Charlottes Diaries (Part 25 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 25 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

March 2003
Ok I’m back to having sex again, in this months sex adventures you will find; Rape, BDSM, vaginal, oral and anal sex, interracial sex and Bi-sexual sex. After the end of last year I never thought that I would be able to face sex with anyone again …… But I should have known Dave better!
March 2003 – Adventure 1
Dear readers let me first start with an apology to you and Dave. For those of you that haven’t read Charlotte’s Diaries 2002 you won’t know what happened to me and a friend of mine at the end of December, we had a threesome with an MP. Well to cut a long story short, I was riding his cock and he was licking my friend’s pussy when he had a massive heart attack and died instantly. Unfortunately neither of us noticed until we had finished pleasuring ourselves on him! Anyway there was a big hoo ha about it in the local papers, but we weren’t charged with anything. Unfortunately for Dave I haven’t been able to face having sex with him or anyone else for that matter for the last three months (that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been getting horny), that is up until yesterday.
Dave for his part has been very patient and understanding about I was feeling but he finally snapped and in his words ‘Forced me to get back on my bike and ride it again!’ He did what he did to help me regain my confidence (I don’t think that I would have had the courage to do this on my own as the thought of either fucking Dave or someone else to death again terrified me!) Anyway back to this adventure, Dave arranged for our two daughters to stay at their Nanna’s overnight so that we could be ‘alone’. We went out to a local pub for a meal and a few drinks, which were very nice. It was a very nice pub too, in fact it was the same pub that we had visited one Valentines day for a meal that turned into one of my very first sex adventures (See Charlotte’s Diaries 2001 – February 2001 – Adventure 1) and after a few drinks my mind turned to all the things that I had done that night. I couldn’t help myself and I started to feel very horny, so I excused myself and visited the Ladies toilet where I slipped my fingers down inside my knickers and fingered myself to a very quick orgasm.

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   Dave somehow guessed at what I’d done and he started a conversation about it and my not wanting to have sex anymore. It never turned into a row, but it was getting close to it when we left the pub with both of us feeling very confused!
Dave drove us home and parked near his workshop, we both noticed at the same time that the lights were still on.
Dave exclaimed,
“I must have left them on all day; can you nip in and switch them off please while I lock the car up?”
I know what you are thinking I should have guessed from his request that something was up, but all the drinks that I had, had that evening had got me to that warm fuzzy state of mind so I just toddled off and went to switch the lights off.
As soon as I reached my hand through the door to switch the lights off my arm was grabbed and I was roughly pulled into the workshop and confronted by two large men wearing rubber masks, one grabbed hold of me again and clamped his hand over my mouth before I could scream out to Dave for help and the other one pressed a large bladed hunting knife (Which at that moment seemed like a fucking big sword!) to my throat and hissed in my ear
“Don’t make a sound or I’ll cut your fucking tits off!”
Strangely I wasn’t scared at all and when they dragged me over to a strange looking pivoting table with straps on, I began to realise that it was one of Dave’s set-ups.
As they pushed me against it and strapped the first strap around my waist I said,
“Please don’t do this!”
They just laughed and forced my wrists into the wrist restraints that were at around waist height, and that left straps that were hanging down at about bum height. I wasn’t quite sure about the reason for these ones, (They seemed in the wrong place to secure my ankles!) Then one of them released a catch on the back of the table and the top half pivoted over leaving my bum on the edge of the table with my legs dangling painfully down over the edge. Then all of a sudden I realised what the straps were for. Both of them grabbed an ankle each and pulled my high heels off before forcing them up to my bum and into the last two restraints, making sure that they were tightly fastened. They stood back for a moment or two during which time I think that I was babbling away about not doing anything to me, but I also couldn’t stop the feeling that was building in my pussy. I started crying I was feeling so utterly confused, and that seemed to amuse them. Between them they then proceeded to rip my blouse open and into shreds as they ripped it right off me, then using the knife they cut a split into my skirt and ripped that right off me too, leaving me in just my pale blue matching bra, knickers & suspender belt and black stockings. Again they paused for a few moments.
I was lying there totally confused, my brain was telling me that I didn’t want to fuck anyone anymore, but my body was demanding sexual satisfaction of the most base kind, the dirtier the better! The man holding the knife stepped forwards and traced patterns all over my bra covered breasts and nipples, I couldn’t help myself, I stopped my tears and gasped out loudly as I felt a warm tingly feeling building in my hungry pussy. Then he traced a line down over my tummy, causing me to gasp and pant at its cool and very sexual touch, slowly he started tracing a line down over my knickers until the tip stroked over my very sensitive clit.
“Oh god, YESSSSS!”
I cried out loudly as I came loudly, soaking the flimsy material of my knickers with my own cum.

