After School Program


After-School Program

by Trancender (trance_ender@hotmail. com), with thanks to

Madame Cecilia for the opening and inspiration


A mother remembers the first 36 hours of her Initiation into the world of debauchery. A tale of incest, young erotic love, pregnancy and depravity.


(Ava: Mom?

Jess: What, baby?

Ava: Will you tell me about the After School Program today? You've promised you would!

Jess: You're right, baby. After all, it's almost time for you to be enrolled - or 'initiated' as they call it. C'mon - snuggle a little closer - that's right, stroke Mom's pussy as I talk - it inspires me . . . )

I was born here and have lived here all my life. As you know, it's a small town; an everyone-knows-everyone kind of place. The only thing that makes Grinnel unique for me is the “After-School Program”. Everyone knows about it. No one talks about it. No one really knows when it started. Most of our parents went; their parents too.

In order to go to the “After-School Program”, you first have to go through “Initiation”.

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   In my day, every female in our town went through it when she turned 14. Every male went in when he turned 14 or when his oldest sister turned 14, whichever came first.

Here’s how my own “Initiation” went:

The After-School Program still meets at least once a week, I think, in whichever basement everyone ends up in. On my 14th birthday a meeting was planned for right after school at Ryan & Ashley’s house. Ryan was my brother’s best friend and his parents worked out of town so they wouldn’t be home until late. School got out early. It was written on the official schedule as teacher in-service but everyone knew what it was really for: My Initiation!

My brother, Jeremy, met me at my locker as soon as the bell rang. Even though he was only 16, he had been going to the After-School program for 3 years, ever since our sister Allison turned 14. “Come on Jess. You don’t want to be late for your Initiation. ”

“I’m coming,” I whined but blushed when the double meaning hit home.

We really didn’t say anything on our way over to Ryan’s but the tension was thick in the air. Jeremy could hardly sit still. I could see a definite bulge in his jeans. When we got to Ryan’s there were at least a dozen cars in the drive.

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“Looks like a good turn out,” Jeremy sighed. A boy’s reputation rested on the turn-out at his sister’s Initiation. If he was popular, everyone wanted to initiate his sister. I was pleased so many of Jeremy’s friends came to my Initiation.

As soon as we stepped inside Jeremy was ushered off to another room. I was taken to the middle of the game room. Several of the guys from the football team were sitting around. Ryan stepped up next to me and a silence fell over the room.

“Gentlemen, as you well know, we are here today to initiate Jeremy’s little sister, Jess. ”

The room exploded in hoots and hollers. Some of the guys were making obscene gestures and saying nasty things but I knew I was not to pay any mind to them. Jeremy had chosen Ryan as my “guide” so I only paid attention to him. He would assure the best experience for me.

Turning to me he said, “Jess, do you come to us today of your own free will, and with no hesitation, to be initiated?”

“Yes,” I replied in a soft voice. I knew the gravity of the situation.

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“And do you agree to participate and have your ceremony video-taped?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

Once the formalities were taken care of, girls were given a pill that was supposed to both relax you and make you hot at the same time, to help them relax and enjoy their first time.

“Present your tongue and receive your Initiation”. I opened my mouth and a small white pill was placed on my tongue. I was given a small paper cup of wine to help me swallow the drug. I sighed and closed my eyes.

Opening them again, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see Jeremy approaching. He was naked and his cock was jutting out in front of him like a sword. A fair enough comparison since he was there to slice through my cherry.

The reality of it all hit me then: I was about to join the After-School Program, the notorious teen sex club. A fair percentage of the girls in town were raised by their folks to be complete sluts. The sons of the families got the privilege of de-flowering their sisters before passing them off to anyone else who wanted them. In return, he got to fuck any of the other teenaged female members in town - boy members, too, if they swung both ways. At least once a week the boys would get together and collect whichever girls they could find and have a huge orgy.

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Today was my turn to join the ranks. The drug seemed to be taking affect, as I felt my loins were burning. I saw Jeremy and knew I HAD to have him. I didn’t know why but I wanted to feel him inside of me. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything Jeremy stepped up, grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. I felt his fingers in my hair and opened my jaws wider to allow him better access to fuck my face. I knew that was what he was doing; slamming back and forth, deeper and deeper. It wasn't a sweet BJ he wanted, but a face-fuck. Later I would learn the reason he didn’t blow his load right then and there was the cock ring he had wrapped tight.

