Swinging The Other Way With Ted and Faye


Ted Chapman and I were business partners in a small business venture. He was a silent partner and I ran the operation. It was an easy situation and Ted and I became friends. On occasion his wife would invite me over for dinner with them or to party a bit but we weren't really hang out pals too awful much. Often times Ted would come by our joint venture and hang out with me some. As well he would often come after hours and we would hang out in the back of the shop and smoke weed and drink beer.

Ted was pretty sure he was a lady killer, but I found out a lot of what Ted claimed were inflated incidents. Not that they weren't technically true but he sure could exaggerate his tales. One evening Ted stopped by with a six pack and we shut down the shop and sat in the back smoking weed and drinking beer. Ihad a copy of some Playboy magazine retrospective lying around. It was all the centerfolds from number one all the way through the current Playmates of that year.

While looking at the mag and partying Ted began to get a bit loose lipped and started bragging about having had his gall bladder removed and the nurses complimenting him on his manhood - an odd story it seemed to me, but whatever. He was beating around the bush to having been with men on occasion. He never said it or really hinted at it but he was trying to seduce me for sure. He did have the most beautiful pale blue eyes. He was a nice looking guy, short and thin, short close cropped dirty blond beard and a quick smile.

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   He was almost pretty. I found myself interested in his allusions to being open to sex with men, although he was careful to never say anything so blatant, but he was hinting around and I was picking up on his signals.

A month or two later Ted asked me to help him build a new shed on his lake property. We went to his lake get away for a Saturday working on the shed and Saturday night partying and in the morning I would head back home. We worked on the shed on that hot Saturday. We got the frame cemented into the ground and the floor down. Then we built two of the four walls but decided to come back the next weekend and finish the job. We left the built but not yet up walls laying on the floor of the new shed and called it a day about 7PM.

The lake house was really a small cottage. His wife didn't like coming there too much because she hated bugs and liked her comfort. Ted took to using the cottage as a rendezvous for his sexual conquests, always making an excuse that he was doing this or that and his wife would never intrude and drive the 60 miles to his lake house to check up on him. He claimed he entertained many women there on those weekends away from his ball and chain.

That evening we sat around partying as usual. He had another large and well built shed he'd built a few years before when he bought the property and it was stuffed full of things - junk he didn't want to pay a storage place to keep but it was stuff he wanted that his wife would not let him keep at home. We sat in the shed in the cooling evening, drinking beer and smoking weed and eyeballing his porn magazine collection and it was extensive for sure.

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He had all kinds of magazines - Playboy, Penthouse, Gent, Hustler, Cheri, etc. , as well as lots of older mags like Adam and others from the 1960's s and early 1970's too, as well as a huge collection of black & white and glossy color page hardcore porn magazines. Damn he liked porn mags - that's for sure. The evening passed with more allusions to bisexual encounters without him ever saying it outright so I played it cool. In the morning I drove back home. A few hours after I got home my phone rang and it was Ted's wife inviting me to dinner with her and Ted. I thought little of it and at about 6 or so went to their home to eat and hang out.

Ted's wife was a looker for sure. Faye Chapman was medium tall - a couple inches taller than Ted, full bodied and really cute. She was very intelligent too, so I always enjoyed her company and she liked to smoke weed and drink too, so it was cool. We had burgers on the grill and sat in the living room after their two kids were snugged into bed. Ted sat on one end of the couch, I on the other and Faye came traipsing in with three new cold beers - one for each. She plopped down in between he and I, handed us the beers and made some joking reference to sitting between two big strong men or some such. Joke? Who knows?

Then Ted picked up the remote, hit play on the VCR and "Behind the Green Door" started playing. The scene where Marilyn Chambers is surrounded by the men on the swings as she sucks them all off appears on screen.

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   Gee, I thought to myself, interesting how that specific scene and the video itself were strategically placed in the VCR. I began to conclude I was the Chapman family dessert but one of their kids came out of bed claiming to not feel good so Faye had to do the mom thing. It was kinda funny watching Ted fumble with the remote trying to shut the sex scene on the TV screen down before the sleepy little kid saw and commented on what was on the screen. Sick kids put the kibosh on anything more happening that evening and I went home soon afterward.

