A Lesson for a Lifetime in Love


Long about twenty years ago, I found my true love.   I was 19 then, fresh out of school and headed to celebrate down south when I ran into a fog bank that got so thick I couldn’t see the hood of my car.   So I pulled off at the first exit and looked for someplace to wait for it to lift.
I was a normal Midwestern girl then, 5’4” 120 pounds, 34C-28-34, brown hair to my waist and gray eyes, soft complexion and simple great attribute, I a firm round butt.   I had no prior experience with sex only heavy kissing with one guy I dated until the day we graduated then he up and ran off with another guy to San Francisco.   I had been played with a couple times by him, and once by I am ashamed to say my ex best friend, who got me drunk on wine, stripped me fondled me and photographed me for the hell of it naked, with her ken doll stuck in my ass crack.   I was much younger then and able to forget it quickly.
Well this night was something out of a sci-fi story or mystery novel. The fog warning system along the interstate told me to get off but I waited until I couldn’t see anything at all.   Now alone driving through the rural countryside at idle speed, I happened upon a driveway, so I thought.   I pulled up to it and it seemed to roll along for a while but I couldn’t tell where it went.   So I crept out it for another few hundred yards until it abruptly ended at a stream, I did not.   My car rolled right in and sank to the top of the window.   I managed to get out and swim to the bank just as the car sank completely.   I had no ideal that my nice new perfect wonderful new dress was no longer hot pink but dull beige and torn at the back.   I struggled to make my way to the road and then as I stumbled back along it in the dark fog I heard soft music from my left.

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    I couldn’t see anything but as I fumbled along the road I cam upon a small open space like a path, and I followed it tripping a few times over roots or rocks in the way.   My right heel was broken and I managed to rip the skirt in the back wide open and gapping without knowing it.   My left boob was also peeking out of my side as it was torn away.   I followed the sounds that seemed to come and go and they led me to a small little house nestled under a bunch of large trees and as the fog was thickest I could not make out much about it.   I found a door and knocked.   The music stopped a woman answered the door.
She was mid forty, short crew cut blonde hair shaven on the sides to a stubble but bright blonde all over.   Her blue eyes were adorned with matching shadow and her cheeks red as her lips greeted me wearing a leather vest that was snapped at her huge 44 Boobs.   She was tanned like a goddess and for a woman of some age was terrifically preserved.   Her matching leather shorts did her legs a world of good as she said, “Oh my word child, what happened to you?”
I replayed the past few minutes to her and as I did she invited me inside to warm myself.   Then after listening to my story she said, “Honey of course I will help you.   Now don’t you worry, that’s a pond not a creek and your car want disappear.   We can call a toll truck on the morning when the fog clears and get it for you. ’
 Was dripping on her ceramic foyer as she noticed and ran to get me a big beach towel and rapped it around me.   Then she guided me to her fireplace and had me sit by it to warm up.

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    As I sat there she asked me, “What size are you sweetheart?”
“I am a 1 or 3 sometimes,” I replied and then asked, “If you have just an old T-Shirt that will do?”
“Well I think maybe I can find something to fit you,” she said as she walked into another room and yelled back, “You may want to come back here and try these on for comfort. ”
I walked back to the bedroom where she was at and asked, “Do you live here all alone?”
“Well I do now, about a month ago, my lover took off with an exotic dancer for Mexico.   They wanted to see what it was like down there. ”  She said in a matter of fact way.
“Oh I’m so sorry, were you married long,” I asked deeply trying to be considerate.
“No honey in the south women don’t marry women, best you can do is live together privately,” she said in such a normal tone.
I didn’t quite get the story until a few seconds passed then I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in by saying, “So you are a lesbian?”
Smiling proudly at me she moved from the bottom drawer of the chest holding a pair of short pink pants and a slightly holy tank top and handed them to me and said, “Now that would be my name, Liz Bean and that is what I am. ”
She saw my reaction and then added; “Now dear you didn’t upset me, I have been what I am for 30 of 43 years and I am very happy with my choice.   You know you shouldn’t knock it until you try it.
“I almost tried it once,” I said trying to inject a sense of understanding as I turned around to slip out of the room with the clothes I would change into, and then added, “I guess would have liked to have known what it felt like. ”
She snickered as I walked away because she could see my thong and tight butt and she told me, “Dear you better change quickly, your dress is split wide open in the back and your little cute butt is showing. ”
Now when she said the word cute and little to describe my bottom that made me feel good about myself fro a change.   So I smiled back over my shoulder at her and said, “Thank you for the complement. ”
She returned with a quip of, “Don’t mention it.   I wish I had a bottom that looked that good now.

