My life turned around in a day - a true story. (part 2)


Now here, after a long train of thought, I have decided to use real names, mainly because those involved are unlikely to come across this site, and i doubt they will know its me anyway, because I don’t tell most people about myself. So after about 3 months of living with Jemimah and her family, something happened, of course something like this was bound to happen, I'm sure it happens to families all across the world. But the thing is it happened to me.
The date was the 16th of October. I remember because it was the birthday of a friend, back in Gladstone (Laura). Anyway, Jem's (Jemimah) mum always worked night shift Mondays, and usually so did I, mostly for convenience than anything, my work was on the way to hers. But that night I called in sick because of an assignment I had to hand up Monday. Well, jem's mum must have stayed at a friend’s house that night, because she wasn’t home on Monday morning. Laura (Jems older sister) usually went to school early, never found out why, she left early but always came late to school. Her little sister stayed over a friend called Victoria's house Sunday nights, again for convenience, so her mum only had to be worried about Jem home alone. I’m not sure why Jem got to stay alone, guess she was more trusted or something.
Well because I didn’t finish my assignment I decided to stay home that day. No harm done, I would have just finished it that day and handed it in the next. Well, since I didn’t get up at 7 to have a shower like I usually do, Jem must have thought she was home alone. I slept in until about 8 am, then got up. The train usually leaves from the station about 8 35, getting in at 9 and school starting at 9 15.

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   So by 8 I expected jem to be walking to school, or at least leaving very soon. I have always slept naked, since I was 6 years old, so all I put on as I walked out was a pair of boxers. In case Jem was only walking out the door. Jems room is right next to mine, and in her room she has an ensiute. In order to get to the man bathroom I had to walk around the hall until I got to the master bedroom, where just outside was the main bathroom. Usually if no ones home I use jems shower, easier, and it smelt nicer. The door was closed and figuring by now jem must have left I didn’t bother to knock. Just walked in. Bedroom was empty. So I walked into the bathroom. The shower was next to the door, a closed shower, with tinted glass protecting screens. I pulled down my boxers, and opened the door. And stared. At 15 going on 16 I was still a virgin, and a relatively pure one in fact. I masturbated, but I never looked at porn.

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   Imagined women naked, for sure. But never seen one. Until now. There was Jem, eyes closed, lying in the shower, masturbating. Completely naked. Instantly I got a boner. And it was a hard one too; you ever got it so it springs up instantly, and of hurting you? Yea I got one of them. She was lying there, beautiful, perfect. Her entire family was petite, and she was no exception. Tall, very slender. A reddish brown hair almost always worn messy. She loved green eye shadow, and she was supermodel perfect I can tell you. All I could do is stare. First she moved her index finger in, then out, slowly sliding her middle finger in, then out. It was a rhythm.

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   And then, she opened her eyes. I figure it was the cold draft from the door. She looked at me, stopped the rhythm with her fingers. Just looked. Her eyes dropped, looked at my cock. For a long moment I could see the thought ticking through her mind. Thinking about what she could do.
Jem had never been shy. The first to say what she wanted for dinner when her Mum asked us. The first to opt what game she wanted to play, defiantly the kind of girl that never got bored. She always had something to do, and when she got tired of that, she knew exactly what to do next. This time was no exception.
 Her eyes moved up and met mine.
"What are you gonna do now? I bet you’ve been perving on me this whole time, now what?"
I didn’t say anything. Just stood there.

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   Then moved a bit. I’m not sure why, just did I guess. I've never been that shy much either, quite definitely, but not shy. So I moved closer. I knew what I wanted. Jem had a boyfriend, but I didn’t care. I was here now not him. I bent down. Knelt more I guess. Then leaned forward. Her body was splayed in an uncomfortable looking position. Legs opened as far as they could go and her back bent so the top was touching the wall while the rest of here was moved further down. When I masturbate in the shower I guess I take a similar position, must be fairly universal. I kissed her, on the lips. Just a peck.

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   Then lent back. Stayed kneeling. She pulled her bottom lip inside her mouth, and sucked on it a while. Let if come out then sucked in the other lip, and sucked that a little longer.
"You taste nice" she said.
"You smell nice" I replied. Not the most romantic thing to say. But I was winging this. It was a lot of firsts for me, and I was walking on unfamiliar ground. I stood up, reached out my arm, offered to help her up. She may find lying there comfortable, and I’m sure it was, but I didn’t think there was enough room for two people in that shower; it definitely wasn’t made for lying down.
She accepted my help, and got up. I led her to her bedroom. She jumped on her bed, like a kid almost. I guess she was still a kid in a lot of ways; we were only 15 after all.

