The day my sister was home from school


This is my first story, so don't be so hard on me, and i am not that good at english, but just give me your oppenion :)The day my sister was home from schoolIt was really hot outside and i was just finished school, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, i was 15, and my now ex-girlfriend was 16, i always had a little something for a little older girls. I walked home alone this day, and i saw my sister's car was home so i ran inside and got a glass of water and walked up to her room, she had her door locked, so i just asked if i could come in, and she said "Just a sec bro" i heard a zipper go up, and she unlocked the door and invited me in, i saw her computer was on, but she had obviously turned the screen off when i came in. I sat down on her sofa and turned on the tv, she had the biggest tv in our house, so i loved watching her tv. Me and my sister had always been kinda good friends so i was used too watching her tv when she was surfing on the net. This day i watched Friends, while she was surfing, she said "hello, are you there bro?" i did not answer her, because i was so into the show, so suddenly i heard a zipper go down, and i turned around seeing Joan move her arm slow in sex movements, i walked in on her slowly from behind, and saw what she was looking at, it was a guy with a big dick fucking this ugly chick, she was masturbating too porn while i was in the room. I was shocked, this had been a dream come true for me and i felt my dick grow in my pants, suddenly i felt my dick touched her back from where i was standing, and she turned around and said "what are you doing? I thought you were asleep" she blurted and ran out of the room. I walked out of her room and walked against my own room, suddenly i heard Joan's voice say "oh no you don't go away on me now lil bro, you come with me" and she pulled me inside her room and pushed me down on her bed, locked the door took up some of her clothes and binded me to the bed by my arms and legs, and said "now, since i am your older sister i'm in charge, so you just shut up!" and she unzipped my pants, and pulled out my dick, and began too pull my dick slow at first, and then faster and faster, suddenly she covered my dick with her mouth and sucked me real good, she sucked it like a pro, "oh fuck, you taste so fucking good, bro, now cum in my mouth!" She sucked me for another 7 minutes until i shot a big load in her mouth, she got the biggest smile i've ever seen on her face while i shot the last load in her mouth, and she started kissing me with my cum in her mouth, and she said "taste your own cum bro, you'll love it" I have to say it didn't taste that bad, we suddenly heard a sound from downstairs, it was our dad, mom, aunt, uncle and cousin. We had forgot we were eating dinner everyone of us here this day, our cousin Emily, she was 21years old. She came up to Joan's room and knocked "can i come in cousin?"Joan said "yeah, just wait a sec" and she unlocked the door, and dragged Emily inside and said "remember you told me you love Jim?" "yeah, i still do, i want to make love to him some day" Emily answered, Joan turned Emily against me, when she saw me with my dick out of my zipper she smiled from ear to ear "Is this really true" she said. Joan pinched Emily in the arm and said "yes it's true cousin, i've just sucked him off, and he is ready for fucking the both of us, he is a virgin" Joan asked, Emily answered "yeah, i talked to Jim for 3 days ago and he said he was, so i know"Joan smiled and said "okay, you can ride him first while he licks my pussy, okay?" Emily smiled and said "okey, but first we have to eat, the dinner is ready", and then Emily walked out of the room and downstairs again. Joan said to me "okay bro, you are ready for us after dinner right? i will tie you to the bed again then" she smiled and untied me and ran downstairs. I took on my clothes and walked downstairs, we had a table for ourselfs while our parents where on their own table some meters from us. Emily sat between me and Joan, when she was finish eating, she unzipped my pants and dragged out my dick and starting to pull the skin up and down slowly under the table, my aunt saw what she was doing and smiled to me, and said "you kids can go upstairs when you are finish eating" i finished my food fast and Emily stopped pulling my dick and pushed it inside of my boxers again, and i walked towards the stairs, my aunt whispered "your zipper, it's open" i pulled the zipper up and ran upstairs, Joan and Emily came 2 minutes after, Emily pushed me down on the bed and Joan tied me up again, Emily walked to the door and locked it. Joan stood up and stripped for me, revealing her pussy for me, and sat down on my face, i smelled her freshly shaved and beautiful pussy, "oh my god, you smell really good sis" i said. Emily pulled her clothes of fast, and walked towards me, she pulled down my zipper again and pulled my dick out and said "oh fuck it's hard already, i love it Joan" she pulled my pants and boxer down, and Joan pulled up my shirt, i started to lick Joan, when i felt Emily's warm pussy coming near my dick, she said "oh, my god i am really excited now" I felt her going down on my dick, oh my god it was the most amazing feeling i had ever felt, it was so fucking wet and real soft and good, oh my god, i spurted right inside of her at once. But she just continued fucking me, she said "i want you to cum inside me 2 or more times Jim, you feel so good" "oh yeah, i love you Emily, i always have" i screamed.

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  Suddenly we heard a knock on the door and it was my aunt "are you guys okay?" Emily just continued riding my dick like nothing was happened, and said "oh yes, mom yeah we are okay, nothing has happened, Joan just tickled Jim. My aunt said "okay we are going out for a little trip, we live you three alone this weekend, and walked downstairs again, i knew she knew what we were doing, but she had always been really nice, so i just kept thinking on licking Joan and Emily just kept on fucking me like hell, she started riding me faster, and Joan got an orgasm right in my face, and Emily got an orgasm on my dick and i came inside of Emily once again, and we all screamed really loud. Joan went off my face and started french kissing me, Emily had laid herself down beside me, suddenly Emily said "oh my god Jim, you were so fucking good, your 7 inch cock is really nice, but i will go take a shower now" and then she walked out of the room and to the bathroom, when i heard the water in the shower started running Joan said "okay, bro now it's my turn to fuck you, i'm going to fuck you'r brains out!" And she took off her bra, and showed me her breasts, oh shit they were so fucking nice and perfectly shaped. She pulled my dick until it was hard as a rock again, "okay bro, now i will get you'r 7 inch inside of me, and you will love it okay?"I was still shocked after Emily so i couldn't get a word out of my mouth, i felt Joan's hot and wet soaking pussy sank down on my cock, oh my god it felt so fucking good again, oh i love my cousin and sister. Joan started to going up and down on my dick real slow and said "you love it bro?" i screamed "oh, yeah you feel so fucking fantastic!!" She started riding me faster and faster and she screamed "OH YES, OH FUCK YEAH, OH, bro cum in my pussy oh yeah!!" i said "slow down sis, i can't hold it any longer, i came right in here pussy and she screamed "OH yes, it feels soo good, i love you bro!" She got off me and started kissing me again, Emily came back from the shower and said "we have all the weekend guys, why don't we go rent a movie and use all the time we want to do things like this?"I and Joan agreed and we rented a movie and watched it. Oh boy was i happy that day, but the thing i did not know at that time was that the night was going to be even hotter!If you liked this story, tell me, and i may give you the rest :).