The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 6)


When choosing where to bring Diana for his depraved intentions, the Vagabond Motel fit the bill perfectly. It was exactly the kind of place that came to mind when people thought of a trashy motel. In fact, the Vagabond may have been the original “No Tell” Motel.

The Vagabond had a history of catering to prostitutes and their Johns and rooms were typically rented by the hour, rather than by the night. Nobody who stayed at the Vagabond cared about what was going on in the next room, no matter how much noise there was. That was why there had been at least three murders there in the last five years that went undiscovered, until the housekeepers went in to clean the next day. In spite of its reputation though, the rooms were clean and private and that was all Harrison cared about.

Pulling his Mercedes up to the office, he rushed inside and spoke with the manager. He asked for, and received, the room that was furthest away from all the others. Not an unusual request for most Vagabond guests.

Like most guests, Harrison paid with cash and told the manager “I may want the room for two nights and I won’t need housekeeping services. ” The manager shrugged, “Whatever you want, sir. You’re the customer. ”

Harrison then handed the manager three $100. 00 bills and said will this help to insure our privacy, for the duration of our stay?” The manager took the bills and stuffed them in his pocket. Smiling at Harrison, he handed him his room key and said “Sir, consider this Las Vegas.


   What happens at the Vagabond stays at the Vagabond. ” Smiling, Harrison thanked the man and hurried back to his car.

The Vagabond was set up like a typical commuter motel. It was a long, single-story building with doors from each room opening to the outside. This allowed guests to drive right up to their rooms. At 9:30 Harrison pulled his Mercedes up to the door, outside the room, at the end of the building, furthest from the office.

As he put the car into ‘park’ Diana moaned in the back seat and said “Mr. Johnson, I don’t feel very good. ” Ignoring her momentarily, Harrison stepped out of the Mercedes. As he exited the vehicle, he grabbed his briefcase off the front seat, as it contained a few items he intended to use later.

Then closing the door, he removed the room key from his pocket, unlocked the door and went inside. The room was about like he expected and it was sparsely furnished. Against the wall was a queen-sized bed with a brass headboard. Next to the bed was a cheap looking night table with an ugly lamp standing on it and a phone, which Harrison would have bet $100 didn’t work. In the corner was a large, overstuffed, upholstered chair next to a TV, sitting on a rickety stand.

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   There was also a bathroom with a shower, but not much else.

Though light years away from being luxurious, the room was very clean, it even smelled clean. Which Harrison found surprising, considering the nature of the clientele. But most important to Harrison…it was private!

Quickly Harrison placed his briefcase on the chair and opened it. He removed a few items from inside closed it again. Looking around the room, he smiled. He was ready! Back outside the room, Harrison returned to the Mercedes and opened the rear passenger door. Sitting down inside next to Diana, who was still lying on the seat, he watched her.

As he did, he thought back to all the he had learned at the sex offender treatment center. In particular, he recalled how he learned about the proper way to use Rohypnol to achieve certain desired results. As he watched Diana, he realized that the dosage he had given was perfect.

Her coordination was severely impaired and she was having trouble focusing her eyes on what she was looking at. She was disoriented and had no idea where she was or how she got there. The effects usually start within 30 minutes and peak at around two hours. They tend to last from 8-12 hours.

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   Since it had been close to two hours since she had drunk the Roofie-laced Coke. That meant she was about as bad as she was going to get. That meant she’d be conscious and somewhat aware of what was happening to her, but very easy to control. That was important to Harrison because he definitely wanted her conscious. He wanted her to feel, see and hear everything he was going to do to her. And he wanted her to be able to plead, beg and cry. But mostly, he wanted her to scream!

Helping Diana to sit up, Harrison sat next to her as she slumped against his shoulder for support. “Diana,” he said, acting concerned. “Are you okay?” She was silent for a moment. “I’m not sure. I feel dizzy and really tired. Continuing to act as though he was concerned about her, he said “It could be food poisoning. Do you think you are going to throw up?” pausing before she answered, Diana said “No! But I think I need to get up and get some fresh air. ”

Helping her out of the car, Harrison said “That’s a good idea. Some fresh air might help.

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  ” As Diana stood up, on wobbly legs, she was clearly unsteady on her feet. While he watched her, Harrison closed the door and locked the car. Looking around, clearly having no idea where she was, Diana took a few steps, then suddenly stumbled on her four-inch heels and landed in Harrison’s arms.

Looking up at him with a somewhat dazed look, Diana said “I think I need to lie down. ” Lifting her up like a limp ragdoll, Harrison said “I agree’, as he carried her towards the room. Once inside, he deposited her onto her back, on the bed. He was none to gentle about it either.

Then as she lay there looking up at him, he quickly grabbed one of the items he had taken from his briefcase, a high resolution digital camera. Then, walking up to the bed, he stood over her and took several pictures of Diana. Then, he set the camera down on the night stand, next to another item he had taken from the briefcase.
As he stood looking down at Diana, he saw her staring up at him with a quizzical look on her face. “Where are we?” she asked. “And why did you just take pictures of me?” Suddenly, without warning his demeanor transformed from the pleasant, caring and concerned Michael Johnson, to a cruel and harsh man with lust in his eyes. Answering her questions, he sneered at her and said, “Where we are doesn’t matter. As for why I took those pictures, I decided I wanted to have some photos of what you looked like when you were sweet and innocent and before you became… a fucking little slut!”

