Cabaret Adventures Ch. 2-Ashley's First Lap Dance

Sex In Public

 I had just finished a hectic day at the office, and decided that it was time to go have a bite to eat for dinner, and then on to visit a newly-remodeled club on the eastern side of town. It used to be called Lace, and at one time had been the premiere gentleman’s club in the entire city.
However, several years ago, local vice closed it down, as drugs and prostitution became the mainstay of the entire area. About a four months ago, after several months of haggling with the city over various ordinances, it finally reopened under the name Fantasy Dreams, and was no longer all-nude, but topless.
Driving into the lot, it was observed that there were not too many cars, which is a good thing when visiting a club. Fewer guys means more attention by the ladies there, and that means a better chance at having some extra-curricular fun, and definitely for a cheaper price; these girls still have to make the rent, and on a slow night they are more open to price negotiations for their time.
I ordered a Jack and Coke and sat down close to the stage. I spotted a waitress and told her I was looking to spend a little time with a beautiful, petite, young lady who was willing to keep a nice guy company for about an hour or two. She said that there was a brand new girl there, and it was her very first night to dance, ever. I told her, “send her over here, and I will treat her right, and make her first night dancing worth her while. ”
A few minutes later, this gorgeously tanned, long blonde-haired vixen walks over to me, and tells me her name is Ashley. She had a perky set of 34B’s, that were trying there damnedest to pop out of the white bikini top she was wearing, which was just a bit too small to be worn swimming, but was just right for strip club attire.
She had on a pair of matching white paten-leather heels, which added about seven-inches to her 5-3” 110-pound frame. She sported a small tattoo of a Scorpio zodiac on her left ankle, and her toes were polished with the most beautiful shade of translucent pink. She made it a point to dangle her foot back and forth as she sat on my lap, with her arm around my neck.
Noticing that I was watching her move her foot back and forth, admiring her soft, golden-tanned toes and ankle, she said, “I just got my toenails polished today.

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   My friend Lisa took me because she said if I was serious about dancing, my feet and my body always have to look good. Do you like them?”
I smiled, leaned over to her, and said, “baby, you have yourself a foot man tonight. Your pedicure looks awesome!” Then I kissed her on the cheek, and caressed her leg.
Looking at me, she tells me that she was nervous about going up on stage and taking off her clothes in front of a bunch of guys.   I told her that there was nothing to be nervous about, mainly because there weren’t that many guys in there to begin with. I then told her to pretend that she was only taking off her clothes for me, and nobody else. With that, she smiled, gave me a kiss and went up as the DJ called her name.
When she was finished with her set, she came back, sat down, leaned over and asked me if we could go where it was a little bit more private. I summoned the floor manager and told him we wanted the most private VIP suite available.
We sat down on the couch, her in my lap, and waited for the song playing to finish. Ashley asked me, “So, what can we do in here with all this privacy? I know what I want to do. ” She smiled very seductively, placed her hand on my crotch and started to rub. I said to her, “I thought you were new to this type of thing,” to which she replied, “I’m new to dancing, but I have fucked once or twice in my life. Hell, I’m 19 years old. ”
With that, she unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and dropped to her knees.

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   After about five minutes of sucking my cock, she stands up, gets into my lap up on her knees. She grabs my head with both hands, places my face into her cleanly shaven pussy, and tells me, “Now it’s your turn. ” I place my tongue inside her pink pussy lips and begin to flicker it from side to side, up and down, while also sucking her clit ever so gently. She presses me into her crotch even harder and tells me to tongue-fuck her because she wants to cum on my face. I oblige and give her a tongue-lashing that sent her body into quivering ecstasy.
After she squirted all over my face, with pussy juice running down my chin, she tells me to get ready because she about to not only give her first lap dance, but was going to fuck me in the process. I ask her if she wants me to use a condom, but she tells me there is no need for it. “I want you to shoot your cum deep into my pussy, and then watch it drip down my leg,” she said.
Without further hesitation, I leaned back in the couch, and she sat down on me, reverse cowgirl style. Suddenly, I felt my dick encapsulated by a warm, moist sensation, which I knew meant that we were now going bareback-style. This was the first time in my life that I had ever fucked a girl bareback. Hell, even my ex-wife would never let me fuck her without a condom. The night I lost my virginity as a 19 year-old college sophomore I even used a rubber. But here I was, a 38 year-old guy, fucking a gorgeous 19 year-old bombshell of a girl, without using any protection at all, and God, did it feel great!!
This was an entirely new world for me. Ashley seemed perfectly content to let me caress her tits and hold her gently as she rode my pony.

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   She was rubbing her clit with one hand, and running the other hand through her hair as she moaned. As we were bouncing with the rhythm of song number four, out of the blue she says, “Do you want a good view of my pedicure while we fuck, so you can cum better?” God, this girl was my dream. “Hell yes, baby!” I exclaimed. “Put one foot up on the table and show me your toes. ” There was just enough light in the VIP lounge to reflect the light pink polish with a gleam, making her toes glimmer in the soft light. This aroused me even more. That, and knowing she was going to let me jizz in her cunt was too much.
Staring at her left foot, which she had removed from her high heels and had placed up on the table so that I could see it, I told her to get ready for my load. She began to hump even more wildly, with more vigor and enthusiasm. “Shoot all your cum inside me! Don’t worry because I take birth control. I love to fuck!” she said.
That was it! I sprang a load of hot jizz into her warm, already wet cunt. She pressed down against me, clenching her pussy muscles to clamp down on my dick. After I finished, true to her word, she stood up, faced me, and said, “Look. It’s going to start dripping down my leg.

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   Watch. This shit turns me on something fierce!” As I stared, I could see my love juices slowly beginning to ooze out of her pussy, dripping and sliding down her bronzed inner-thigh. After watching it for a brief moment, she took her index finger, ran it up her leg, much like a little kid would do to a bowl of frosting when his mom is icing a cake, gathering cum into a puddle. She then took this puddle of cum onto her finger, and placed it in her mouth, holding it there and sucking for a moment or two, exclaiming, “Umm. So warm and gooey. Oh this is great!”
Ashley then sat back down, took a napkin, cleaned off my dick, and zipped me up. She put her g-string back on, tied her bikini top, smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. “This was my first lap dance ever. I think I’m going to like this dancing stuff after all. ” With that, I tipped her, gave her a hug, and assured her that she had definitely found her talents, and they were just as good off-stage as they were on the stage. .