Weekend At her lake house

True Story

Today me and my family are going to our friends lake house. It's me, my mom, my dad, Ashely, her mom, her dad, and little sister. I have seen all of them except her little sister in th past year. I'm 17 by the way. 6'4, short dirty blonde hair, and pretty skinny. But toned. When we got to their house I was a bit shocked. The younger sister, Hallie, was out on the porch waiting for us. She had always been close to my dad so she wanted to hug him. Bu anyway, she was absolutely gorgeous! She is 14, skinny, with long natural blonde hair, deep blue eyes, long legs, and really nice features. I'm talking big boobs and a cute perky butt. We didn't talk much but we said hey. All we did that day was unpack and sit around. The three of us, me, Ashely, and Hallie, watched tv. I got the previlage of sitting next to Hallie. Ashely was alright but not my type.

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   But Hallie, whoa. I know it was kinda wierd having these feelings for a girl three years younger than me, but who cares! Finally she spoke. ''How have you been Chase? I mean so far this summer. '' I said ''Ive been good. '' and winked at her when Ashely didn't look. That night at dinner we sat across from each other at the table. The table had a long table cloth over it so I acted like I dropped my fork to look at her legs but to my surprise she opened her legs so I could see her covered pussy! She was wearing a cover up from earlier before we got there and a bikini on under it. When I returned to my seat, Hallie looked and me and gave me the most sexy smile I have ever seen. She MUST have some experience. After dinner we figured out where we would all be sleeping. The house is on a slope so what looks like the downstairs is actually an upstairs. Hallie and Ashely were gonna sleep in the one bedroom downstairs and I'd be in the den of the downstairs on a couch. With both sets of parents upstairs. We all went to bed around eleven. I stayed up and watched tv cause I wasn't tired at all.

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   About two hours into that, my prayers were answered, Hallie walked out of the bedroom and close the door. '' Hey Chase?'' ''Yeah?'' she looked amazing. In only a large tshirt, I was hoping nothing underneath. '' I couldn't sleep and I heard the tv on so I was wandering if I could watch it with you. . '' How could I resist? '' Sure Hallie. I wouldn't mind it at all. '' She smiled and crawled into the couch with me. The couch wasn't that big so we were super close. I was on my side against the back of the couch and she was laying on her back. '' Chase?'' ''Yeah?'' ''The tag of my shirt is bothering me. Will you tear it off?'' ''Haha sure. '' I tried to tear it but it wouldn't come
off. She could tell that I was struggling. ''Here its okay.

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   I'll just take it off, is that okay? It is just really bothering me. '' Oh my damn. I was getting so hard and I'm sure with me and my side and her waist line right there she could tell too. ''Yeah that's okay with me. More than okay. '' She let out a slight giggle and took off the shirt. She was wearing panties but no bra. She quickly covereded her exposed chest when she saw me looking. ''Sorry Chase. I'll leave if it's bothering you. '' ''Hallie, it's okay. You have a great body though for sure. '' ''Haha, well you saw mine so lemme see yours. '' She gave me that sexy smile again. Whoa.

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   So I took off shirt and removed the covers revealing a all bit of her left boob and nipple. She looked at me, not knowing of her skin showing, and started to rub my abs. ''You have a good 6 pack here Chase, haha. '' After that comment, I slipped my hand under the sheet around her and rubbed her stomach. She didn't move. But she smiled. So I turned her head towards mine and kissed her for a good two minutes. Then she pulled the covers back over us and took off her panties and told me to take off my boxers. I did. She kissed me softly and then slid her head under the covers. I knew I was rock hard by now. She started by rubbing my balls soflty and gripped my shaft in her hand. With her other hand she licked a finger and placed it on the head of my dick. I knew that I am originally around 6 inches long but who knows how big it is from all her touching. Slowly, she lowered hear head and took my dick in her mouth.

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   Inch by each. Till her lips were close to my balls. I was in her mouth so deep. Down her throat. I grabbed on to her head and started pushing down till she was chocking. Soon I would cum in her mouth. And when I did she swallowed it all and licked my dick so she could get all the cum she could. She came back up and I said ''My turn. '' And looked at her and smiled. I went to the end of the couch and she opened her legs. I could tell she was a virgin but she had experience. I rubbed her clit and felt how wet she was at the opening of her lips. I started by putting in one finger in her tight hole then pulled in and out and then put in two. I did this till she was getting so squirmy with excitment and then I started to lick the hole my fingers were just in. She soon came and I licked all of her up.

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   I returned next to her side and sucked and held each of her tits and boobs. ''I want you inside me Chase. '' ''I'd love to Hallie, but it'll be loud with both of our moans. '' ''Okay. But tomorrow we will find a way to fuck like crazy. '' Hell yeah. ''You know how to get me going baby. I'll be ready when you are. '' We kissed one last, long time before her slipping back on her close and quietly going back to her room. I put on my shirt and boxers and dozed off in a deep sleep. In the morning I woke up and she was already up. We ate breakfest and got ready to go out on the water. We still acted distant so no one would expect anything. When we got out on the lake she asked if anyone wanted to ride a jetski with her. No one said anything.

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   ''I will. '' I said. So we put on life jackets and got on the jetski. A few meters out she said ''I was hoping it would be you. '' We went out pretty far and I did a donut and it flew us off. We busted out laughing. In the water she grabbed me close and pulled down my shorts and I pulled down her bikini bottoms. She held me close and the water provided a good source for her tight pussy to be easy to get into. I slipped my dick into her and fucked her in the water. .