Fucked by bikers


I am a 22 year old small petite girl. 5'3", 32a, 105, blonde slutty girl. Here are more of my RT experiences. There are other RT stories I have posted on this site too under my name.
I am always looking for something different and wild when it comes to sex. Yesterday I got to do another fun sexual night. I met this biker guy (James) that I had fucked about a year back. He knew what a slut I was. He asked if I was looking for a hard fuck session and obviously I said yes. He wanted to take me to a bar where his friends frequent. He asked me to dress like Daisy Duke. And did I wear the smallest shorts on my small tight ass. I did not wear a bra either. I showed up at 10PM as he asked and as I pulled up to the bar I could see a number of bikes parked outside. I knew what he had in mind. I walked into the dim smoke filled bar and could see all guys check my slutty body out.

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    James was shooting pool and I walked over to him. He kissed me and had his hands on my ass and told me how sexy I looked. His playing partner (David) asked James who I was and James replied. . . just a girl I fuck here and there.  James ordered a few shots for me and them and after taking a couple of shots he told me the wager. . . . for every ball I point out on the table and he pockets I let him fondle me in front of others.
David not wanting to be left out asked James, what does he get if he pockets the ball? I smiled at David and said you get to do the same baby. James was cool with that as he did not mind sharing his girl. The game was set and after James broke the stack David stepped in for his first shot. The first ball I pointed to him was an impossible shot and hence he missed.


   For James I pointed the easiest ball and James put it away. He walked over to me and groped my ass as he almost lifted me up the floor and kissed me. Guys were hooting and hollering. David's turn. . . I point another impossible ball. David starts to complaint how I am not making it fair. James who was pounding his beer laughed and I sat with my drink on the bar stool showing all guys my sexy legs. He tried the shot and missed. For James I made it tough and he missed. I laughed at both boys and said looks like you both suck in pool!
I wanted David to get to touch me, so I gave him an easier but still good chance shot. He holed it and was at the bar stool in an instant. I opened my legs and let him walk close to me as I wrapped my legs around him. He planted a wet one on me while his hands groped my tits.

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   The kiss went on for too long and James yelled out to him asking him to come back to play. The evening continued like that and 2 more friends joined. So I had 4 guys kissing me, touching me and feeling me all evening. Many times I was propositioned to strip or play strip pool and I kept saying no. I was enjoying how horny I was making them all, specially the 4 guys and none could see me naked. As the night went on and drinks poured, I caught James alone in the bathroom and asked him when will he fuck me? My hands were on his cock as he stood in the bathroom. He said why not now? I was ready and wet. He pulled me into a stall, pulled my shorts down and put his 8 inch cock in my wet tight pussy. He took 2 minutes to cum deep in me right there in the stall. We came back to the table and all guys knew James had just fucked me. They begged for their chance but I said no.
It was almost 2AM now and only the David, James and one more guy was left playing and touching me. The bar still had the loud music on and there were still 10-15 people drinking. I whispered into David's ear. .

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  . if you want to fuck me, beat James in a pool game straight and I will let u in my pussy. That was all the motivation David needed. He asked the third guy to wait while he played James. 10 minutes later, David had won. I was smiling knowing how badly he wanted to fuck me. He came over for a kiss and I whispered to him to go to his car if he had one. He said no as he was a biker guy too. I told him what car I have and asked him to wait next to it. He left. James who was playing with this guy, I went behind him as James was bent over. . . felt his crotch and told him. .

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  . baby stay here and play while I make David a happy man.
I went out to find David standing next to my car. The parking area was quiet and relatively dark. As I approached him, David had his hands on my ass and was grinding his crotch into my crotch. I told him I wanted him to fuck me on the hood of the car. He needed no second invitation. . . he pushed me against the car first as we kissed while he pushed his crotch harder into me. I could feel his thick cock through his jeans. I unzipped him as we kissed to feel a hard, big but mostly very thick cock in my hand. I was excited. I love thick cocks. I pulled away to see an 8 inch cock but it was really really thick.

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   I went down on him and that cock took opening my entire mouth to get it in. Mmmmm. . . . he tasted salty and had pre cum on his cock. I started to give him a great bj right next to my car. His hands were in my hair and he was pushing down on me so he can shove more cock in. I do not gag easily but his cock was making me gag. I sucked him well. . . after 2 minutes of sucking him, he pulled me up, pulled my shorts down and pushed me on the hood. I opened my legs wide as he positioned his cock on my pussy. I was so wet that his thick cock just slid right into my pussy.

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   Wow did he fill me up!!!
He fucked me hard and he was so thick that he had me cumming very quickly. He pulled out and wanted me to suck his cock with my cum on it. I did and he then turned me around. I used the car as support as he came from behind and started to fuck me. There I stood in the parking lot almost naked in my boots. God he fucked me well. He fucked me till he came. And god he had so much cum. Looked like he had not released himself for days. It has been a long time since I felt so much cum in my pussy.  
He pulled his jeans up and went back to the bar leaving me still winded from his fuck. I got dressed and walked back into the bar. James knew I got fucked hard. He asked me if I liked David's thick cock? I asked him how did he know he had a thick cock and he laughed and said I was not the first girl they shared. I was so horny still and asked James if he is taking me to his place to fuck.

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   He said no as he already had his fun. But I seduced him by touching him, kissing him, talking dirty to him. He paid the tab and had me driving to his place on his bike. Obviously I held on to my dear life by using his cock as support ;)
Once at his place, he took me to his bedroom which was littered with porn magazines. I smiled and told him why does he need porn when all he needs is to get slutty girls like me home. He told how it had been 3 weeks since a girl came home. And I asked him why was he saying no to me then? He explained he was just playing touch to get. So I showed him some great cow girl moves as he fucked me to remind him what he is missing as a show by fucking me only in the bathroom. He loves a show and I acted the slutty part while riding him. He came again in me and made me cum too.
What a wonderful night.  Cindy (personalinbox@mac. com)