seducing sisterinlaw Akshatawhen brother out of country by skyclear


   seducing sisterinlaw when brother out of country


by skyclear   would like to narrate a story which is true and which happened within the family, my name is Satish, married to Asha &  have two children, I have a brother whose name is Pradeep who is married to Akshata they have a kid, we live with our parents in one house, parents live on the ground floor and on the first floor on one side my brother’s family lives and on the other side I live, both the houses have bedroom with attached toilets and we both have the common terrace which can also be called a balcony.
Myself and Asha go to work and Pradeep and Akshata also go to work, our children are taken care by our parents.  It so happened  that my wife Asha who was a senior programmer was asked to take up an assignment and go abroad for 6 months,  after she went I took more hours spending my time with kids, Akhsata’s son also would be with us, I loved passing my time with them.  Myself and my brother Pradeep were married for quite some time we spent holidays together, we went to picnics together, we used to tease each other’s wives and at times be naughtier with them but we were never serious  As days passed I started eyeing Akshata, in a different manner, in the past 10 years had never noticed her as I was noticing now, she had a tremendous figure, good bums and good boobs and she had maintained her figure, this is the same woman whom I always respected as my bhabhi and never had any wild or wrong intentions.  It so happened that Pradeep always used to be on tour and was giving little time to Akshata, Pradeep had suddenly to go for a a training to Delhi for 15 days, now that my wife gone and my brother gone, I found a change in Akshata who started giving me good vibes,  and started watching television sitting just besides me, she started wearing see through clothes which used to show off her figure, her black netted bra and her colourful panties, this gave ma an indication that she was on the heat and wanted to get laid.
I started praising her a lot and she started spending  time to me, for her shopping she started inviting me to join her, the school our children went had a annual day function, so we planned to go and went together and enjoyed the functions, I stayed close to her infact at many times my hands touched hers and while leaving there was a huge crowd going out of the hall that is when took her hand in mine and made it out of the auditorium with here and there more touches, she did not object, after 2 days it was Valentine day, I had purchased a lovely dress for Akshata On 14th February knocked on Akshata's door early morning at 6 am, she opened the door she was just in her nighty, she had put a dupatta to cover her breasts, she was not wearing her panties, she was shocked to see me, before she could say anything   presented  her the gift with a rose and wished her Valentine, and left her house to my room and went to take bath leaving the door openI had left the door unlocked and hadn’t noticed her watching my naked body in the shower. Akshata  had often told me about her sexual cravings,  . The cold climate and the water touching my bare skin had given me a semi-erection. She silently stepped in and walked in towards me. I was aback at the sight of her. She simply put a finger on her lips, a gesture for me to be silent. She said, ‘carry on, I intend to join you. ’I never knew what she had in mind but, she stripped in front of me. My eyes popped out as her fully developed body came into my view. Her dressing style was an effective camouflage to disguise her hot figure. She had a 36-24-36 figure, her flat tummy, her shaved pussy, her shapely breasts were giving me a raging erection.

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  She came forward like a slinky snake, her gesture provocative. I had to control myself, but she came uncomfortably close. I felt her hot breath on my lips and as soon as I looked up, she locked her lips with mine in a lingering kiss of passion. I felt her body weight suddenly upon mine and staggered against the wall. I wrapped my arms around her waist to regain some balance. I found her skin to be surprisingly velvety. Her hot body against mine and our lips locked together under the shower was s situation I had never dreamt of. When she was done kissing me, I asked, ‘what has gotten into you, Kirti? What is all this?’She put her right forefinger on my lips and said, ‘Shhh!! I have been telling you of my sexual cravings, I have been looking for a guy to satisfy him and to have him satisfy me. But I never looked upon you in that light. Today when I saw you naked in the shower, I couldn’t help but feel that you are the one best for me. I hope and I will try to be the best for you. ’ With that she kissed me again.  As it is, I was turned on by her hot figure, but now with her intentions clear, I was eager for her. We hugged each other; I felt my hand sliding along her smooth and perfect figure. She held my erect cock in her hand and stroked it.

