The Time Shifter Chapter 42


It was so great to finally be fucked after I had been transformedinto such a talented teenage hottie. Damien called me Wednesdayduring lunch and told me he was going to come over again that night. I asked if he wanted me to make dinner for him again but he said no,he was going to eat with his family first before he visited me. Wewent over "Twilight Symphony" again and then I taught him "BlackDiamond," also by Stratovarius, after which we moved to my bed andhad a hot and heavy horizontal mambo session doggy style. He wenthome a while later and I went to sleep.

Thursday, he was over again and we jammed on a couple of Children ofBodom tunes we both knew before he plumbed my depths again with hispiledriver. The two of us were definitely having a blast together.

Friday, he took me to a party over at a friend's house, whereeverybody got high except me. I largely just held his hand while Iwatched the lot of them act like jackasses.

Saturday, I made more You Tube videos and then concentrated onlearning songs by the Japanese band Bow Wow and its offshoot VowWow. Sunday, Damien was over again and I taught him a couple of oldUFO songs, "Shoot Shoot" and "Belladonna. " We spent probably aboutfour hours on that and then once again went to bed, where we playedhide the salami. To be frank, I didn't give a shit if he was usingme or not. I was just in this for fun, not anything that serious.

And to be honest again, I was frustrated about not being able to goanywhere I desired when I wanted. I was also beginning to hanker forhanging out with an older crowd.

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   But how many guys were going toassociate with a 14 year old, even one as hot as I was, who actuallyhad something going on and who wouldn't be scared shitless aboutbeing seen with someone that young/ I didn't want to reward dudeswho were just out and out creeps or worse.

Since I no longer had to appeal to the popular crowd at school andthe weather was cooling off, I started dressing in black leather andwearing my mirrored sunglasses as well as a studded BDSM collar evenin class. I was also bringing my Flying V to school along with theaforementioned headphone amp and distortion unit to play duringlunch. After my exhibitions with my acoustic, everybody knew I couldplay and so I didn't catch any shit about being a girl playingguitar like I did in one of my earlier manifestations because thementality of the era was different. I loved the contrast of myblonde hair with the black of my outfit, too.

During gym, Miss DeSantis was still staring at me longingly and hadactually begun gingerly flirting with me, too. Yeah, what I neededwas to be in the news having a lesbian fling with my high school gymteacher. The homosexuality angle would make the scandal more luridto the media and so it would probably be covered even more than thetrysts between male students and female instructors. Thus, MissDeSantis' lust for me was going to have to remain unrequited. Besides, I preferred more feminine looking women.

More and more of the students, though, were watching my You Tubevideos. My latest was a cover of "Resurrection" off of Rob Halford'ssolo album and I was receiving very positive feedback. I was stilljamming and sleeping with Damien and even going out on occasionaldates with him, but he nonetheless never formally indicated that hewanted me to be his girlfriend. That more or less made us sexfriends, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, call it what you will,and I was fine with it. I didn't want to be tied down.

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I continued the occasional jams with Jerry and his friends, too. InNovember, Jerry had convinced a bar owner friend/acquaintance of histo let us play at his establishment. I later found out that he useda picture of me to help get that gig,  telling the owner that Iwould attract a lot of guys to his business. He fell for it and theFriday of the second week of the month, we did three 90 minute setsof all the usual classic rock stuff. The bar itself probably held nomore than a hundred people, so just how many of the men who werethere decided to come to see me play I have no idea, but it can't beTHAT many. However, the men did catcall and whistle when I wouldfinish a lead break more than they would for our other twoguitarists. In between sets, some of the patrons made passes at me,but they backed off once they found out how old I really was.

Damien and I, though, went out to his car during one of thoseinterludes to play a little kissy face and slap and tickle. He tookme and my gear home and we had sex before he left. So it was overalla pretty fun night.

The weather was turning shitty, so I chose to stop bringing myguitar to school until it improved. This added greatly to the tediumof the school day. Plus it interfered with my ability to dress assexy as I wanted to. I don't like wearing layers of clothes, butfrom November to January, I mostly donned blouses, jeans and jacketswith flats or boots. It was really uncomfortable.

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   However, when I didYou Tube videos, I would always dress sexy to give the boys andlesbians something visually nice to enjoy.

Just before the Thanksgiving break, I walked up the hallway towardmy third period class. The students were milling around since theclassroom door was locked. "Looks like he isn't here yet," Iremarked rather obviously to a classmate, Kevin Baker. "Not yet," hetentatively answered. "So what are you going to do over the break?"I asked him. "eat, play video games and practice guitar," hedisclosed. "I didn't know you played," I retorted. "Yeah, I juststarted a couple months ago. " "Are you taking lessons?" "Nah, Ican't afford it. " "Do you want me to teach you?" "That would beepic!" he brightened. "But I really suck," he elaborated. "Yeah,everybody sucks at the beginning. I was really awful when I firstpicked it up," I comforted him. "Come to my house Saturday and wecan get started," I advocated.

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   Fortunately, he didn't live that farfrom me. I wrote out my address and some directions for him. Hepromised he would be there.

When he did come over, he brought one of the cheaper Epiphone LesPaul models, which aren't all that good. I took it, reset the actionand put new strings on it, which made it a little easier for him toplay. I went through all the basic concepts with him to see how faralong he was and then moved on to what I REALLY wanted to teach himthat day. While he was practicing, when he didn't think I wouldnotice, he was sneaking glimpses at my tits even though they werecompletely covered by a t-shirt. Finally, I smiled and said, "yousee something you like?" "Uhhhh. . . "

This gave me an opening to ask him about his sexual experience. Thefurthest he had gone with a girl was fingering her while the most agirl had done to him was fondling his cock. "Well, since you seem tolike my breasts so much here you go," I giggled, pulled my shirt up,unhooked my bra and pulled it off. His eyes widened in astonishment. I was actually getting off on exposing myself to, and teasing, himthis way.

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   My heart was racing and I felt the first pangs of wetness. "Since I showed you mine, how about you show me yours?" I hinted. That froze him. He wasn't sure what he should do. "Come on Kevin,you won't be the first guy who has given me a look at his dick," Iinformed him. He slowly and hesitantly stood up, undid his pants,pushed his zipper down, and then slid his jeans and boxers to hisknees, revealing a 5. 5 inch stiff penis. Having been a former guy, Iknew that what he wanted more than anything else in the world atthat moment was for me to suck him. "Have you ever had a girl giveyou a bj?" I asked with a lascivious glint in my eye. "No," hesimply blurted. "Well, I guess there's a first time for everything,"I winked.

I kneeled in front of him. I thought it was pretty unlikely he wasgoing to last long if I just stroked him, so I immediately envelopedhis schlong with my mouth while my lefthand fiddled with his balls. He shivered when my lips skied down his shaft and his breathing wentfrom 0-60 in nothing flat as he enjoyed the pleasure of my soft,moist lips massaging his flesh spear, my nose hitting his stomachwall on the instroke. Then I used plentiful suction to create apulling sensation on it and got up a good head of steam before heexploded on to my tongue with several intense grunts.


   "Oh fuck," herasped after emptying himself. I showed him his cum in my mouth andthen swallowed it.

"Next time baby," I said, as I put my bra back on and pulled myshirt back down," I'll show you more stuff about sex, but if youtell anyone about what I did, you can forget about that and thelessons, too. Okay?" "No prob Misty. I won't say anything," hevowed. After venting his spunk, he was able to concentrate muchbetter and he left after what had to the best beginning guitarlesson any guy could get.