About Wednesday or Thursday that week Faye called the shop under the pretense of looking for Ted. No one had cell phones, so she called all his haunts looking for him. She made chit chat and small talk to keep the conversation alive as well as references to Saturday night and a sick kid ruining their fun. I decided I would go along. "Ya know Faye, I felt like I was being seduced. " She acted all innocent at first but loosened up as the conversation unfolded. She denied really being interested in a threesome but she did throw out, "but you and Ted can. " "Me and Ted, huh?" I replied and she laughed nervously. "What about you?" I prodded. "I'll watch!" was her chipper reply. I confided that I might consider it but I wanted the conversation between her and I to remain private and she not reveal it to Ted until I made my decision.

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   She was excited at that prospect and assured me she would keep it between us until we discussed it again.

I went back to thelake house with Ted on Saturday morning and we got up the two built walls and then built the other two and raised them and tied it all together. We would come back and put on the roof rafters the next week and Ted could roof and shingle it himself he assured. We quit working about 4 or 5PM and retired to the big shed to drink and party again. In my mind I was wondering how all this would go down, but I didn't have to wonder too long. We got a buzz and were leafing through the porn stuff again. Ted and I were shirtless still, only wearing cut off jeans and work boots. I could see his bulge getting fat in his crotch as we looked at the porn.

Ted fished around in another stack of magazines and out came a color glossy of Candy Samples and John Holmes doing the nasty. It was pretty hot actually. I loved eyeballing her sucking cock as she would use her tongue to hang out of her mouth and shield the cock from her teeth with it. That was always a hot pose in my mind and I remarked that it was. He added that it was a hot photo and he rubbed his crotch and grinned at me. I decided to see where this would go.

"Well isn't that how Faye sucks your cock Ted?" He looked at me kinda confused.

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   I added "Well, Candy does that partially to protect that fat cock from her teeth, right? Well, didn't ya say the nurses in your hospital liked your junk?" I asked He looked panicked and admitted, "My cock ain't that big. " "I thought you implied you were a real cocksman Teddy Boy" I teased. He looked nervous at the challenge. "God that makes me horny looking at that," I said about the picture. I rubbed my own cock too and it was swelling quite well. "Me too!' he eagerly added. "Let's see who can cum first" I said acting innocent. It was not an uncommon practice for young boys to have circle jerks to see who could cum the fastest, and Ted was all for it. We were not kids anymore, both of us in our mid twenties, but I knew he would go for it and he did.

We both dropped our pants and slipped out of them. Actually it was a bit comical, the two of us standing naked but for work boots in his shed. We were both almost rock hard by now at the prospect. I was disappointed that he'd been so full of shit about having a big cock. His cock was almost identical to mine - about 6 inches long, well formed, hard as steel, but he definitely was not John Holmes Jr. for sure.

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   I didn't really say anything and was getting into the event. We each leafed through a magazine and stroked our cocks standing a few feet from each other.

It was a humid evening and we both began to sweat a lot as we stroked our meat. Slowly, almost imperceptibly we inched closer together as we stood rubbing cock. I really got into it looking at him as he jerked off. His chest was smooth and hairless and glistened with sweat. His nipples were erect and his eyes glassy with lust. I guess my situation was similar too because I was covered with sweat as well. We brushed against each other and I said "God, you're so warm," in almost a whisper. "I am so worked up," he replied. I wish Faye were here," he added. "I need to kiss someone while I do this," he added. That played right into my desires.

I took my unused left arm and rubbed his ass. He leaned back against the wall a bit and looked into my eyes.

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   I pulled him to me and kissed him. It was so fucking hot. Our bodies were covered in sweat as we slid against each other in the hot shed. Our sweat dripped from our faces into each others mouths as we tongued each other. He dropped his cock and threw his arms around me and smashed himself against me. He began to slowly grind a bit and sliding up and down against my belly and my cock. Then his hands took over and rubbed my cock as we kissed. "Suck it Bitch," I told him. He looked up in my eyes, kissed me again and fell to his knees and sucked me for all he was worth.

"Jerk off while you suck me Teddy," I ordered and he did. He started to cum before I did. He moaned and came all over his legs and the floor as he sucked me like he knew what he was doing. "I'm gonna cum!" I muttered and he backed off and gently stroked me until my load jumped out and all over his face, shoulders, arms and chest. He then swallowed my cock again and worked the head driving me to near insanity with pleasure as my cumming subsided.

I lifted him from me and pinned him against the wall as my tongue probed his mouth.

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   I thought of raping him but decided to save something for another time. We then removed out boots and showered under the outside shower head for after swimming in the lake. He soaped me and we kissed a lot as we showered together. This time I jerked him and he me until we came almost in unison. We finished showering, got buzzed again and crashed on the cots in his cottage after munching on cold cuts for dinner.