In a flash, Harrison dropped onto the bed and was suddenly kneeling over Diana with his knees pressing into the mattress next to each shoulder.

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   Then, dropping all his weight down onto her upper body, he pinned her to the bed. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she tried to scream. But Harrison, who outweighed her by at least 125 pounds, had his weight against her diaphragm making screaming impossible.

As the look of terror spread across Diana’s face, Harrison reached for camera on the night stand. As she struggled under him, gasping for breath, he took several facial shots that showed her terrified expressions. Then, setting the camera on the bed, he reached down and unzipped his pants. Extracting his penis, he waved it over Diana’s face. “Do you like to suck cock, you little slut?” he taunted. “You do, don’t you?” Shrieking to the extent she was able, Diana cried out “NO! NO! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Then, grabbing hold of her long, silky, brown hair Harrison twisted a handful of it in his fist until she shrieked in pain. Then, rubbing his cock against her face he demanded “Open your mouth and suck my cock, you sweet little bitch!” With tears forming in her eyes and her lower lip starting to tremble, Diana shook her head from side-to-side and gasped, “NO! NO! Please, no!

Grabbing a second fistful of her hair, Harrison twisted violently until it felt like he was going to pull it out by the roots. The pain was excruciating to Diana, who had low threshold for pain anyway, and she sobbing and wailing with deep, guttural sobs that made it hard to catch her breath.
Looking into her eyes with a cold stare, Harrison demanded “Open your mouth, bitch!” Diana continued to cry and sob through tightly clenched teeth, but would not open her mouth. Harrison suddenly began to scream at her “OPEN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH! OPEN IT, OR I’LL RIP EVERY HAIR OUT OF YOUR HEAD!”

Suddenly, desperate for air, Diana gasped in a small breath. It was enough! As Harrison shifted his hips forward, his cock slid into Diana’s virgin mouth. Once inside her mouth, he stopped and held it there, momentarily.

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   Still holding onto her hair, he stared in to her eyes and said “That’s better! Now,” he continued. “Suck it nice and lick it! Treat it like it’s the best tasting thing that has every been inside your mouth. ” Pausing, again, Harrison said, “Oh, one more thing. If you bite it or put so much as a tooth on it, I’m going knock every tooth out your beautiful mouth. NOW SUCK IT!” he screamed.
Closing her eyes tightly, tears ran down her cheeks. Her head was foggy and she didn’t know what was wrong with her. She didn’t know where she was and she was terrified and didn’t know what to do. She wanted her mom and dad, so badly but they couldn’t help her even if they were home, because nobody knew where she was. So she did the only thing she could think of that would keep her from being beaten or killed. She opened her mouth wider and allowed Harrison to push his cock into her throat!

Grabbing hold of both sides of her head, Harrison groaned and slammed his cock forward, until it was halfway down Diana’s throat. As it slid past her tonsils, she gagged violently and nearly vomited. Her airway was blocked and she could barely breathe, yet Harrison continued to push his cock further and further into her throat. Suddenly, he began to rock his hips back and forth, allowing his shaft to slide up and down in her throat, with each inward thrust making her gag again.
With his balls resting on her chin and saliva running out the corners of her mouth, Harrison said “Lick it, slut! Lick my cock until I cum!” Having no choice but to comply, Diana wrapped her tongue around his cock and licked it like she was slurping on a popsicle.

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   She had never done this before and she didn’t know what she was doing so she prayed that she was doing what he wanted.

While Diana’s tongue coated his cock with her saliva, Harrison picked up the camera again and clicked off several tight shots of Diana with Harrison’s cock in her mouth and her tongue working furiously along his spit soaked shaft.

Finally, nearing orgasm, Harrison grabbed two handfuls of her hair said “Swallow it, you little cum guzzler! I’m gonna cum in your fuckin’ mouth! Swallow every, single drop! Do you hear me?” Diana didn’t answer. She just sobbed and gagged and drooled.

Holding her head firmly, he forced his cock to the back of her throat, pressed his balls against her lips and shot his sperm all the way down her esophagus. As she felt his seed discharge into her throat, her beautiful brown eyes flew open in shock and she started to cough and wretch. She was desperate to spit it out and get it out of her. The idea of his sperm in her stomach made her want to cry. As she tried, futilely to spit out his cock and his disgusting sperm, he held her head harder and yelled at her “SWALLOW IT, YOU FUCKIN’ LITTLE WHORE! EAT IT ALL!”

As the last glob of his cum slid down her throat, he withdrew from her mouth and suddenly, Diana felt her airway clear and felt air flow into her lungs. Gasping desperately for air, like she had just had the wind knocked out of her, she groaned and streams of tears poured down her cheeks. As she sobbed like a baby, Harrison pulled his cock away from her face.

Suddenly a glob of semen dripped from it and landed on her blouse, just below her top button.
Looking at it, Harrison smirked and said “I’m sorry Diana. I spilled on your blouse. We certainly can’t have you wearing a dirty blouse for a college interview, can we?”.

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