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Topic: Randall and LynnI had practically grown up with Randall, a black friend that I knew almost all my life. We both live in the South and so anything besides the most casual relationship was forbidden, especially a black man and a white woman and my family would have had me put away somehow. We had flirted through high school but that was it and the few times I had seen him while we were growing up he had noticed my growth spurts and so my large chest and I had seen tha he was rather well endowed at a young age.
I had not seen him in a few years, about 10, and after divorcing my ex and marrying Steve, I had told Steve of some of my fantasies and that Randall was one of them. He understood and always joked that he had bought a large black dildo and called it Randall to tease me. One day at the mall I saw Randall with a beautiful African-Asian woman. She was about 5'8" and I found later had a chest that was 38DDD and her waist was really slim. Her hips came out to 36 but her chest got as much attention as mine did from people. Randall saw me and we hugged and I introduced him to Steve and Steve shook his hand like a lost friend. We went and ate and had some drinks and it was obvious that I was taken with Randall and he with me and Steve was attracted to Lynn and she was with him too. We said goodbyes and Steve got their phone number and we promised to call each other. We went home and made very hot love that night and in the midle of my passion I called out, "Oh Randall fuck me. " Steve laughed and said, "That can be arranged you know. " "Oh realy," I said. "Yes really. "I let it go till one Friday night we had a few coolers and Steve told me to put on something he had bought for me.

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I went to the bedroom and pulled a long sheer gown out of a bag and sandals. There was a bikini thong, black also and I slipped it on then the gown. MY hair was down on my shoulders and I put on Steve's favorite body oil musk. I came out and sat on the couch next to him, "So, what is the special occasion?" "Oh, a little surprise" he said kissing me. We relaxed and Steve put in a video but did not turn it on and then there was a knock on the door. "Go see who it is" Steve said. "Like this?" I laughed. "Yes" he said and slapped my botom and I walked to the door I opened it and Randall and Lynn wee there and smiled really big as I stepped back and let them in Lynn hugged me and said, "Damn girl, you are hot. " Randall hugged me too, his cock growing as he did. He was hung at 8 inches and was growing and Steve smiled. "Come on in folks, have a cooler. " He handed them both one and they sat on the couch across from us. I sat next o him my pussy soaking wet sipping another cooler.
"Let's watch a video" Steve said amd he turned it on. We all smiled as a well hung black man and his Asian wife came into a living room to greet a well endowed white woman wearing the outfit I had on.

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   THey all sat drinking and soon the black man took the white woman by the hand and they danced to some slow music and the Asian woman sat next to the woman's husband and began stroking his cock. We all watched as the white woman and black woman lost their clothes and bega fucking like crazy and the Asian woman and white man did the same on the couch.
Steve got up and put on the same music and said the Randall, "Why don't you and Teresa dance a little, loosen up some. " He reached out his hand and I got up and he took me in his arms. He is 6'3" and so his bulge was at the height of my chest and it was actually between my tits as we danced and I held him to me. His cock was hard and making me hotter than I was and we looked over to see Steve and Lynn almost naked on the couch, her tits over his face and filling his mouth as he sucked her nipples making her moan. I stepped back and dropped my gown to the floor and the thong next, Randall smiling and stepping to me and then I undid his pants and they fell to the floor. I moved his shirt up and he took it off and now we stood naked looking at each other and then he began dancing with me again. I slipped his cock between my tits and his pre-cum was getting on my tits. I found the head with my tongue and licked it clean.
Lynn spoke first, "Careful Teresa, he likes to ram the hell out of a pussy and he does it all night dear. " I felt myself lifted off the floor and my lages wrapped around his hips, his cock driving into my pussy. "Oh yes, I love being fucked hard" I said to Lynn. "I like it slow and long" Lynn said. Steve smiled and said to her, "Good, I like it that way too.

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  " She swung her leg around and was on his lap and her pussy swallowed his cock 9 inches into her. She began riding him slow enjoying every inch of his hard cock. Now I was being lifted up and down on Randall's cock, each time pounding deep into my pussy and each time the speed building up until I shook with an orgasm that soaked his balls. He laid me on the matted cusion on the floor and spread my legs over his shoulders and began pounding harder and harder into me making me hae orgasm after orgasm then after I had about 5 he filled my pussy with the most cum anyone ever has. He kissed me and then said as he drew out his still hard cock, "Over on your knes. "
I rolled over and he drove it into my pussy from behind and began grabbing my hips, pulling me onto his hard cock driving faster and faster as he did. I was being fucked by a ram rod and was screaming as he drove into me. I don't know how long or how many orgasms I had but he filled me again. I laid on my stomach and expected him to slip out but he didn't. Lynn said, "He is like the rabit on TV, he goes all night I told you. That was the beginning of the night. The rest was even more cum filled and I will write about it later.

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