In the morning I left for home. He ran to me like a little girl and I kissed him and told him we would take up back at home when I saw him next. By about 4PM that afternoon as I was napping my phone rang. It was Faye. She invited me to dinner that evening and I knew the deal.

I got to their house dead on time, freshly shaven and showered. Faye greeted me wearing a loose, floppy t-shirtand black, skin tight stretch pants. The shirt extended just past her ass in the style of the time. Faye was hot, I had to admit. She had awesome fat tits and was proportionally well built with great thighs and calves and an awesome ass.

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   She smelled so good, having just washed her hair with some fruity smelling shampoo. But the best part was her feet. She was wearing black patent leather platforms, open toed with about a 5 inch heel.

Faye is about 5'7" but in these platforms she was an inch taller than me, and I was 5'11" to Teddy's 5'5" or so. She was hot as Hell and I was enjoying her appearance and her coy little act she was putting on for me. This time I noticed there were no screaming little curtain climbers and she told me they were with her parents for the week. The gleam in her eyes told me all I needed to know.

A minute or two after Faye handed me a cold one Ted emerged from their bedroom. He had shaven off his beard and mustache, not that they were all that much to begin with, but now he was pretty and smooth. I found myself liking that too. His pale blue eyes were deep pools of sexuality in my mind and his shaving and being smooth bodied and basically hairless only added to the image. I thought back to last night's encounter and found myself wishing he had been beardless then.

We never got around to eating on time. Other events interceded, shall I say.

"Look how pretty he is without that scruffy little beard," Faye said.

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   "Yep," I added, "he's almost pretty enough to fuck," I joked. "I like that image," Faye announced, her eyes lighting up at the prospect. "Ya do, huh?" I replied, letting her take the ideas wherever she wished. She smiled a knowing grin at me and patted Ted on his head, as in those platforms her normal two inches taller than her husband was now a full 7 inches taller. Ted just smiled and said nothing, but his eyes told me the truth. I was here precisely for that purpose - so Faye could watch her little man get fucked by a big powerful man, and I was that, especially compared to Ted's rather diminutive height and slight build.

"Want me to fuck Teddy Faye?" I asked pointedly, tired of the little dance to reach the end game. She nodded enthusiastically. I looked to Teddy. "Want me to make you my Bitch Teddy?" He almost melted at my words and just looked at me like a love struck kid. I looked at Faye and admitted I would make her man my bitch, but she had to participate. I was afraid she would demur but she looked at me oddly and replied "What? Ya think I would just watch?" and she winked at me knowingly remembering our phone conversation last week.

"Here," Faye said, handing me a fresh rolled joint. "Let's get fucked up and fuck!" I smiled at the prospect and we smoked and drank until we were sufficiently loosened up and raring to go at the prospect of the future events of the evening. We plopped onto the couch and Faye landed between us but against me.


   She threw her let leg over my right leg and grinned at me. Teddy became our serving wench as it were. He fetched us another beer and another joint and hovered around as Faye teased me. Faye and I began rubbing on each other and kissing. She could slam kiss her ass off.

Teddy stood nearby and began to rub his hardening cock. I picked up on all that was going on and assumed control. "Don't touch that pitiful little cock unless I tell ya you can," I barked at him. He complied and watched Faye and I kissing and fondling. "Tell him Baby, " Faye encouraged me. "Do as your told you little faggot bitch," she added. It all became clear to me.

Teddy was not a strong personality, but Faye was. She was a stay at home mom and he worked 60 or 70 hours a week to support his family. Apparently she wore the britches in their house and he liked it that way, and so did she.

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   "Suck my cock, baby," I told Faye. She had my jeans unzipped in about 1 second flat, eager nasty bitch that she was. She was in my lap sucking my cock, occasionally looking at Teddy, not so much for approval or direction but to make sure her cuckolded little man was taking it all in. He was.

I pulled her off my cock and sat her up. "Get up and strip for me Faye. I want to see this incredible body ya got hiding in there. " She gleefully stood and slipped out of her t-shirt. Her tits were huge, the nipples bursting through the substantial material of her industrial sized bra. She reached back and unhooked it and her tits fell free. She cupped them and looked at me for approval. "Nice tits Girl," I smiled and she liked the obvious admiration. "Slide my pants down Teddy," she instructed and like a well trained puppy, he did.

She left on the shoes but was now naked before me. It was an awesome sight.

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   I wanted her and she played on it. She pranced around naked for me, teetering on those high heeled platforms. Her tits were thrust out, her back bent, her ass thrust in the other direction for balance. Her thighs were taught and large and her calves were shapely and hot. She had cute little feet too, especially for being rather tall for a chick. I had to admit I was a tad jealous of Ted having this all for his own. I made a mental note to see how that might be altered in future.

