Summer job 2


I was like a fucking schoolboy waiting for my birthday which just happened to be on Christmas. I was practically shaking in my seat on the ride to my house. When we got there I decided we should go to that back apartment in the garage, just in case anyone came home early. So I got the key, opened the door and made my way upstairs, which was much nicer than the first floor. The first floor consisted of support beams, tools, a bench and a cold cement floor. . not quite the mood for getting a blowjob from a bangin ass girl.
So we go upstairs to the nice carpeted room with a couch on the side. I sit down and she goes to her knees. All she’s wearing are these tight black leggings and one of those stupid oversized shirts that make it look like she’s wearing a dress. I tell her to take her shirt off. So as I’m unbuckling my belt I’m staring at her just kneeling there, bare-chested with nothing on but a pair of black tights. (This is gonna be good) I thought. She started with putting my cock into her right hand, oddly enough her hand felt kind of cold. . which made me twitch a little, but after slowly pumping my shaft up and down and massaging it with her fingertips as she gripped it, it started feelin good, well not good, it felt fuckin great.

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   I said "so where’s the blowjob hun?" she said
"I’m getting to it, hold on". Aright. . Aright I thought. Then she started moving her head closer to my tip. The anticipation was killing me as she just hovered over it. I could feel the breath escaping her nostrils as it hit the tip of my dick. Something just came over me, I started breathing heavy and my pupils dilated. Without warning I reached up and clamped both of my hands to the back sides of her head. I SLAMMED her head down to my crotch not even thinking if her mouth was open or if it was in the right place to receive my raging boner, thankfully it was. What happened next was straight out of a porn flick. At first she was surprised and shocked, instinctually she yelped and tried to move her arms to get my hands off, nope. Then she tried to use her neck to regain control of her head, again didn’t work. Her head never stayed in place for more than half a second, it was constantly up down, up down. As the initial adrenaline rush wore off, I gained a bit of my humanity back and noticed her hands wrapped firmly around my wrists.

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   I was having doubts rush through my head as I thought of what I was doing- it was essentially rape.
One thing did strike me as odd however…during the whole time her teeth never once clenched. . If she really didn’t want this, she would have bit my fucking dick off. Then the damndest thing happened. . . her wrists began to ease off and her arms moved to behind her back, as if waiting to be cuffed by a police officer. She had understood what I wanted. . . well what I needed. This turned me on a fuckload. I don’t know  what she learned in college but she barely needed to breathe, I would know because I never let her even gasp for air. Maybe she really was that good? I didn’t have much time to think because I was about to cum.

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   The thought of her submitting to my assault on her mouth and throat kept flashing in the back of my mind, at some point I had to close my eyes because I didn’t want to cum yet. . I started spacing out, I wanted this blowjob to last forever. As I eased my eyes open slowly, I made eye contact with her. It wasn’t easy seeing as to how every time I would lock eyes with her, her head would move. I saw the look in her eyes, I felt a little bad about what I was doing to her but, her suffering only turned me on more. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I starting gushing torrents of sperm, without letting go of her head I locked it in one final position.
My cock was now deep in her throat now, just spewing out burst after burst of sperm into her esophagus. She tried to look at my while this was happening but she couldn’t lock her eyes anywhere and they ended up rolling to the back of her head. After I was done, I noticed she was starting to look a little blue. My cock was so deep in her throat I had to literally dislodge it with force, it gave a slight pop sound as it let go. I had to use force so when I let go, her head followed through with the yank I gave. She didn’t have enough strength to even brace herself as she fell back, I heard a small thud as the back of her head hit the ground. As I lay my neck back on the couch me eyes lowered to see if she was alright.

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   She looked so fucking sexy right there with her little black tights on, and semen dripping from her mouth, with a trail of saliva from her chin all over her tits and down to her belly button. I came so much I could barely move. I then forcibly got up to my feet to try and see if she was okay, for the first time in the passed forty five minutes, I started to feel nervous and worried. I yelled Sara! Are you okay? Can you hear me? She just kind of gurgled a little, then her eyes lowered from the back of her head and locked eyes with me; she quickly shut her eye lids. With a faint raspy whisper she said
"I told you I was the best". I smiled and assured her that yes, she was the best. After helping her clean up in the bathroom we both sat back on the couch and talked about what had just happened. She asked where I learned to treat women like that, and that it turned her on. I told her I was sorry if I hurt her, but that it felt really good. I offered to eat her out if she wanted me too, I was too spent to even attempt sex. She said "thank you, but I’m actually on my period". In the back of my mind I thought (thank fucking god, I’m SO tired right now). I then walked her home and gave her a kiss on the cheek (careful not to get any dried sperm on my lips). She said we should do that again sometime. (I tried my hardest not to grin and giggle).

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   So, I went upstairs to take a nap when my asshole parents started yelling from downstairs about whether or not I got a job yet. I started daydreaming and I smirked as a great idea ran through my mind. .