Anna and Derrick's third visit


Topic: Anna and Derrick third visitThe plane ride had not been long, but Anna was exhausted from her busy day of getting ready for the flight. She worked that morning and rushed to the airport right after she got off  in order to get there on time. Now that her plane had landed, she could hardly stand having to wait for her fellow passengers who seemed to take all the time in the world to get off the plane. The last person off the plane,  it took all the patience Anna had left to remain calm and not run straight into the arms of her boyfriend, Derrick.  

Anna and Derrick had dated for five months now, but they lived almost eight hours apart from each other. Usually, the distance was not a completely awful thing to handle, but when it got close to the time for their next visit, both Anna and Derrick could hardly stand the last few days and hours.  

It had been almost a month and half now since the last time Anna and Derrick saw each other. They both longed for each other’s company and especially the simple pleasures of being together like touching each other and sleeping next to one another.  

As Anna walked through the airport to where she would meet Derrick, the excitement within her started to build to an almost uncontainable level. She longed to kiss Derrick. She could not wait to feel his tongue in her mouth. Anna loved the way Derrick filled her whole mouth with his tongue, and the way he touched her as he kissed her sent a wave of complete pleasure through her body. When Anna thought of the way it felt to have Derrick gently suck on her bottom lip as he starred into her eyes, her breath caught in her throat.  

Soon, Anna could see Derrick and the huge smile on his face as he caught her eye. When she finally made her way to Derrick, he wrapped her in his arms and gave her the most beautiful kiss that began slowly and so sweetly.   She loved  the way his lips felt against hers as he moved his tongue over her tongue and held her close.

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   Anna could not wait to get home and feel Derrick’s lips and fingers all over her body.  Derrick grabbed Anna’s hand and they walked out the airport to his car.  
Anna could not help but continually steal glances of Derrick. His dark hair, dimpled chin, and slim body made her weak. They held hands as they walked to the car. Derrick walked Anna to her door and opened it for her. Before he let her in, Derrick  pushed Anna against the car and stole another sweet kiss. Instantly, Anna’s body was on fire with need for Derrick. She shivered as she felt his hand reach under her shirt and remove enough of her breast from her bra so that Derrick could gently rub and squeeze her nipple. Anna pulled Derrick’s  head closer to hers as their kiss grew in intensity and want. Derrick abruptly pulled away and nudged Anna into the car.  

As Derrick walked around the car, Anna could not help but imagine how amazing their first night will be. She thought of Derrick’s hands all over her body, lightly caressing her skin, sending chills from her head to her toe. Anna wanted Derrick, and she didn’t know if she could wait the car ride home.

Finally, Derrick made his way in the car as well.

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   He looked over at her and leaned forward to give her a kiss. Anna held Derrick’s head and engaged him in another long sweet kiss. Her hands began roaming along the back of his neck, down  his back, and around to his chest. She wanted to feel his hands all over her. Her pussy  became even more wet as she imagined lying in the bed with Derrick, feeling his lips travel from her lips down to her chest.  

Anna pushed Derrick back into his seat. She leaned forward and kissed the bulge that had begun to grow inside Derrick’s pants. She gently grazed his cock with her teeth along the outside of his jeans. Anna wanted to feel him inside of her. Anna pulled off Derrick’s shirt and began kissing his chest as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She freed Derrick’s hard cock from his pants and started rubbing it very slowly, up and down. Anna held on tight as she teased Derrick with her hand, moving all along his shaft, playing with his balls, all the while she licked and sucked his chest, neck, and shoulders.  

Anna could stand it no longer. She loved the way Derrick tasted and when she saw the pre-cum coming from his cock, Anna  began to slowly suck on just the head of Derrick’s cock. While Anna sucked on his cock, Derrick reached over and slid his hand under Anna’s skirt.

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   He was surprised and pleased to find that she had on no panties. He reached under her and started rubbing her clit with his fingers. Anna instantly became even more wet than she was before. Derrick slowly slid his finger inside Anna’s pussy and even more slowly pulled it out. With his other hand, Derrick stopped Anna for just as moment. He held her chin so that her face was pointed toward his. Derrick showed Anna her juices on his finger and then hungrily sucked it off. Anna’s breath once again caught in her throat as she watched Derrick clean his finger off with his mouth; she could not help but imagine his tongue licking her clit the way he licked his finger.  

Derrick released Anna’s face and slid his hand inside her shirt. Derrick loved Anna’s large breasts  and nipples. He squeezed and brushed her nipples that were so hard with desire for his wet and hot mouth.  

Anna resumed her place over Derrick’s cock, but she surprised him by suddenly taking his full length inside her mouth. Derrick could feel the tightness of Anna’s throat as she took him in as far as she could. Anna slowly pulled her mouth up and off his cock and then back down again. She could feel him getting even hard as she played with his balls, squeezing and holding them.

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Anna wanted to feel Derrick’s hard cock insider her very wet pussy. She longed to feel her clit rub against his body as she rode his cock. Anna pushed Derrick back against his seat and  pulled herself on top of his lap. She gasped as she felt his hard cock slowly pushing itself inside of her. After so long of not being able to have Derrick, Anna was almost instantly read to orgasm as she finally made her way down his cock and sitting comfortably in his lap. Derrick pulled Anna’s shirt off and began sucking on her breasts as she rode his cock slowly and steadily. She could feel him moving and throbbing inside of her as she grew even more wet with desire. Derrick’s hand’s roamed over her back and down to her butt, pushing her hips back and forth and in a circle on his cock. Anna longed to feel Derrick come inside her. Derrick’s mouth had now found it’s way all over Anna’s breasts. He sucked and licked the sides of her breast which sent waves of desire and longing through Anna’s body all over again. She wanted to feel him come and she wanted to come with him as she rode his cock. It was not long before Anna felt the beginning waves of her orgasm as she told Derrick that she was about to come. As Anna moaned while she bathed in the pleasure of her orgasm, Derrick could not wait any longer. He too, came in a long wave of pleasure as he pulled Anna to him for a long passionate kiss.

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