Teddy was alone across the room taking it all in. "Ya know Faye, I wonder. . . " I began. "but I think Teddy would look hot dressed as a woman. Don't you?" She squealed with delight, "He does. .

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  . wanna see?" I grinned and told her so. She looked at him and he seemed eager to show me too. "Ya know what though," I added, "I think such a pretty creature should have a female name," I informed them. She exploded with joy at that and said "Oh, how did you know Mike?" she inquired. I replied "He just looks like he should have a feminine name to go with that pretty face of his. " She smiled at me and I asked,"so, what do we call her?"

"Well, his real middle name is Adam, so I call her Adrienne," she smiled. "Hmmm. . . Adrienne?" I replied. "I like it!' I announced. I looked at Adrienne and said "Okay, now let's she how pretty you are for me," I said and Teddy lept up and almost ran to their master bedroom. As he exited Faye was on my lap, naked, kissing and rubbing her cunt on my unzipped but not all that hard cock. She suggested she remove all my clothes but I told her I wanted to save that for Adrienne, She liked that idea and we made out like mad dogs while Adrienne made herself beautiful for us.

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Adrienne returned in about 10 minutes. I had to admit, she was really hot. "Nice," was all I said. Adrienne was wearing a short tight spandex dress. It barely covered her gorgeous ass. Her legs were taught and she too wore platformed heels. I was really digging this view. As well, she wore a long, blond wig like the Swedish Bikini Team. The best part were the thigh highs that were glued to her legs. They ended about an inch or two below the bottom of the spandex hem and I was really getting into the sight and the excitement of what would come as the evening progressed.

Adrienne wore makeup too and it was hot as Hell. Teddy had truly transformed into Adrienne and I was eager to discover more about this attractive boy/woman. I stood and told Adrienne to remove my clothes for me. She did. Faye sat on the arm of the overstuffed couch and tickled her clit in excitement as Adrienne stripped me.

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   Now Faye and I were naked. "Go stand in the corner" I told Adrienne. She happily complied. Faye ran her pretty little hands all over my now naked body and hefted my cock, kissing me and purring in anticipatory eagerness. We started kissing again. I looked at Adrienne and she was fondling her cock. I stopped tonguing Faye and got a great idea.

"Ya know Faye Baby," I said, "considering how pretty the little lady is," I said nodding to Adrienne, "I don't want her cock popping free, so why don't we prevent that from happening?" I proposed. Faye delighted at that idea. "How?" she asked. "well, lemme see here," I thought for a minute. "Got any surgical tape around here? With them two little kids surely you have a first aid kit somewhere, right?" I suggested. She eagerly nodded and looked at Adrienne. "Do as the man says, Bitch!" she instructed. "Oh," I added, "and get some duct tape too!" She toddled off and returned in a minute or two with a first aid kit in one hand and a half used roll of duct tape in the other.

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"Pull up your hem Bitch!" I ordered. To my sheer delight, not only was her face now smooth, but her pubes were gone from last nights suck off session. "Nice!' I muttered. "Now go use the surgical tape to tape his cock to his legs on one side and tape his balls to the other leg," I ordered. "Nice," was all Faye responded as she leaned in and kissed me. She then whispered "I love your filthy mind Mikey. " I smiled. She walked her naked and spectacular ass to her husband and did as instructed. When his junk was well taped I then told her to add a layer of duct tape for strength. When she'd finished it looked like a "V" shaped g-string covering the public area. The look was exactly what I was shooting for.

Faye admired her handiwork and I did too. She patted the silver triangle and asked, "Like that girl?" Adrienne nodded as if in a trance. Faye pulled the hem back down until the triangle was covered and returned to beside me back on the couch. "Now dance for me Honey," I ordered Adrienne.

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   She moved and swayed to the music on in the background and seemed to be lost in the lustful moment. Faye was rubbing her cunt and rubbing my hardened cock as Adrienne moved seductively for our pleasure.

Faye rose from beside me, turned and faced Adrienne and lowered herself onto my cock. Her cunt was tight and very, very wet. She leaned back on my chest and turned to kiss me as she rode slowly up and down on my cock as Adrienne watched. She started cumming in about two minutes flat. She broke from my mouth and looked at Adrienne. "Look bitch, he's fucking me so good," she lauded over Adrienne. She looked Adrienne in the eyes as she announced she was cumming hard. She planted herself down on my cock hard and stayed there sliding forward and back to prolong it. I had one tit in each hand. I pinched each fat nipple and fed them to her one at a time. She leaned a bit to her left so I could see her biting and licking each nipple as I held each to her mouth. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she moaned as she came hard again no sooner than the first wave passed.

