Forcing my wife to watch


My doorbell rang right at 9pm. My wife, Mila wouldn’t be home for another hour. I open the door and see my neiigbor’s 18 year old daughter, Emily. In just a tight crop top that showed off her perky double D’s. And a nice short black skirt. She smiled and said “How long do we have?” “One hour”, I replied.

She had been coming on to me since she was 17 but I never tried anything with her until the day after her 18th birthday. I’d been fucking her since then. Everytime my wife went to work.

I pushed her crop top up and discovered she wasn’t wearing a bra. The young ones are always the sluttiest. I slapped her tits, and grabbed her hair. “Get on your knees” I demanded. She got down, and pulled my boxers down. With my free hand, slapped my semi hard cock on her face while she stuck her tongue out and looked up at me.

She started off slowly sucking my cock until I was rock hard.

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   Then I started fucking her face, watching her gag on my cock. Tears running down. Giving her only a minute to catch her breath before I shoved my cock in her mouth again.

Once I’m done having her choke on my cock, I take her over to the sofa. Bend her over, and notice she isn’t wearing any panties. I give her a playfulspank before I take her skirt off. I run my hand over her pussy, and she’s already dripping wet. I slide two fingers in her tight pussy. But right when I start fingering her, I hear the front door slam. I look up and make direct eye contact with my wife. I still have my fingers in this slut’s tight pussy.

Then I hear Emily say “Let’s give her the show” My wife is about to say something but Emily starts shaking her ass in front of my cock and I get distracted. I take my fingers out, and replace it with my cock. Emily let’s out a loud moan.

“Eric, what are you-?”
“Shut the fuck up, bitch.

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  ” I cut her off. “Let your husband get some pussy”

She looks in shock and just stands in front of us. I grab Emily’s hair while I fuck her doggystyle. “Look at my wife, Emily. Show her what a good little slut you are”

My wife slowly sits down still in shock right in front of Emily. She says “why”

I grab Emily’s tits and say “look at these perky big tits, Mila. They’re so much better than your old saggy ones. ” Then I run my hands over to Emily’s ass and say “and look at this bitch’s round ass. And this pussy? I just need some young tight pussy for a change. Don’t you hear how wet she is for me?”

My wife starts turning around to avoid looking and I yell “Look at this pretty slut. Watch me fuck her. Maybe you could learn a thing or two”.
I pull out and sit on the couch. So Emily can ride my cock. “Look at how her tits bounce, honey.

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   She knows how to ride a cock” after a while, I tell Emily to ride my cock with her ass towards me. I start slapping her ass while it bounces on my cock.

I pick up my pace and hold her hips while I start fucking Emily harder. Her moans have turned to half screams as I finish deep inside her. I slip out of her and stand up towards my wife.

“Clean my dick bitch” she’s hesitant at first but I grab the back of her head and put her mouth towards my dick as she starts to lick it clean.

“How does her pussy taste? Huh?”