I opened my eyes when I felt the cock slip from my lips. I could see the camera preserving the moment but I didn’t care. I just wanted MORE. Jeremy looked down at me and winked. I felt his hand run down across my back as he stepped behind me. I had worn my cheerleader outfit like Jeremy had asked me to.

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   I felt hands under my skirt. I felt cold metal against my skin as the scissors cut through my panties. They were snipped from me and thrown to the floor as my legs were spread. One of the guys close to my head held my face close to his thigh as I felt pressure against my moist cunt lips. I opened my mouth to cry out as I felt Jeremy’s cock slice through me but again found my face stuffed with cock. I sucked it deep as I was expected to and soon fell into a gyrating rhythm with Jeremy.

“Damn, man, your sister is quite the hot little piece of ass,” one of the guys said as I started swaying back and forth between Jeremy’s cock and the one in my mouth.

“Wait ‘til you feel this tight cunt,” I heard Jeremy moan. The rules of Initiation were clear. A boy got first dibs on all of his sister’s orifices. Once he had the pleasure of being there first, the hole was open to whoever wanted to use it. By the end of her Initiation, a girl will have been fucked over and over again, in EVERY hole she has.

“Come on, man. Don’t bogart it!” the same boy cried out.

“I’m moving.

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   Just give me another minute. Ryan, are you getting this?”

“Every sloppy stroke. Damn, Jess is a natural. ”

With just a couple more strokes, Jeremy pulled out of my cunt. If I hadn’t been on my third blow job, I would have protested. I was REALLY enjoying the ramming he was giving me but I had nothing to worry about. I would have more than my fill before the night was over. By the way, I had surprisingly little blood flow from losing my cherry, and not that much pain. Guess I was pretty ready for what would be my new life.

Someone from behind began rubbing something slippery between my ass cheeks. They rocked me side to side to spread it around and then my ass was spread wide. I felt the pressure and then, POP, my ass was no longer virgin. Once Jeremy relinquished his place in my cunt the line formed. One after another the young men jockeyed for position between my tender thighs. Was it painful being double fucked over and over so soon after losing my cherry? Oh, baby, it sure was - but I couldn't have stopped myself from craving it all, even if could have stopped the boys.

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   I could feel each and everyone explode inside me, one after the other. Jeremy kept slamming my ass hard as each of the guys pounded my cunt only seemed to take ten or twelve strokes before they blew their loads inside my now-reeking snatch.

“Come on Jeremy. You KNOW I like a nice tight ass. Give her over,” I recognized Ryan’s voice. He had been waiting for his ride in the saddle but his patience had worn thin. At his pleading, Jeremy backed out of my backdoor without having cum once yet.

I knew what was coming next. Even though I had sucked a half dozen cocks already, none of them had cum in my mouth. That honor was reserved for my brother. The room fell silent as Jeremy took his place before my mouth. He stepped up and I opened wide. I swallowed him deep just as Ryan cut loose the cock ring. Jeremy blew a huge load down my throat and I got every drop. As he pulled out the new camera man got a close-up of his cum running down my throat.

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Once Jeremy stepped back, the anarchy of the Initiation rules took over and I was under full attack. I had cocks coming and going from every angle. I thrust one way as another came at me from the opposite. I was in heaven servicing all of Jeremy’s friends. I couldn’t get enough. Even when the last one dropped from exhaustion, I wanted more.

“Please, Jeremy? You can fuck me again, please? I want more. I want to be the best slut ever,” I boasted.

Ryan looked at Jeremy and said, “You know, there’s only one cock she hasn’t had. ”

“Please!! Please Jeremy - Ryan, let me have more!!”

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t you even want to know who it is?”

“I don’t care!! I just want to fuck him!”

“You heard her. Bring Buster in. Jess, get down on all fours and close your eyes. ” I did as he told me, and spread my knees wide for a doggy-style fucking. Boy - if I'd only known.

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I squealed when I felt Buster’s tongue slide across my swollen pussy lips. I tried to turn my head to catch a glimpse of Buster but another cock slid between my lips. I felt a large weight press down on my back and the damndest noises coming from behind me, but I blanked all that out as I felt the head of Buster’s cock against my cum-dripping cunt as the hard cock in front slid down my throat. It was all I could do not to scream as Buster’s cock split me in two. It was a good thing I had my face stuffed with cock or the neighbors might have gotten an earful. Buster got a few pussy ripping strokes in before the cock in my mouth exploded and I was finally released to turn and see who was assaulting my pussy.