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   I rubbed my finger in her pussy. She squirmed and turned, her back facing me. I grabbed her from behind, my erect cock grazing her cute ass. I cupped her ample breasts in my hands and kissed her neck as I squeezed them. ‘Ummmmm!!!! This feels so nice!!’ she said. I slid my right hand to her navel and tickled her there. She pushed her back more into me, surely enjoying the feeling. I squeezed her nipples with my left hand. She turned back facing me again and I propped her against the wall holding her hands high above her head. She had her left leg bent and propped for balance. I kissed her on her lips. My cock was rubbing on her navel. I pushed my tongue hungrily in her mouth, exploring it. She had her hands holding the back of my head while our kiss. When I pulled my tongue out, I saw that she had her eyes closed in enjoyment of the passion.

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   She slowly opened her eyes and looked longingly and lovingly at me. She found my cock and stroked it hard. I played with her breasts, kissing and sucking on them. God! However she had managed to keep them from being plundered by anybody!!I bit lightly on her neck and she crushed my body against her in an embrace. Her warm, smooth and soft body rubbing against mine was a great turn on for me. I kissed her from her lips to her cunt. She moaned with my every kiss. I kissed her cunt more than once as she moaned most when I kissed her there. I liked the sound of her moans. Eventually I kissed her cunt deeply, my tongue reaching inside her cunt. She held my head and pulled on my hair in pleasure. I inserted the middle finger of my right hand in her cunt while kissing her there. She squirmed again. She pulled me up by my head and said, ‘Amit!! I can’t wait any more! Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep!  It required no further bidding.

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   I parted her legs as she put her lips on mine for a long kiss, I fumbled with my cock to get inside her, but was unable to find the entry as I was unable to see down. She guided my cock with her hand; I slowly pushed my hard cock in her cunt. She bit on my lower lip  I slowly fucked her at first and then I increased my pounding inside her. She had her lips parted in a lustful pleasure. I couldn’t resist and kissed her on her lips. She responded to my kiss by hugging me by my neck and moving her body according the motion of my cock. I kissed her bare neck and squeezed her soft breasts and increased pace as well. Her moans were louder, I kept on fucking her at an increased pace when I felt her tight cunt climax on my cock. ‘UhhhhnnnnnAAAAhHHHHH!! I AM COMIIING!! THIS IS FUCKING LOVELY FEELING!!! MY GOD!! MAKE ME FUCK AGAIN!!’ and bit my earlobe. I increased my thrusts into her spurred with her bites on my ears. I said, ‘I am about to cum too!!’She said, ‘fill me with your cream, baby! Don’t pull out of me!! Ohhhh this is so good!! I thought I would never get this feeling. ’I came inside her hot cunt and filled it with my cream. She kissed me in silent thanks. My deflated cock was out of her now. I said, ‘I never knew you had such a marvelous body, Akshata My God! You are super hot and the sexiest girl I have ever met! To think I have shared a bed too often with you and never touched you!!! I must have been blind, damn it!’She smiled and said mischievously, ‘no fault of yours, dear! It was all in the hiding, so how would you see what treasures were buried behind those clothes of mine!’I said, ‘I could damn well try once!’We laughed still embracing each other and kissed.

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   I found myself erect for her once again. She nodded in agreement and I entered her again.  
We had two more steamy sessions in the shower. We were so hot that the hot water seemed chilled in comparison. I made her orgasm violently on my cock and I filled her hot cunt till it leaked with our mixed cream. You are big," she said, stroking my cock. She took my cock in her hand, and her silky fingers made my cock like an iron rod encased in a silken cloth. I was amazed. I had never recalled my cock's feeling so hard that with all my might I was unable to bend it. She exclaimed that it was bigger then that of Farook
Once again I started to kiss her all over her face. I started from her forehead. Then I moved to her eyes. Her chubby cheeks came next. I was eating her cheeks. Then I kissed and nibbled her ears.

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   Finally I moved to her mouth. I sucked her lips vigorously. We explored each other's mouths as we had done in the lounge. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her mouth, literally touching her throat! 
I continued the kissing and went lower. I was now kissing her neck and then sucking and even gently biting it. I moved lower to her breasts, the breasts I had been seeing every night in dreams, and now for the first time I was so near to them. I started to eat her breasts as if they were ripe mangos. They were getting as red as apples from my constant eating and sucking.  
I paid attention to her rock-hard nipples. I teased them with my tongue. I probed them gently with my tongue, making them very erect! I stopped when they were really hard! Then I started to suck them, slowly to begin with. I increased my speed and was now furiously sucking and even biting them! 
 Now I moved lower. Now I was level with her enticingly deep navel! As before, I used my tongue to good effect. I moved my tongue in and out of her navel while teasing her belly button.  