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AS I calmed down both of them moved so that they were standing each side of me and again the one with the knife traced the tip sexily over my bra and then slipped the blade down inside my bra causing me to gasp again at the cool touch of the blade as he cut outwards through my bra, and then he used the tip to flick the lacy bra cups from my very excited tits.
“Mmm you liked that didn’t you baby?”
He asked. I just moaned out in agreement!
Then both of them removed their masks, and then they took a breast each and started licking, sucking and biting them all over, covering them in sexy, tarty looking love bites. I love having both my breasts kissed and teased at the same time by one person, but having it done by two different people is my favourite. (At this point I was so far gone into a sexual delirium that I didn’t even notice that they were both very, very black men. ) Being restrained and helpless and having these very sexy things done to me, soon had me squirming and gasping out in pleasure, then after a few minutes of this wonderful sexual teasing from them both they just stopped! They must have known that I was getting close to climaxing again, I remember begging them to carry on, but they didn’t. Then the other man took hold of the knife and traced it down my tummy again, only this time he pushed the knife down inside my knickers and right through the cotton gusset part and then roughly cut upwards and out through the front of them baring my bald pussy to their gaze.
I moaned as they started to tease my breasts again, then one of them reached down and slipped two fingers easily and deeply into my sopping wet pussy. He briefly stopped teasing my breast with his mouth to say to his mate
“Fucking hell man, you gotta feel her wet cunt!”
The other one did the same and slipped two of his fingers into me beside his mate’s fingers and they both stretched me wide open and finger fucked me until a few moments later when I climaxed pushing my pussy upwards as hard against their fingers as I could.
“OH FUCK, oh please, please fuck me, fuck me, I need a hard cock inside me now!”
Both of them slipped out of their clothes and I growled when I saw that they were both huge! One was long and thick and the other was equally as long but slender, both looked beautiful to me. I can’t remember which one of them fucked me first because at the moment that he started teasing my pussy lips with his cock, the other one got behind me and released a catch that dropped the piece of the table that was supporting my head and neck and my head dropped down so that I was looking at his cock up-side-down. He urgently pressed his cock to my lips and I hungrily opened my mouth so that I could take his wonderful black cock deeply into my mouth so that I could suck him off. Just as he entered my mouth his mate thrust his cock deeply into my well lubricated cunt and it swallowed it all up!
They both fucked me like that for about ten minutes or so, before one filled my pussy with his hot seed, (Just the force of it squirting into my pussy made me climax!) seeing his mate cum must have triggered something in the one fucking my mouth for a few moments later he filled my mouth with squirt after squirt of hot salty cum, which I hungrily swallowed.
We all lay there gasping for breath for several minutes before I said desperately,
“Come on, fuck me again, I need more cock!”
They stepped away from where I was and whispered together for about a minute, then one of them retrieved my torn skirt from the floor and ripped a wide strip of material from it and then he came over to me and blindfolded me with it. Then for a few minutes I could hear them moving around the workshop, picking things up and putting them down again.

