Me, My sister, and well, just us.


Hmmm. . . . when did my obsession about my sister start? I suppose it would be good to begin from the beginning. Or rather, my earliest memory. I think this was in the 8th grade or so… my sister was in the 7th. We’d come back from school, and we were in her room. I was there lookin for a book. She was talkin to me, and I had my back to her, rummaging in her desk drawers. She was like, really excited about her new bras. They were still training bras, but she said she preferred them to regular bras coz they were very comfortable. She said she found regular bras too… restrictive. We’d always been more open than most siblings about personal stuff. Hell, she’d never even bothred with crossing her legs when she was wearing short skirts. She even sat cross legged in front of me when she was wearing those short skirts… but I was rather taken aback when I turned to face her.

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   She had unbuttoned the blouse of her school uniform, and was just holding it closed with her right hand, and her left hand clutching a pair of shorts at her crotch, coz the skirt's always the first thing to come off when she changes. . . The shirt was rather long. Long enough to cover her panties completely, but only just.  She blushed, “Turn around, I wanna get changed. ” So I did, and she did. When she said it was okay to turn around, she was wearing those tiny denim cut off shorts and a tight white teeshirt. She said, “Well… what do you think about it?”I wasn’t paying attention. “What do I think about what?”“What do you think about my new bras? Should I stick to these, or should I start getting real bras?” She jiggled her breasts for effect. They were already a size 28 then, so they jiggled very nicely. I looked at her chest, and noted that fact.  “Well… I guess if you’re comfortable, then it’s alright. I’m not the one wearing it, it's you. ”“But I wanna know if you think it’s alright for girls to wear these kind of bras.

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  ” More jiggling.  “Like I said, up to you. ”“Well… then what do you think about the bra I’m wearing now?”I was starting to sweat a bit on my forehead by then. Fumbling for words, I said, “I dunno. You haven’t shown me how you look in both bras. ” Hopin that line stalled her enough for me to slipp out, I stuck my tongue out at her and went to raid another drawer, just to avoid her face. She grabbed my shoulder and turned me around and said, “Well, then tell me now” What she did next I could not have prepared for at all. She reached below to the hem of her teeshirt and pulled it right off over and above her head. She’d pulled her tee-shirts up in front of me every now and then, pretending to “flash” me as a joke or whatever, but she’s always made it a point to cover up immediately. I looked dead straight in her eye, mostly to avoid looking at her breasts, and the even more sexy image of the teeshirt in her hand by her side. I mumbled, “Erm… what?”She jiggled her boobs once again and in a whining tone said, “Tell me what you think of this trainer bra. ”Stammering a bit for the first few seconds, I said, “Hm. . well. .

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   it certainly shapes erm. . . well. . . shapes your breasts very nicely. But I suppose you can’t wear these under your lycra tops. ” That was indicative of the stiffies that were very apparent through the thin cotton fabric of the bra. She had very cute stiffies. I was transfixed as they kept jiggling a bit with every hand movement of hers.  "Eh? Stop beina prude and just say what you mean. ""Well. . .

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   erm. . . I mean I don't think you'd want the kind of attention you'd atract if you wore a lycra top with those erm. . . stiffies. "She looked down at herself. "Oh that. Yeah. I guess you're right. I don't really think it matters so much. It's just coz people are too rude and keep staring at them outright. ""Well, then, wear something else. ""Yeah.

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   Exactly what I was gonna come to. Turn around. I'm gonna change. "I did. She did. "Ohkay. Tell me. "I turned around to see her. She was wearing a grey padded bra. It was nice.  Grey cotton cups, padded, and netted everything else. Even the straps were made of some webbed material. Her little nubs were still straining against the material of the bra and I could still just barely make them out. "So? What do you think?""I. .

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  . erm. . . ""It's snug. . . a bit too snug. . . I'm not used to it. ""Hm. . . I can imagine.

