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As I lay here in bed, revisiting the recent events of this evening, I can’t help but wonder, how was that so fun. My girlfriend is banging: brunette, skinny, tan skin, big doe eyes, great rack, and the fuck of a lifetime. Her sister is also attractive in a not-related-to-my-sister looking way. She has fair pale skin, very skinny too, freckles, red hair and close to my height. Lovely legs too and after the way she was acting in the hot tub, I am now somewhat interested to see where they end. Now don’t get me wrong, I care for my girlfriend completely, and I love more than that sweet body and tight ass but for the sake of my erection, I will also point out her oral affixation with my dick. Now, every time that we have sex, she praises me, and praises me. She tells me I’m a god, and Jesus, the way she cums, sometimes I believe her. But I am getting antsy. I have to know if I posses skills to rock all the worlds of all the women, or just my girlfriends.
It was a Sunday night in March, great weather, clear skies, and I was drunk with my girlfriend and her sister. My girlfriends name is Vic and her sister’s name is Liz. Throughout the night Liz has been somewhat frisky (which I am all for), telling stories, tickling, as well as checking me out. So we all head down the hall to the rooms in order to change for the hot tub and I find out that Vic is annoyed that Liz is drunk and frisky. So when Liz suggests that we all just go skinny dipping, I sadly have to turn her down. I just wanted to see them both naked and wet, what’s wrong with that? Up to this point I was doing ok, only the occasionally dirty thought popping into my head, but now since the skinny dipping comment, I was barely able to get in the tub without the girls seeing my wood.

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   So as the night went on, the only action I got was in my head. Liz was drunk and seemed to know what I was thinking, however, and kept jumping out of the tub to get the next round, letting me watch her athletic little body bound away and come back with cold beers. Life is pretty good, forgetting the lack of a certain someone’s dick missing out on some sweet tail, but here is when it gets better.
Two nights later and still no sex from Vic due to the curse of Eve and I am hard in bed, unable to sleep at all. I pull out my laptop and start killing time. Check my email, Facebook, watch a little porn (no masturbation either, quite the test of willpower) weather, and then suddenly, an epiphany. Sunrise is at 7am, maybe a perfect time for skinny dipping of my own. Six fifty rolls around and I slip out of Vic’s bed, trying not to disturb her. I grab the bong and a towel and walk out of the room. I walk out into the living room and see Liz sleeping. Another bolt of lightning; invite Liz, echoing in my head. So I kneel down next to her and wake her up. I tell her the sun is rising soon and we should watch it in the hot tub. She tells me that would be cool but she doesn’t have a dry suit. I told her that neither did I but I’m not letting that stop me from watching a beautiful morning.

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   A slow grin followed by a nod. I hand her the extra towel, because by god it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, and we move silently over to the hot tub. It is still dark outside but birds are already beginning to wake. I walk over and remove only half the hot tub cover. It is a large, heavy, loud cover and I would prefer as much privacy as I can get, especially while I am naked with a sexy girl. We quickly remove the last of our clothes and hop in. I only caught a glimpse of her ass, and boy was I ready to go. As soon as I slide into the water I sit down and force my eyes to a skyward position. We sit quietly for a couple minutes, all the while I am wondering what she is thinking. This girl is way into stars so I ask her where the North Star hangs in the sky. We have to whisper so she keeps moving closer and closer as we keep up the small talk. Without even realizing how close we actually are she brushes my achingly hard cock. She moves away, but only slightly. She apologizes, for what, touching me like that. I ask her if she was thinking bad things last time we were all in a hot tub together.

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   Yes, she then moves over to me and says into my ear, the things I would let you do to me.

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