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Anna and I have been married for twenty-two years. We have five children. They are all girls except four of them. My wife is a definite MILF. Totally gorgeous even after five kids and 22 years of marriage. Our sex life has always been adequate, but she never liked to stray into the realms of what you might call kinky sex. I tried to get her to suck me a few times, and she would go down on me for two or three strokes and then straddle me for the rest of the time. Still, it was satisfying and I never pushed it.

Well, this past while has been very busy for me with work. I have had to work two full time jobs to keep things paid up. Needless to say, Anna and I haven't been having much sex lately. Three days out of the week I work both jobs. I have just been exhausted.

Last week the kids all went off to camp and I planned a nice surprise for Anna by taking an evening off. I planned to come home and surprise her with flowers and dinner. When I came in the front door, I was confronted by every husbands nightmare.

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  . . The sounds of sex in the bedroom. At first I couldn't believe that the groaning I heard was the sounds of infidelity, but sure enough as I approached the bedroom and peeked around the corner, I was able to see Anna from behind moving up and down on her boss' cock. His hands were cupping both breasts as she rode him like a race horse. He was groaning and saying, "Oh yeah baby, ride it. . . ride it hard. " I heard her saying, "Fuck me, please fuck me hard. " I thought to myself, "That little bitch. . . she never said that to me. .

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  . "

I was angry but paralyzed by the sight. I sat down so they couldn't see me spying on them. After a while, he told her to lie backward and he started pounding her pussy from a lateral position. Then he poured some lube on her breasts and was massaging them vigorously. She was moaning loudly and I thought, “She never moaned like that for me. ”
He repositioned himself and started rubbing his hard rod between her tits. As he did he fondled her twat and made her almost scream. Again I realized, “She never did that for me. ”

He again began to reposition himself, even higher; poising his bone above her mouth. She pushed his hips away and said, “No Bill, I don’t do that. ” He said, “You do now, Bitch, if you want to keep your job. ” He shoved his cock into her mouth and told her to lick it. She began to suck on his head like a little girl sucking a lollipop. He lay backward now, and pulled her head with him.

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   Grabbing a fistful of hair, he pushed her head up and down on his rod. Soon she was moaning with pleasure like she was feasting on a delicious treat. I was stunned as I realized, “She never did that to me. ” Just as this thought was passing through my mind, Bill cried out in ecstasy as he thrust his cock as deep as he could into Anna’s mouth. I heard her gag and he withdrew. Cum spewed out on her face and mouth. She licked his dick clean of the sticky cream like it was some valuable essence. Of course I knew “She never did that for me. ”

I was broken as I sat there and they held each other. After a few moments I heard him say, “Now you’re in for a treat. ” “What do you mean?” said she. He said, “You’ll see. ” He then pulled her astride him, his hands full of the soft flesh of her gorgeous ass. Pulling here further and further up until her dripping wet pussy was directly above his mouth. He began licking her twat with vigor.

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   She moaned with ecstasy and pleasure. He ass began to move back and forth as she guided her clit across his tongue. “Oh Yes! Oh Yes! OH YES!” she screamed. As her final scream of pure ecstasy pierced my ears she collapsed on Bill, trembling.

By this time, Bill’s cock was once again as hard as a rock. He slipped out from under her and she still lay quivering, face down on the bed. He squirted lube on her ass crack and began to stroke his rod between her cheeks. He tried to press his meat into her asshole as she pulled away, saying, “No, Bill… I don’t…” He put his hand over her mouth and said, “Quit telling me what you don’t do. ” He tugged her hips upward and penetrated her dark hole. She let out a sound that could have been from pain or pleasure… may be both. He eased himself slowly back and forth until his meat was completely submerged in her hole. He paused to let her get used to it, and he reached around and began caressing her wet twat. She began to moan again. Bill didn’t move until Anna herself began to rock back and forth with the pulsating pleasure. One thing is certain: “She never did that for me.

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  ” Before long Anna was screaming again, heaving her hips and ass forward and backward. “Oh Yes Bill. OH YES! Fuck my little asshole! Fuck it! FUCK IT HARD!” They both screamed and collapsed at the same time. Bill’s cock eased out of her ass and I could see the cream trickling from her asshole and dripping down onto her pussy.

I heard Bill say, “Not bad, let’s get together again tomorrow. ” I heard Anna say, “You bet! Anytime my husband is working and my kids are gone. ” I knew then what I had to do. I left the house unseen and unheard and went to plan my revenge.
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