First experience


First experience 
My name is Danny, i am i 13 years old boy. I am five feet tall and i have curly blonde shoulder lenght hair, i look kiddy for my age beacuse have baby face and none of pubic hairs . I am rather slim and i don't have many friends because everyone bullys me in the school. Mine only friend is my 15 year old neighbour Josh, who is totally oposite of me, he is very tall and have short dark hair. He is very popular in school so we don't play so much like we did when we were little. Until that day.  
My distat relative died, so my parents had to travel to get on the funeral, they didn't want me to miss scholl so they asked Josh's parents if i could stay with them for few days. Next day i moved to their house, they told me that i am lucky because Josh's older sister Mary is at the college so i could sleep in her room, not in the basement.  
I took my bag ant went in her room, which was all in pink and full on mirror and all other girly stuff. I noticed that she has left lot of her thing in the closet and drawers. Next day in the school i couldn't stop to fanstasise about all those mary's dresses and shoes. I wanted badly to try all of them.  
I had returned from school about 2 p. m. i had two hours for my self until Josh returns from soccer practice. I immediately went to mary's room and got undressed.

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   Then i put her pink panties and pink bra. I was lucky because she was my size. I also dressed beautiful red dress and put red shoes on. After that i went to put little of lipstick and powder. I looked at myself in the mirror, i was amazed of my appearrance, i really looked like sexy young girl, i was so hot.  
I was so excited that i didn't heard that Josh had come home early, he was standing at the door looking at me and wanking his fully erect cock. I was so scared and ashamed. He told me that he would tell everyone about this i don't do exactly what he says. I nodded my head and he told me to come closer and knell infront of him.  
I did so and then he grabbed my hair and put his cock in my mouth and told me to keep sucking or he will beat me. First i was scared but then i got excited and really tried to do my best, he was moaning and told me that i am his little bitch now. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to lay on my stomach on the bed, he lifted my dress an moved my panties. He licked my ass, which felt so good. He told me that i really am a bitch and thrusted his cock in, it was hurting me so much, but i also felt the great pleasure. He kept pumping into me harder and harder, until he pulled it out and told me to suck it again.

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   I did so and in few seconds he came all over my face, his cream was so tastefull.  
After that he told me to go get a shower and prepare for more, becuse from now i will be his fucktoy.  
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