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  . . ! Suck it! It feels so nice and excited!" "Aahhh. . . ! Uffff. . . ! That's it! Fuck me now, Satish! I can't stand it anymore! I need you inside me now! Put your big   cock inside me!" she screamed  Her legs looked silky smooth. Her thighs were   fleshy, but well proportioned. She parted her thighs. Finally, I got on top of her and positioned myself, placing my rock-hard cock squarely on her waiting cunt! She herself grabbed my erection and pointed it to her pussy, so I shoveled my dick into her pussy as the head of my cock entered her cunt. With the first push more than half of my cock slid inside her wet snatch. Slowly the whole length of my cock entered her without any resistance. Her cunt was very tight and so warm that I thought I would never want to pull out of it again.

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Akshata said, please do it slowly first. I have never had such a big cock. My husband's cock is small and he always does in a hurry, never has he made love  as you are doing
So I slowed down a little and started to rub her pussy with my finger. I   searched her clit and soon found it. I started to rub and squeeze her clit. Meanwhile I was also fondling her lovely tits and managed to kiss her so as to increase her sexual pleasure. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws. "No, please slowly. It hurts, please. " she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her.

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   This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Ahhhh!"
She became very horny and screamed. "Ohhh! Satish, what are you doing to me? I think you are killing me!""Oh, my sweetheart, I don't want to kill you; I want to show you my love," I said breathlessly. ""Yes, that's it, Satish Fuck me   I am all yours. Take me. " I started to pump faster as she encouraged me. I kissed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her hand encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She put her legs on my back and pulled me down.  
Now I withdrew, pushing my cock back. Suddenly she thrust her hips against my swollen cock, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She moved forward, pushing herself onto my cock. I loved the way she kept clutching at my ass, grabbing at me, roughly, almost painfully, pulling me more deeply into her, harder and harder each time. She was very aggressive in bed; I have never seen woman as aggressive as she was.

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She said, "You are a better partner in bed than my husband is. " I was very pleased and started giving it to her harder and harder. The whole bed was shaking and jerking because of my strong movements. I began driving it in and out, faster and faster, sweat collecting on my body as I kneaded her tits, which were glistening with sweat. She was moaning loudly, as her breath came faster and she locked me in with her legs, drawing me into her.  When we were in the midst of satisfying each other the phone rang which was next to the bed, Akshata picked up it was Pradeep, he asked her about the welfare of his kid and wished her Valentine,   and asked as to what she was doing she lied to him that she was reading a holy book & she was missing him, Pradeep had called up while traveling from his lodging to the workplace.  Pradeep  also called me on my cell and enquired about about me and also requested me to please take care of Askhata and take her out for dinner since he was away on Valentine day, I assured him that will take care of the family and he should not worry.
We sucked on each other's lips and tongue moved faster. I tasted her breath in my mouth as I began to pump harder. She was pumping harder too. Akshata began to fuck me fast and furiously. I was surprised by her eagerness, but I matched her thrusts.
 Her ankles were locked over my back and her heels were digging into my tailbone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. And then with a final thrust, we both came and I started pumping so fast till I spurted last drop of semen in Akshata’s cunt. I could feel the vaginal juices flooding from her pussy.


   I collapsed on her and stayed there very still for about five minutes.
Panting heavily, we fell beside each other and lay together, our bodies sweaty and sated. She rubbed my chest softly while I held her in my arms, cradling her body next to me.  
"That was incredible," she whispered in my ear.
"I am glad you enjoyed it," I replied.
"'Enjoy' is hardly a strong enough word. You have a massive fucking cock. Every woman would love to get it in her pussy. You are a perfect fucker. " 
  She was to my right. She moved close to my body, put her right leg on my lower body and rested her thighs and knees on mine. Then she started moving her right hand over my chest and very slowly brought it below it below onto my cock. Rubbing my cock, she said, "I loved it. . .

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   I wish I could have you everyday and every night. I would love to have it everyday. "  I replied till Pradeep comes back I am all yours & our relations went on for the next 2 years without Pradeep or my wife knowing, we maintained our relations very strictly and secretly did everything even the kids did not doubt anything.

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