge of the bed,parted her her hairy muff and dove into that fat pussy face first. I jammed my face in her crotch and lapped at her quivering vagina and sucked and nibbled on her pulsating clit.

Carla squealed as my greedy mouth hit her hot cunt. She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face further into her steamy, furry crotch,writhing and twisting her hips to allow me to get every inch of her pussy into my mouth.

After several minutes,she started to buck her hips against my face as I could hear her pussy making squelching noises. She was about to come. Come HARD. "Ahhh. . . .

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  AHHHH!!. . . . "I could hear the lift-off starting. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy up to my face one last time,frantically sucking and slapping my tongue on her clitoris. She screamed out loud.

"AAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!OH, MY GAWWRRG,OOHHH, FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!"she screamed,thrashing on the bed and pissing pussy juice down my face. she grabbed my head like her survival depended on it and shook as cunt cream continued to stream down her ass cheeks and thighs. I lapped up every drop as she lay sweating and breathing heavily. She left a big wet spot on my bed the size of Texas.

Carla:That was AMAZING!!I've never had a guy eat my pussy like that. I could go to sleep for days now. "She started to curl up on the bed.

Me:"AWW, FUCK NO, BITCH!!I'll tell you when you can go to sleep.

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  You gotta earn your keep if you're staying with me!!",I yelled. UNLESS YOU WANNA GO OUTSIDE AND FREEZE,YOU BETTER GET YOURASS UP AND TAKE CARE OF ME. "I pulled the blanket off of her. "MY TURN. "

I stood up, pulled her up to the edge of the bed again and pulled off her nightdress and pulled down my boxers. I put my raging hard on against her mouth and she gulped it down,looking up at me for sympathy as I stood towering over her. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved all eight inches down her throat. She knew the drill. She sucked the whole shaft from the head to the root while jiggling my balls,licking down to my ball sack and jacking off the dick at the same time. Carla was definitely a pro. And I could tell by the way she kept looking at me that she was turned on by my take charge, aggressive nature.

All the while she was sucking me off,I was fondling her huge breasts with my other hand. Her udders were a bit saggy but the nipples were like gumdrops. I pulled on them and they even sagged so much I was able to pull one up to my mouth. I started verbally abusing and chastising her while I sucked and chewed on her floppy titties.

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Me:"Yeah,bitch no wonder all the mother fuckers in this neighborhood talked so much shit about you. You're the best cocksucker ever. I used to hear my dad talk to his buddies about how good a piece of ass you were, bitch. You probably don't remember but ten years ago,you told me I wasn't good enough but guess what?We're gonna find out if I meet your approval tonight cuz YOUR ASS BELONGS TO ME FOR THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS"

While she continued to suck me off,I reached for the night stand and picked up my little blue pill and took it with a glass of water. I never needed the pills but tonight I wanted to get a bit of revenge.

My dick was diamond hard now. I didn't want to cum off of no blow job. I wanted to get back into that hot pussy again. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the bed. I crawled between her legs and slowly pushed my hard yardstick into her still dripping pussy. She gasped as I sank the first four inches in. I was surprised how tight she was considering her reputation. I guess she really hadn't had sex in awhile. Then I put in the final four I started gyrating my hips,trying to find her sweet spot. When I heard her yelp in a couple stabbing motions I made,I concentrated on that spot.

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  The pussy juices began to flow again as I started to slam and grind my cock in her G Spot. The squelching noises got louder and louder and Carla would try to stifle her moans against my chest. I pulled one of her fat floppy titties into my mouth again and chewed on the nipple. The whimpering Carla began licking and sucking on my neck as she wrapped her arms and legs and thighs around me,holding on while I mined and jack-hammered her vaginal territory. After fifteen minutes,she started to come again. I could feel her shiver and shake as her gash became more and more lubricating and her juices ran down my shaft and onto my balls. As she began to writhe,I jammed my cock back into her and she bucked and screamed even harder than before as her pussy convulsed and contracted on my dick in a vice grip. That was all I needed. I raised up on my haunches and slammed my boiling cock into her at top speed and unitl my hot nutsack milk blast into her voracious cunt. My whole body stiffened out and I collapsed on her thick, behemoth body. Her pussy continued to contract and drain my cock and nutsack. We both lay still exchanging fluids for about twenty minutes but seemed like hours.

Carla:"Wow, honey. Sorry about what I said to you all those years ago. Or maybe you just took my advice and became a man.

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  Glad I was incentive for you",she said jokingly.

Me:"Don't flatter yourself. I plan on fucking you for the next couple days so don't get cocky. In fact,look at my dick. It's still rock hard so I plan on running up in that fat ass too in about ten minutes so you better go get theKY out of my bathroom cabinet. "

Carla struggled to her feet as her knees were still wobbly from the multiple orgasms. Her fat ass jiggled as she reluctantly but obediently ambled her way to the bathroom.

Carla:"You know. . . "Carla finally bellowed from the bathroom, defiantly. "It's not like you're paying me or anything. You could at least be a little nicer. Im not your slave. I can just up and leave.

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Me:"Hey, you can leave whenever you want. You came to me remember??My house,my rules. You can get dressed and get the fuck out of my house and try to find a homeless shelter in all that snow right now. Or you canshut the fuck up and go get the KY. And while you're up,go make me a fuckin' sandwich and bring me a beer. ",I said cockily as I started to lube up my swollen dick for some ass wreckage.