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   Then they both came back to me and I felt something cold press against my cum filled pussy lips, the mixture of cum in my pussy allowed it to easily enter me. As he pushed it deeper and deeper I felt it getting wider and wider, slowly he started to fuck me with it and it felt so good to have my pussy stretched wide open and fucked. As he built up the speed of his thrusts I couldn’t help but meet his thrusts with upward thrusts of my own hips, as we gotmore and more carried away I felt more and more of what turned out to be an old half sized bottle of champagne pushing deeper and deeper into me. Soon my pussy lips were stretched around the widest part of the bottle and I was gasping out
“Faster, faster, fuck me, fuck me. ”
Briefly he stopped and removed it from me, then he turned it around so that he could hold the neck end of the bottle and then he worked it back into my pussy and started fucking me with it as if it was a big dildo. Feeling the hugeness of it banging against my cervix made me cum like an express train, again and again and again!
As I laid there gasping for breath and trembling all over I felt something pressing against my mouth, and when I opened my eyes I saw the big thick black cock pressing against my lips and I heard him saying
“Open your fucking mouth bitch and suck this!”
I was past caring so I just opened my mouth and let him start fucking my mouth. As he started doing that I was vaguely aware that my ankles were released and my legs held up towards my head. Then I felt it, the other one rubbed his cock in all the cum that had leaked out of me and without warning forced his long cock deeply into my bum hole and started fucking me. I was too weak to complain and I just lay there enjoying it. I was made to climax four more times while they fucked my mouth and bum, and I was actually relieved when they filled their respective holes with hot sticky cum. They re-strapped my ankles and then I heard one of them say to the other
“Let’s go, I’ve had enough of fucking this white bitch. ”
The other agreed and I heard them dress and leave. I lay there still basking in the warm aftermath of a good fucking. What I wasn’t aware of was that at some point Dave had slipped in and had been video taping the whole thing and that he was quietly sitting there watching me, still with the camera running. After what seemed like about half an hour, I started to shout out for Dave to come and release me.

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I felt so well used that all I wanted to do was get a shower and to go to bed. As I laid there I realised that my legs were wide open, and even though I thought that I was alone, I still tried to close them.
I gasped in pleasure as my legs squeezed my very sensitive clit and I opened them quickly again. In the end I just let them drop wide open again ( I knew that Dave would love seeing the mixture of my cum and other men’s cum dripping from my well fucked pussy anyway!) and kept calling for Dave to come and get me. I didn’t hear him come over to where I was, but all of a sudden he was there next to me and he made me jump when he asked
“Do you feel better now Charly?”
“Mmmmmm, yes. ”
I replied, and then I said;
“Let me up and let’s go to bed. ”
“Not so fast Charly, I’ve got to make you cum too!”
Dave said. Then I felt his fingers touch my swollen clit and I nearly jumped off the table, I was so sensitised.
“Please Don’t!”
I begged, but Dave whispered in reply,
“I’m sorry, but after all I’ve put up with I need to do this, and I don’t think that it will take very long. ”
Then I heard his zip open and then I heard him wanking his lovely cock and a few moments later he came his load over my pussy.
“Mmmmmm, that’s better, now it’s your turn!”
I sensed rather than heard him step back from me then
I screamed out as he whipped my tender pussy hard with my cat o’ nine tails whip. I was both in heaven and hell at the same time and I begged him to stop but he didn’t. He kept whipping me again and again until the pain started to subside and I crossed that pain/pleasure barrier and the pain was replaced by a supercharged sexual feeling and I begged him to do it faster and make me cum! A few lashes more and I screamed out loudly as I climaxed and passed out at the same time from the explosion of sex feelings from my pussy. When I came round Dave had returned the table to being flat again and the straps had been released, I moaned out and had to quickly open my legs wide again as my really sensitive pussy and clit screamed at me. A few minutes later when I tried to walk the tenderness of my pussy made my legs buckle from under me! In the end I had to do a funny wide legged walk into the house, where we applied a bag of frozen mushroom slices to my bits until they calmed down.

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   After that I couldn’t be bothered to bathe and went to bed still covered in cum!