I didn’t know what to think when I got a look at Buster. He was a mid-sized Great Dane! Jeremy came close to my ear and whispered, “You can stop if you want. No one has ever fucked Buster before. ”

“NO!! DON’T STOP!” I screamed. “I LOVE the feel of his huge cock ripping me apart!”

“That’s my little sister,” he said, pride coloring his words.

“Man you HAVE got to see this,” I heard from behind me.

“What is it?” Jeremy asked as he stepped behind me.

“Look at all that cum sliding out of your sister’s snatch as Buster fucks her. What a waste.

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Jeremy hollered at Ryan. “Hey bud where is your sister?”

“Upstairs, playing with some of her girlfriends. ”

“When was the last time you fucked her?”

“Not since yesterday. ”

“Why didn’t you fuck her this morning?”

“We were late for school. She blew me off on the way in. ”

“Well let’s go get her. She needs to be here. ”

While I stayed downstairs fucking Buster for the enjoyment of the other guys, Jeremy and Ryan went upstairs to get Ashley.


("Mom? All this happened, like, twenty years ago, right?"

"Actually fifteen, Ava, but it feels like yesterday. " I looked into my eleven-year-old daughter's beautiful bronze face with the incongruous blue eyes, like mine. She was gorgeous, with auburn hair leaning toward black, and breasts protruding no more than an inch, but with puffy nipples the size of ripe raspberries. I knew that because they were right before my eyes. Yes, we were lying naked together, as we always are when I tell her stories about my past, and now about the After School Program. I wanted her to know everything, because she was only a few weeks away from her birthday, and since my day, the matriculation age had been lowered to twelve.

"Let me tell you what happened after my Initiation.


   Then, if you're good . . . "

"You'll finger me to sleep?" she pleaded with excitement.

"We'll see," I said, knowing I wouldn't miss it for anything - and hoping by that time that her brother wouldn't be too deeply asleep to welcome a goodnight fuck from Mom.

"Here's what happened . . . ")


Later that night, after the incredible Initiation orgy, Jeremy and I lay together in my bed, his

beautiful cock buried to the balls in my tender pussy. I finally understood that old saying, "it hurts so good!" I didn't care how much I ached: I knew my need for dick would always be more powerful than any pain I'd feel, and that a little pain would always be an added treat.

"Oh, Jeremy, fill me up again . . . I want your cum so bad!" I moaned, but he stopped my talk with a kiss, to keep the whole house from hearing me in heat.

He broke the kiss and lay still on top of me.

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   "Don't stop . . . don't ever stop fucking me," I moaned.

"Jess, we gotta talk. " I clenched my pussy on his rigid cock. "I mean it, Sis. You got so caught up in fucking everybody this afternoon that we couldn't finish telling you all the rules and precautions we gotta take in the Program. Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, yessss - just don't pull out - ok?"

"Ok. Here's the deal - you can fuck anybody you want, as long as they're in the Program. Got it?"

"Sure - but what if I just get horny and nobody's around?"

"Jess, just get to a phone and call one of the kids. There's dozens of us ready to fuck a friend, any time. "

"But why? I mean, why so strict?"

"STDs, Jess. "

"What? What's that?"

"Christ, Sis, have you been sleeping through Sex Ed class in school? Sexually Transmitted Diseases - clap, syph, herpes, AIDS.

Remember that now?"

"Oh shit, Jeremy - I had so many cocks in me today .

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  . . what if one of them got me . . . sick!? Pull out of me NOW, Jeremy - I'm scared!"

He just laughed at me. "That's why we keep it all in the Program. All of us are safe. "

"How do you know that?" I asked, worried that he hadn't pulled out of me, but secretly thrilled that he hadn't.

"Because, stupid, we keep our fucking only in the Program - I told you that. And once a month, every member visits Dr. Reid to get screened and cleared. That's one of the rules for you now, too. "

I thought for a minute and said, "Well, how do you know new members aren't full of disease, too? Like me? How do you know?"

"Cause big brothers and sisters have kept an eye out for kids like you. We know you're mostly all virgins when you get initiated.

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I said teasingly, "How do you know I was, smarty," giving his prick a pussy squeeze. He gave me a nice jab in response.

"Hey, even if I didn't know, I knew it today, when I popped your cherry - actually all three of them. "


"Your pussy AND your mouth AND your ass. You were cherry all the way, Jess. And now, just shut up Sis - I'm getting close . . . oooooh"

Just before I lost my mind to my orgasm (yes, you silly girl - I came the first time I was fucked, and I've squirted every time since!), I pushed his shoulders and said, "Oh, fuck, Jeremy - I could get pregnant! I could BE pregnant already! STOP!!"