"Her turn now," Faye said and I whispered to her "Want to see me fuck the shit out of your little ladyboy?" "Oh yeah," she huffed breathlessly.

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   She slid from on top of me. "Get over here Bitch!" I ordered Adrienne. She slowly shuffled to me. "You want me to fuck you like the pretty little girl you are?" She nodded, having no will of her own anymore. I stood. Now with the heels on she was my height. I turned her around and bent her at the waist. Faye leaped up and slid between us to lick Adrienne's asshole and lube it up. My cock glistened with Faye's cunt juices all over it.

Faye held Adrienne's ass cheeks apart and my cock head slid in easily. Adrienne moaned a bit and sucked in a deep breath. I slid farther into her warm asshole. I teased her for a minute and then pulled out. Get on your knees Girl," I ordered. She did.

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   I fell to my knees and slid my fattie back into her ass. I then buried my cock in her. She bucked back against me. I froze and let her do the work. It didn't take too long. Faye was under me licking my asshole and I was building to the load delivery. "I'm gonna cum!" I growled. "Leeme see," Faye huffed as she slid from beneath me. She held Adrienne's ass cheeks open as I withdrew and dumped my cum in her ass and all over her back. Faye licked it all up including tonguing out my cum from Adrienne's ass. I collapsed back onto the floor and leaned against the couch recovering.

Faye slapped Adrienne's ass and said "Wow, that was so fucking hot! I always wanted to see a real man fuck my little bitch, and it was worth the wait. " "Get us another beer Bitch, and bring another joint too. . .

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  I'm coming down, but I don't wanna end this high just yet,"I instructed. Adrienne did as ordered and she knelt in front of Faye and I as we sat side by side and recovered. "Come here and kiss me Bitch!" I ordered Adrienne. She crawled up to me and kissed me passionately. Her light lipstick rubbed off on me and I could feel it. "Lick this shit off my face, cunt!" I ordered and she licked my lips free of the residue. I was liking this more and more.

"Now strip Bitch!' I ordered. Adrienne, still kneeling on her haunches, leaned slightly forward and pulled the spandex dress from her shoulders and down to her waist. She wiggled out of it while she remained on her haunches lifting only to slide it past her calves and ankles. She was hot like that. But for not having tits, she looked for all the world like a cute, prepubescent girl.

"Fuck Adrienne," Faye remarked, "you're prettier than I am!" "No, she's not Babe, but she is still cute and hot as Hell," I replied. Adrienne liked the compliments and so did Faye. "Now fuck both of us Mikey," she gently asked.



I positioned Adrienne on all fours and placed Faye on her back, facing up. I knelt behind them and rotated putting my cock into all three holes - Adrienne's asshole, then Faye's cunt, then her ass. I repeated this action for a few minutes and Faye was loving it. I stopped and told Faye to get off Adrienne's back. Faye assumed the all fours position and Adrienne lay beneath her cunt in the 69 position as I fucked Faye for all I was worth. Adrienne licked my ass and balls while Faye ripped the covering from Adrienne's crotch and sucked her cock. Adrienne came in about 30 seconds, and Faye and I joined her in cumming. I filled Faye's cunt and Adrienne then cleaned her out of all my cum. I collapsed again onto the back of the couch and enjoyed the remainder of the show.

True to Faye's word, I was then well fed and invited back to assume my leadership role over her and her wimp ladyboy. We all stood kissing in a circle as they begged me to become their lover and master. Faye informed me Adrienne was the sub and would accept anything so instructed, and she wanted this to happen on a regular basis. Adrienne looked up at me and assured me she did too.

I left that night, a full belly and empty balls. The night of Master Mike and the subs was only the beginning.

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   They both professed an undying love for me and for my commanding presence in their lives. I walked out the door and got into my truck. I looked back and they were standing there naked again in the door way. Adrienne's cock was hard and Faye had it in her hand.

I leaned out the rolled down window and remarked, "I guess it's okay if you two fuck some, but don't neither one of you use yourselves up now. No telling when I'll be back. " They eagerly smiled and nodded they would save plenty for Master Mike. I headed home to call my girlfriend. She was going to love this tun of events for sure, nasty minded little slut that she was. Damn, now I had three women counting on me to keep them well fucked, but I was up to the challenge as time would demonstrate. .