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  ""I mean like they're just there. They don't even move much. It's like they're squished together. . . " She cupped her breasts and pushed them together for effect. I just looksed at her breasts, jammed in that bra, with her hands pushing them together even more. . . I wasn't saying a thing. Just alternating her gaze between her breasts and her face. "It's like it's a push up bra or something. ""I dunno about that. . .

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   There's not enough cleavage there for that. ""Eh? How much more cleaavge do you need???""Well. . erm. . . ""Show me. " She steped towards me till she was a foot away. "Wah. . . wha. . . ??""Just show me what you mean.


  ""As in. . . ""As in show me how much cleavage a pushup bra's gonna give me. ""Erm. . I don't think I know exac. . . ""Oh stop bein so uncomfortable and show me already. I'm gonna have to hit you if you don't do it. " I was too dazed by the entire situation to notice when her hands left her breasts, reached towards me, and replaced them with mine. "Show me. " She said, pushing my hands over her breasts with hers, to emphasize her point. "Well, actually, it's erm.

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  . . it's like this. . . " I got used to the fact that  this was actually happening and tried to focus. "Like what," she said, looking down at her boobs, encased in my hands. I took a deep breath, and pushed her breasts as far up and together as I could manage. "Like this. Notice the difference?""Hmm. . . Yeah I guess. . .


   But I find it hard to imagine a bra that can actually keep my boobs up in this shape. ""Hehe. It's possible. I've seen it. " I grinned. She laughed, causing her breasts to wiggle in my hands. "You? You've seen real breasts in a push up bra?"I blushed. "Well, not in real. But I've seen enough pics to know. ""Oh? Lemme see some. You got any saved?""No, I don't keep smut in my PC. Besides, everything's out there on the internet. " "Like boobs in pushup bras?" She said, in her playful teasing way. "Hehe. Yeah.

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   That, and then some. . . ""Coo. Show me some time. ""Yeah, sure. " I'd just promised to show my sister semi naked women, while having my hands full of her breasts. The moment was unreal.  "Cool. So are we done with my breasts?"That caught me off guard. "Say what?"She laughed. "I said, I think we're done groping me for now," She gently pulled my hands off her as she said this. I was a bit dissapointed the moment had ended. "About my bra. .

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  . what should I wear?""Wear whatever you feel comfortable with. " My hands found their way into my pockets, tryin to readjust my hardon in my denim pants, without much avail. "I love wearin my trainers, but you say that the grown up bras make my boobs look better?"I gave up tryin to work my wood into a better position. It was stuck pontin all the way out in an angle that made it too painful to re-adjust without pullin my trousers off. If she noticed it, I'd deal with that then. "No. . . Your breasts look good either ways. They're still. . . pert, if you don't mind me sayin. .

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  . ""A lady always loves compliments. . . " Smiles. blushes. ". . . And if you wanna wear your trainers, go right ahead. I'll root for you all the way. " I did a mock cheer with imaginary pom-pons and flashed her a grin. "Heh. I think I'll stick with my trainers until the next time I go shopping for lingerie. ""Coo.

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   Trainers it is. ""Yeah, long live trainers!" So saying, she reached back to unclasp her bra, and turned around before she let it fall off. I just stared at her naked back, the slight bulge of her breasts at her sides, as she raised her arms to pull on her training bra. She turned around to catch me staring straight at her breasts, more specifically, at her rock hard nipples that were hardly constrained by the thin almost sheer cotton material.  "Show's over, buddy. "I looked up at her, and smiled. "I don't think so, not yet. ""What?" She looked down, and blushed, and covered her nipples. "Oh!""Chill, sis. I'm just admiring the view. You carry on, I'll get back to my book. ""Yeah, thanks. " Her arms were still uncertain, near her breasts.  I guess she wasn't as confident about the entire thing as I thought she was.  Was she feeling weird about it too? Or was she really feeling it was nothing out of the ordinary? I never really knew for a long time.

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  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End of Chapter 1 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=.