Sister and I


i am a 22 year old male, studying in my second year in university for my computer science cource. when i was fifteen, my father 34 at the time left the three of us- me , my older sister and my mother for what i remember my mother calling a "blonde tart". well, anyway- my mother was still young at the time(33) and my sister one year my senior(16). we found it unbearably hard to copeby ourselves. we were left to suffer the unfortunate burden of supplying an adequate income considering our ageand soon we were forced to move out of our house to a small two bedroom apartment. my sister was forced to drop out of high school and mother had to work double shifts as a waitress; not only was financial issues troubling her, but also was the lonliness. anyway, as our apartment only had two bedrooms, my sister and i were forced to share a room and my mother had the other. during many nights my sister and i would hear my mother trying to fathom her loniness. . . . moans and shouts of sexual pleasure could be heard after she arrived from work, she would pleasure herself at least three times a week and this little matter was looked upon as humourous by my sister and i. coming home one night i encountered my sister who was just about to retire for a shower after her hard day at workshe was wrapped in a towl. the sexual figure a woman is looked upon to have was staring right in front of me. her large breasts looked as if they were about to burst out of the towl of which was so short i could almost see her pussy. her soft slender legs were rubbing against each other, all i wanted to do was stroke them gently.

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  her feminimity was almost overpowering and  it was not until this day that i saw all her beautyflourish like a flower in spring. her face was round and those cute, round, bright blue eyes; those luscious lips red like a roseand that brown flowing hair. i didnt notice, but my cock was up and throbbing and this was evident through my black jogging bottoms. i had to get her attention away from my large, throbbing cock in my pants so i asked her something quickly. "how was your day""very tiring bro, lucky that you don't have to work"" im glad i dont, but i really appreciate what you do you know""anything to keep the family together. . . I need to have a shower now okayso get out of the room when i come out". i nodded and watched her turn around, her back was covered up with the towl but it was still a hard on just to look at it andas she went off to it, her round, plump behind made me whish she accidentally dropped the towl just so i could get a peek.         i went off into the bedroom and thought to quickly get changed so before my sister came out of the shower. i took off my back pack and threw it on the bed, i took off my top and looked down to my pants, my cock was still erect, throbbing and wanting to rub and fuck something. i thought back to my sister, half naked in front of me and instinct kicked in. i jumped out of my clothes and started to jack off. the thoughts of me and my sister at "it" like animals made me extreemly horny i was st it for ten miniutes, stopping only for my cock to gape for some air and calm down again so i could go in for longer. i could see the bathroom door across the hall from my room, my imagination ran rampant with my sister glistening with the water, dripping down her body like sweat.

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   i looked down at my cock and i was pumping it while looking at it for a few seconds until the noise of a dooropened and across from me in the doorway of the bathroom my sister stood, wet and half naked. even though she was there i couldnt stop jacking off, infact it made me even more horny. she looked surprised for a few seconds, her eyes fixed at my cock, herface was passive. then she opened her mouth. "stand up and get out, you pervert". " sis, i. . . its not what it looks like"she stood silent for a while and didnt move, so i just stood up, naked and walked towards the door to exit. as i was leaving the bedroom,i passed my sister's side. she turned towards me quickly and grabbed my cock as i was walking. " do you think you can get off that easily? i an going to punish you now"she dropped her towl, it slid to the ground as her hand was on my cock. her breasts were in complete view now, they were so round and big like melons waitingto be eaten, the nipples were erect and her pussy was pink. this only made my cock harder she smiled sweetly and moved to her knees,both of her hands were on my cock now, they were just clenching it , holding it tightly. her right hand moved from my cock and started to fondle my testicles.

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  she lowered her head towards my erect penis. her tounge was out and slowly she licked the head of it. soon she started to run her tounge up and down the shaft of my penis, the feeling was sensational. then my sister put my entire peis inside her mouth and began to suck it like a lollipop. i couldnt hold it in any longer, my penis was full of cum, it was being sucked out like a straw and sooner or latermy cum came gushing out into her mouth, she smacked her lips in satisfaction. she edged off then and stood up. i looked at her for a few miniutes and she turned around and bent down to pick up her towl. this left me in full view of her anus, the crack was spread due ther the angle she was bent down at and her cute little butt hole was staring me in the face. instinct kicked in again as i rammed my hard cock up her anal hole and its tightness made my cock feel superb. "wrong hole! wrong hole!" she cried out suddenlyi took my cock out, she stoiod up and slapped me in the face. "that is the wrong hole you basterd"her cute eyes were watery and i could tell she got hurt from that. i tried to apologuise to her but before i could, she grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. "this is where you stick your dick" she lectured as if she was a teacher. she placed my hand on her hip and lifted her flexible leg onto my arm. "pump me bro, pump my pussy hard"her pussy was tight and warm, my cock was in heaven.

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   repling to her order i fucked her like an animal, just like i wanted to. her heat from her body, her tits rubbing against my chest and her tight pussy made me so horny that i fucked her for ten miniutes before cumming. after that wer fucked all night it was the most intimate that i had ever been with anyone at that point. at around 10 pm the front door slammed and my sis and i were still at it and so into it we couldnt hear. my mom rushed upstairs and to her surprise, her two offsprind were at it like animals. it became awkward, but what happened next wass great, she stripped off and joined us. \every night after that was threesomes. i would fuck my sister until ten awaiting my mother to arrive to then join in. it was only until i was in university that we stopped. but looking back i still jack off over those incidents. that is a true story,thanks for reading. .