Comprimising my Morals Pt. 1


Story of a conflicted youth torn between his grilfriend who is studying abroad and his new attractive exchange student who ends up living with him.

There are many things that define myself at the ripe old age of 20, I have made it through my first 3 years of college, worked various odd jobs, and of course fallen into a long term relationship. I'm one of those guys who still follows traditions and always sticks to his morals even when it is most tempting. However, all of this changed last year when my entire world got flipped upside down.

My name is Jack and I have always been athletic, along with my girlfriend of 2 years Jennie who regularily go to the gym to be in the best shape we can be. I'm about 6'4 hard bodied but slim. She is 5'8, toned and drop dead beautiful. Lets just say. . . she turns heads when she puts on a pair of jeans. Anyways, it was around this time last year my girlfriend announced she would be shipping off to Japan for a semester to study abroad. This crushed me because up until then we had been inseperable and one of those couples who always does things together. In other words, we were basically already married. The catch was she would go to Japan for a few months and then a Japanese student would be sent here in her place to study English. Great, now I have to spend a whole semester with a complete stranger, I hate my luck.

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Although the goodbye sex was hot and steamy, it still was not enough to bring comfort to my mind that she would be gone for so long. So after we said out goodbyes at the airport renforcing our faithfulness to each other she was gone. Just like that. I wonder who will be taking her place.

Getting back to my apartment I see a figure standing at the door to my apartment, and to my suprise it was a stunning Japanese girl, about 5'5 short skirt big eyes and long flowing black hair with all of her bags looking confused. She looks up with a grin and says softly "Jack?" stunned with a smile I say "I didnt catch your name" she replies "Satsumi". "That is a nice name, here let me help you with your things into my apartment" I lead her in showing her where she will be staying and where everything is. God I miss Jennie already, the lack of sex already starting to take its toll on me i decide to go to my room and rub one off quickly before dinner. I pull down my pants and start to rub my growing shaft, i try to think of Jennie but the thoughts of Satsumi begin to rush through my head, her in her little skirt and tight top and all the things I would do to her innocence. Just as I begin to finish she walks in "hey jack do you know where the. . . . . .

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  . oh . . . sorry" she shuts the door and leaves. This sends me over the edge and I have a very strong orgasm, flustered, I then clean myself up and head to the kitchen. I find her with her face red bent over the counter, I tap her on the shoulder, "hey Satsumi, I'm sorry you saw that. . . " she replies "its ok with a smile, its nothing i havent seen before" this sent a wave through me, not since Jennie have I felt so compelled to a girl before. Somehow every thing about Satsumi drives me crazy, her smell, her body, her curves, and even her voice, I mean god I just met the girl. Then she asks me if I would like to watch a movie with her later, and to try and break the akwardness, I oblige and jokingly say "I hope you like horrors!" and she flirtlingly replies "I dont but you will have to keep me safe!". This excites me again and I slink back into the washroom thinking about the Japanese schoolgirl lin my living room and pleasure myself again.

Evening comes fast and im very excited for the movie with Satsumi, I throw on my tight t-shirt and shorts, which make me look bigger in the chest and pants (a little teasing never did any harm, its not like i'm cheating right?) while waiting for her to come to the living room. To my suprise, Satsumi comes with tight bootyshorts on and a tank top showing her generous C-Cup breasts.

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   I hurredly get under the blanket to hide my growing shaft in my tight shorts so she doesnt see. She sits down and scooches next to me, "so is this what you do in America? watch movies every night?" She playfully asks while leaning over exposing her cleavage. "Yeah thats right", as i teasingly brush against her. The sexual tension in the room was unbelieveable. "Why dont you go put in the movie for us?" I asked, and without heasitation she walked over bent down on all fours and put the movie in. I could see the mound of her pussy perfectly outlined in her shorts, from that moment on I knew I had to have this Japanese treat. She jumps back onto the couch and the movie starts.

Halfway through the movie she had gotten closer and closer to the point where our bodies were together. "Would you like some blankets?" I asked with a grin. She then forced her way under with me, I now had my arm around her. Then she placed her hand on my chest and said "You know, I really like you American boys Jack. You always have so much more to offer than the boys back home" Her hand sliding down now resting on my semi-hard cock. "Satsumi I cant I have a girlfriend, you are very beautiful but I have to be faithful to her". She then begins to rub and stroke my now rock hard 8 inch penis. “But Jack, you don’t understand how badly I need you right now” she starts rubbing harder and places her hand down my pants to release my cock.

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   I jolt back, “Satsumi I cannot go back on my morals” I start groaning from the rubbing. “Its okay, she won’t be home for another 3 months” she smiles while taking my entire cock into her mouth and begins to suck on my shaft. I have never in my life had a blowjob like this one, “oh Satsumi take it into your throat” I moaned guiding her head farther down my long shaft. She slips her shorts off and begins rubbing her sweet innocent pussy while taking every inch of me. “God Jack you are so thick, I want all of you inside of me right now”. I get up and position her on the couch so that I can fuck her doggy style, I slowly enter her sweet dripping pussy, “God Satsumi your so tight” as I fit the rest into her full pussy, she lets out a scream in pleasure “Oh god Jack fuck me! Fuck me like I’m your slut!” I pound her as hard and fast as I could pulling her hair and smacking her ass. “Oh god Satsumi I’m going to cum” “Fill me up baby I want every ounce of your sweet juice” She moaned in ecstasy. I then came harder than any session with Jennie I have ever had and I fall over onto the couch, with cum still dripping from my cock. Satsumi still panting dripping onto the floor.

Then Satsumi says panting, “you are going to love my other girlfriend”.

So much for my morals, looks like its going to be an interesting summer.

More to come!