But it was too late. Jeremy froze, deep inside me, and blew another sweet load of sperm into my stretched, slightly sore and sloppy cunt. I don't mind telling you it took me over the top and I shook with an earthquake of an orgasm.

When we'd both calmed down, Jeremy said, "Damn, Jess - I had no idea you'd turn out to be such a natural slut. We've gotta work on your blowjobs a little, but Christ - you're amazing. "

I was flattered, and (dear God) more than a little in love with my sixteen-year-old brother! I said, with not a little jealousy, "Better than Ashley?" but before he could reply, I remembered what had scared me.

"Jeremy - what about me getting pregnant?!", and as I asked that I had an evil wish that I could have my brother's baby - but remembered that if I was knocked up now, it could have been any one of about 15 guys who did it, and that scared me again.

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Jeremy was quiet for a minute. "You're right, Jess, this was pretty risky today. When was your period?"

"How do you know . . . " I started.

"I know you've been a woman for six months, baby. " I loved that he called me that.

"Well, I'm due for one any day now. Am I . . . safe?" He laughed again.

"Jess, you're as safe as possible - if you'd been listening in Sex Ed you'd know that. "

"But - I know I'm NEVER going to stop fucking now - not even for a day.

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   What . . . what do the other girls do?"

"Dr. Reid'll handle it. I'll take you there tomorrow. You'll get fitted for a diaphragm, like Ashley and all the others. It's cheaper and more discrete than the pill. Almost as safe, too. And you'll get your first pussy checkup then, too. "

"Wow. How come this doctor is so helpful?"

"The doc gets certain - side benefits from it all. "

"Like what?"

"Plenty of pussy, for one thing. And cocks, too. "

"You mean he's - what is it, bi- something?"


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   Yes, she is. "


"Yup. A real pussy and cock hound. I can't lie, Sis: She ain't beautiful and she ain't young, but we couldn't have a Program without her, so it's worth doing anything she wants. She's even helped out when there's been an accident. "

"What, like car crashes or . . . "

"No, pregnancies. There have been a few. She does the scraping and nobody's hurt. "

All this news was overwhelming. I wasn't sure what I'd gotten into - not that I had any notion of baching out of the the Program.

Jeremy sensed my unease and said, "Look, Sis - all we want is to fuck everything we can, human or animal, right?" I remembered Buster's huge dog dick in my cunt and shivered with delight. I knew I'd try that again, and wondered what it would be like to suck him off.

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   "All these health rules are to keep us safe, so we CAN fuck non-stop. It's a small price. "

Jeremy was right. I'd do anything to not lose my new-found slut's life. "Ok, bro," I cooed. "Take me to the good doctor tomorrow. But tonight, you've gotta fuck me again. Hmmmm?" I squeezed his flaccid dick in my right hand.

"Jess, you've about drained me. In the morning, ok?"

I wasn't about to let it go that easily. "Hey, you said I needed work on my blowjobs. Let me do some homework, huh?" and before he could answer, I was between his legs, munching on his dick, laving the purplish mushroom cap with my tongue. "Is that better?" I coyly asked. I had already somehow sensed that I was destined to be the best cocksucker in the Program, if not in all of Grinnel.

"Ooooh, yeah, that's the way.

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   But I mean it, Jess, I'm drained dry. If you could get this hard again, sure I'd . . . WOW!"

And let me tell you, he sure did!

The next morning, after the fuck he'd promised me, your uncle took me to see Dr. Reid.

("Uncle Jeremy," Ava cooed. "It's funny to think of him as an uncle now. I mean, he was your first lover, Mom. "

"And in many ways the best. "He really took care of me - in EVERY way, baby. Just like Brad will do for you in a few weeks. " I knew her brother was a great lover. I really loved my boy, in every possible way. I'd trained him well, not just as my stud, but to get him ready to be for Ava everything Jeremy had been for me.

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   Brad was insatiable, I knew, but had a bit of a cruel streak in him, too - one that worked for me, but I was a little worried about how he would be for Ava. She was still very innocent, and part of my telling her my whore's life story was to get her ready for the real world. )

Dr. Kerry Reid had an office in the dark, kind of dusty floor above the hardware store downtown. To tell the truth, I hadn't even known there was a Dr. Reid in town before now. Later Jeremy told

me that she'd gotten wealthy when younger and didn't care if she made a lot more money. Her patients were largely members of the Program, but I didn't know that then.

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