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As she landed on her bed her boobs bounced a little, kind of a small jiggle. The best her boobs could offer, they weren’t that big, but they suited her body.  It was all in proportion. That made me want to feel her all the more.  I followed her, climbing onto the bed instead, id prefer my boobs not to jiggle, and though smaller than a year and a half ago they were still there. I pulled her over, she willingly came.   I ran my thumb over her nipple. Lent in, kissed her again on the lips. Softly, not willing to rush this moment. Almost perfect as it was. I felt her nipple harden under my thumb, felt her hot breath on my neck. She was breathing a little heavier, not sure why, maybe rubbing nipple had this effect on girls? I looked down to hey pussy, wanting to take a look. My first look at a pussy. Lots of firsts today. And saw why she was breathing harder, she had continued the rhythm I had interrupted in the shower.

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   I looked back to her face again. And kissed her on the lips, more passionately this time, a longer kiss, mouth open and with tongues this time. It maybe lasted two minutes, then she orgasmed. First orgasm i've ever seen a girl give. It was marvelous. Her eyes flew open. Her head flew back. Mouth in an O shape. Small groans. Her head bobbed back and forth a bit. Then she rested her head against her pillow. And took a few breaths. I moved down to her Pussy. Saw it was wet; had no idea why. And touched it.

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   Lightly, just to get a bit of the wetness on my finger. Raised it to my mouth. Licked it off. I had thought about licking a girl off. I knew about Blowjobs, had for years. Never heard about licking girls though. But I decided to try it. It didn’t taste so bad, the wetness on my finger, and what the hell, if it gave her another orgasm, it would be worth it. It did. And this one was louder. She half screamed. The first scream I stopped worried that I was hurting her, but her face was in that happy look I described before. With the O shaped mouth. And so I bent my head down and kept going. Her legs tried to squeeze my brain out, I’m sure.

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   She squeezed them very tightly around my head as she orgamsed, tightening every time a shudder ran through her body.
And then she was done. I remember it as being very sudden. Just happening all at once. She relaxed. For 3 or 4 seconds. Then said, simply, "Now it’s your turn". She got up, crawled to where I was kneeling, and pushed me onto the bed. And then proceeded to suck me off. And I can tell you, quite sincerely - for those who are still virgins out there - that there is nothing like a first time. Please, for your own sake, wait, don’t go find a hobo in an ally and give em five bucks to blow you off. Get a girlfriend, or in my case the person you’re living with, and make sure the chemistry's right, before having sex. Because there is Nothing, NOTHING like your first time. In 6 years that has been the best blowjob I have had. And i’ve had a lot.

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   I came quickly, usually I take a good 15 minutes to come when i’m jerking myself, but I must have come within 2 minutes. A series of shudders, and Jem kept on sucking. One after the other, it was sheer ecstasy, beautiful, perfect. She kept sucking for another minute, and then she raised her head, and sort of shuffled forward a bit. I felt the heat of her body moving closer to me, after that orgasm my eyes were closed for a while; I couldn’t have opened them if I tried. Then I felt something on my shrinking prick, something that made it stand straight up again. Jem was climbing on - I was actually going to have sex, for my first time.
They were the words that flew through my head. My first time. Words I have repeated throughout this story, over and over, because that’s mostly what I thought at the time. In fact, thinking back, that’s pretty much all I thought.
And we fucked, after cumming just a little while ago it took a while for me to come again.
Its funny how that works isn’t it? After guys cum the first time they take a while to come again, getting longer each time. After girls cum they come quicker the next time, getting a little bit quicker each time. A bit unfair if you ask me, but that’s the way it is I suppose.


That was the first time I had sex with Jem. After almost no thought to the matter it simply happened in the space of half an hour. But that was the first of many times. After that we started going out, and I stopped working late night shift Sunday nights. I decided Jem was more important. We must have mad sex every Sunday for almost a year. I lived with that family until I was 18, just after I left high school. Me and Jem were still dating. I have a lot of stories about that house, and if I get time I will certainly write them up. Me and jem are married now. No kids but talking about it. I am 22 now, and Jem is 21. I wrote this story because, well, I love Jem, more than I can ever express in words. And I have never been able to tell people about why I love her, how we met. This story pretty much.

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   For obvious reasons, but I am happier than possible that it actually happened to me, not some other person they rented the room out to. And I want to tell people that. How Fortunate I am. I am not an overly lucky man, but to my eternal glee and joy, in this case, I was. Thank you for reading this, I hope I have been able to tell you exactly how wonderful it was for me. Please feel free to post this on other sites, share it around. I would love to tell more and more people about my wife, and how we met. Comments? trozeg@hotmail. com email whatever you want to say, I’m listening. .