March 2003 – Adventure 2
Hi there, this adventure was set up by some of my friends especially by one of them that sleep’s around quiet a lot without her husband knowing. When she came across this man at a night club, she arranged to meet him at a hotel one afternoon. What she didn’t say was that when she met up with him in the hotel she took one look at his cock and left without doing anything with him, but as she left she told him that she knew someone who would definitely fuck him and she would let him know where and when. Later she got together with a few of our friends and told them all about this man that she had met and suggested that they set me up on a blind fuck date…. . Mmmmmm my pussy is already getting slippery at just the thought of fucking a stranger, let alone the memories that I have of fucking him.
I’m lucky really as my friends know all about my sexual adventures and really love reading about each one. They often say that after reading each story they give their respective partners a really good fucking whilst they imagine themselves doing what I do! Anyway I suppose that I had better get on with this adventure……… I slipped on a matching white set of knickers, bra, suspender belt and white sheer stockings, tarty red high heels, a shortish denim skirt and white blouse. I put my long blonde hair up in two bunches and put on some really bright red tarty lipstick. On this occasion I was going without Dave as my friend who originally left this bloke in the hotel room was going to come with me, watch us fucking and take a few photos for my album for me. Anyway I picked Anne up at about 7. 30pm and she gave me directions to the discreet little hotel that he had booked a room at for the night. Once we got there we met him in the bar area and had a quick drink first, (Anne was still very nervous even though she wasn’t going to be fucking him!).
“Charlotte, this is Leroy, Leroy this is Charlotte, the girl I told you about. ”

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I said as he stood up, I felt very small as I stand 5’2” in high heels, Leroy was well over 6’ tall and I had to look up a long way to see his face! After exchanging pleasantries and having a drink, I started to whisper in his ear all the naughty things that I was going to do with him. I soon had him eager to get back to his room! By this time I was starting to get very horny too! As we walked back to his room I slapped his bum and said to Anne
“He’s got a nice bum!”
She agreed and as he led the way I thought to myself those jogging trousers don’t look quiet right, they seemed loose on one leg, tight on the other and across his bum. We got to his room and I forgot what I was thinking about. We raided the mini bar for another drink and he sat on an arm chair across the room from us. I made the first move as usual. The drinks had already loosened my inhibitions up and I was feeling really turned on and ready for some good hard fucking.
I sauntered over to him and slid my hands down over his chest and down into the waist band of his trousers!
“Oh my god!”
I exclaimed,
“It’s fucking enormous!”
I couldn’t help myself after that I practically ripped his trousers down so that I could see his huge cock. As I released it, it sprang up to attention in front of me, for a few moments I just knelt there in front of him purring and stroking and licking it to full hardness. I guess that it must have been about fourteen or fifteen inches long and about four or five inches across. Anne’s voice broke the spell that it had over me when she said
“Come on Charly, fuck that enormous black cock!”
I stood up and slipped my top clothes off so that he could first see me in my lacy under wear. He was suitably impressed and pulled me down onto the chair with him. He started by groping my breasts through my lacy bra, tweaking each nipple quite hard through the material,causing me to moan with pleasure before he unclipped my bra and released my breasts. Then he kissed, sucked and nibbled each one in turn, again causing moans of pleasure to escape my lips. Then he started to move his hand down to between my legs. I stopped him and as I repositioned myself on his lap with his cock resting against my bum and back said,
“No not yet lover boy, squeeze both my tits together and suck both my nipples for me!”
He did as he was told and I crushed his mouth to them and held him there until he made me climax after a few minutes of sucking and nibbling on them.

