Kristin pt 2


We left off with daniel (me) starting football and kristin being a cheerleader.
i was so nervous, but at the same time so pumped up to show what i had. see what no one knew was that last year i was the starting QB that had actually knocked off this high school in the playoffs. as a junior i was ranked #5 in state, behind all seniors. i had worked out all summer and my individual coach said i had improved a lot.
back to practice though. i was standing there in the middle of the field, and it seemed like everyone was watching me. i looked over and all the cheerleaders were watching me, including kristin. i got a football and started warming up, then the coach told me to run one of the plays, i had actually memorized all of them already, and knew what i was doing. i said "hike" and the action started, i threw to one of our wide recievers, and bam, it was all over, everyone knew i was the best. i had thrown 67 yrds without even straining myself. i was the new QB for the team.
the next day in math class, kristin came right over and sat next to me. immediately she started talking about yesterday " okay, so i saw you yesterday, and you didnt tell me you played football, especially that well," i replied with " you didnt ask. " she thought that was funny and so we talked the whole period. i had the suspition that she started flirting with me, cracking jokes and stuff, i loved it.

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   as soon as the bell rang, we departed and she said she would see me in fouth, i couldnt wait. the rest of the day went on sort of boring, and this only being wednesday, i knew the week would drag on.
i got to fourth and kristin came in giggling with a bunch of her friends, then came and sat next to me. we started talking and she asked me questions on how i became so good at football, and why i had moved. i explained to her about my parents divorce and told her that football just came naturally to me. and i guess we did some work, but mostly flirted.
the rest of the week went by like that, but on friday, a great thing happened. in chemistry kristin was talking about how her friend was having this party and how it was going to be so awesome. suddenly she was like " so do you think you would want to come, i mean you would get to know a lot more people and we could hang out some more" i told her i would have to think about it, but i would love to come. she then took my hand and wrote her number on it, she told me to give her a call if she was coming. the bell rang and i headed off to practice being in a dream world.
in the locker room after practice i proceeded to talk to alex about the party and ask if he was going. he was and told me where it was. i headed out of the locker room and was just about to call kristin, when i looked up and she was flirting with kurt, our wide reciever, and putting her number on his hand and telling him to come to the party. she looked up and made eye contact with me, she looked pretty guilty.

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   i turned and walked towards the parking lot and was just about to get in my car when i heard my name. i knew it was kristin.
"so you coming to the parting?" she was acting like nothing happened. i said," i dont know, im still thinking, i was gonna go, but i think i just changed my mind. " that should show that i was pissed off! she just said," well i hope you can make it, it's gonna be a lot of fun, and who knows what will happen there. " then out of no where, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. she walked off and i was just stunned. a million of things were going through my mind. maybe i will go to that party after all.
*pt 3 coming soon, things with me and kristin get heated, not in a good way though. love stinks
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