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After I calmed down he turned me around and slipped his hand down inside my knickers to my already cum dripping pussy,
“Oh fuck, you’re soaking wet already, you horny white bitch. You really want my hard cock up you don’t you?”
He moaned as his fingers slipped easily into my sopping wet pussy. I sat on his lap with his cock lying against my tummy this time and couldn’t stop myself from grabbing it and wanking it slowly with both my hands. Somehow I took control myself, stopped wanking his cock and eased his fingers from my pussy. Slowly I lifted myself up off his lap, pulled my knickers to one side and touched the huge swollen end of his cock to my entrance. He didn’t move, in fact he held his breath as I pressed myself down on it. Slowly, so very slowly I worked myself down onto it, I have had longer (I was forced to fuck a horse once!) but I’ve never had such a thick cock inside me before. It felt like a red hot poker was forcing its way into me. I started gasping out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as I worked his huge cock in and out of my hungry pussy. It took me about ten minutes of easing it into me until it hurt too much and then sliding it out of me and then repeating the process over and over again until I had worked most of it into my pussy. I held myself on his cock with about three inches still left to go. I gasped out
“Oh FUCKIN’ HELL, I can’t take anymore!”
Very gently Leroy took hold of my hips and started lifting me up and down on his cock, all the time he kept telling me how fuckin’ wonderful it felt to be fucking me!
After a few minutes of this I suddenly had an enormous orgasm, I didn’t even feel it building, the orgasmic feelings just exploded and I found myself bucking on his cock for a long few moments. When I finally calmed down Anne called across the room
“Oh my god Charly you’ve got it all up inside your cunt!”
And then in the same breath I heard her say
“Come on Leroy, fuck that white pussy!”
He didn’t need telling twice, again he grabbed my hips to hold me still whilst he started fucking me from underneath. I just can’t describe the pain and the pleasure that I felt each time he thrust into me, but I started having multiple orgasm. After a few minutes I stopped him and lifted myself off his huge cock, turned around and just before I grabbed his cock and fed it back into my pussy, I saw that it was covered in loads of my own sticky white cum.

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   Seeing that black cock covered in my white slippery cum made an animalistic groan escape from my mouth. This time I slowly started riding his cock, pressing my nipples to his mouth at the same time for sucking until I was bouncing around too fast for him to suck them. Then Leroy gasped out
“Faster Bitch, I’m gonna……. . !”
he didn’t finish his sentence, instead he grabbed my hips , thrust his cock as deeply as he could into my pussy and I felt every jerk of his huge cock deep in my belly as he squirted jet after jet of hot cum deep into my well fucked pussy.
We both lay there gasping for breath and heard Anne groan loudly as she came! While we were fucking she had got so turned on watching us that she had fingered herself to a climax too. After a few minutes I felt his cock start to soften and my tortured pussy muscles squeezed it out with a loud squelch! I still can’t believe how incredibly horny I was and with our mixed cum dripping freely from my still widely gaping cunt I knelt down in front of him and started licking and sucking his cock all over, even though I could hardly get any of the swollen end into my mouth!
I soon felt his cock starting to twitch back to life and as soon as I had his cock rock hard again I knelt on the arm chair and growled at him
“Fuck me doggy fashion, fill me with that wonderful black cock again, and feed my hungry cunt with your seed again!”
This time he lasted for about twenty minutes and all the time he was fucking me he was calling me all sorts of crude things and then when he was getting close to coming again he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down onto the chair so that I couldn’t get away. (Not that I would have tried, this time my pussy was used to the enormous size of his cock and it was fantastic!) Just the thought of being helpless and restrained was enough to keep me climaxing time after time. It wasn’t many moments after I started thrashing about as I was climaxing, that I felt him thrust his entire length into me and explode squirting yet more of his cum into me.
Leroy slid himself out of my pussy and left me propped up against the chair back to recover with our mixed cum running from my very, very satisfied gaping pussy. As I lay there I heard Anne say
“Let me clean that up for you Leroy. ”
Feebly I turned to see her on her knees licking and sucking his lovely black cock and balls clean for him. Afterwards she helped me get dressed, we had another drink and walking gingerly we left and went home. Once I was home I let Dave see my well fucked pussy and then had a warm bath. One thing that does happen now that never happened before I was fucked by Leroy is that whenever I get turned on my cum floods out from my pussy, and when I climax it’s almost like I’m squirting cum out like a man only much, much more.

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   Dave says that I feel just as tight as I always have!