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I stopped unexpectedly to her causing her to bump into me with her left hand.   It brushed my rear as she tried to avoid me, and then looking at her reaction, I suddenly found myself saying, “Well if you mean that why don’t you…”
I didn’t get the rest of the words out as she leaned over and kissed my lips and sort of held it for a second as her hand slid to caress my bare ass.   I dropped the clothes in the floor as my reaction was unexpected even to me, because I kissed her back with my tongue this time in her now open warm mouth.   Her hand slid along my hip and back down and then her other arm moved to caress my left shoulder as my hands were placed to her bare waist and I slid them up to the sides of her shoulder blades and drew her to me.
We kissed passionately for a long time, and with each passing second my thoughts became foggy as the outside and I was wondering what if, when she said, “My name is Liz.   What is your name my pretty young lady?”
I realized she was stopping the mood, and trying to interrupt it in case I was not fully aware or ready to step where I was headed.   As I pulled slightly back, I said, “My name Holly, and I would be glad to be shown love by you. ”
“By shown do you mean seduced, raped or taught how to treat another person,” Liz asked so studiedly.
“I would take any that I can in order to know if what I am feeling is real,” I said honestly, for in that brief short few moments with her, something was awakening inside me and I needed to explore it.   Then I added, “I would like to learn all the ways to love another woman. ”
“Holly you are so soft and warm and a good person, you could have anyone you desire.   If I do this for you then it has to be a lesson and not a lifetime commitment, because I couldn’t bear to fall for you and then have you drive off like the others have in my life,” Liz said solemnly and truthfully.
“The take me and teach me,” I Said bluntly, and I closed my eyes and opened my arms.
Liz then stepped back and stood silent looking at me with such a lusting in her eyes, for I peeked to see why she delayed.   Then as her hands finished the work I started on my dress, she tore it from my body and my thing as well.

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    I was bare naked in a second and then swept into he string arms and passionately kissed from the face to my belly and back at least nine times, stopping to tease and torment my now fully hard erect nipples as her free hand began to knead, massage and caress my ass and slowly edge its way to my now soaked pussy.
Somehow she guided me naked back to the fireplace and I was thrown onto a very thick warm fluffy bear skin rug where my body was taught love.   She nibbled on my ears and whispered how beautiful I was as her hands caressed my loving boobs and now spread wide open slit.   Her kisses began to hypnotize me and when she had me coo and sigh long enough she began to devour me from the nipple down.   Her mouth found my shaven clit wet and juicy and it lapped the inner and outer folds of me so softly and yet so completely.   I admit that I came for the first time in my life as she first inserted her tongue in me, but it was only the first of three climatic waves that built up until I shuttered and tingled and screamed in passionate desire for her.
She had managed to take off her top and shorts and I managed to find her breast with my mouth as she turned to inverted kiss me and travel down my body.   We spent a very long intense time lapping, sucking, nibbling and gnawing on each others nipples before she allowed me the taste of a woman.   Her mouth in me and her taste on my lips truly seduced me then and there to her.   I knew she had said a lesson, but I wanted much more than a single lesson.   She couldn’t stop devouring me, and there was no way I would stopped my enjoyment of her short of death then.
Te fire burned out long before we did.   We locked in that position for such a wonderfully long time that she had to forcibly remove my mouth from her.   Then as I pawed my way to the top, I forced her onto her back and began to work over all of her body as she had mine. By the time we were exhausted she knew that if she really wanted me, all she had to do was say the words.

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We snuggled up in each others arms and flipped over the edge of the rug to cover us slightly, and then with the clock passing five, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.   When I awoke I was alone, covered with a large down quilt and resting upon two very soft pillows.   My naked body tingled as I moved under the covers thinking she was still near me.   I smelled a very wonderful aroma then food hot and delicious.   I roused myself to find a terry cloth robe on the back of a chair but forgoing it, I waltzed to the kitchen and her side.   She was wearing a very prudish blue robe as well and working to prepare a meal as I snuggled to her side and kissed her cheek.   She looked down at me smiling and said, “Well Holly, I have a surprise for you. ”
I smiled intently at her and replied, “I may have one for you as well, if you think you might want me again. ”
She said very warmly but firm, “But now darling taking pleasure with you is wonderful.   Maybe we will again later, but right now look outside. ”
She pointed to the window and as I peered out, there sat my car.   The water was dripping out slightly and the trunk and doors were opened.   Then as I turned around, she pointed me to her laundry room and there were all my clothes freshly washed and hanging to dry.
I turned and threw my arms around her neck and thanked her over and over with kisses and real loving hugs.
She enjoyed my expression from the heart totally and the sort let a tear flow down her cheek as she said, “You slept so long I was able to get everything done including this.

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She showed me my purse and my money now almost fully dried as it sat by a small heater that blew warm air over it.
I was so thrilled that I had everything back and when she added, “The tow truck driver replaced your battery and spark plus as well, and he is going to make the county pay for it because there were no signs up like we had asked for the past three years.   So as soon as everything dries out and you want to go, you are ready to take off. ”
I stopped in my tracks and thought about that, and then as I truly thought about I said, “Liz, I am not so sure I ever want to leave here. ”
“Holly that was our agreement.   I would teach you what you wanted to know but you would be a lesson not a commitment the same as I would,” she said but in a way that sounded as if she too felt the same way.
I went and sat at the table and enjoyed the food she made, it was wonderful.   Then I asked her, “What if I were to need another lesson before I go?”
She smiled and said, “One more for the road?”
I nodded yes and her eyes answered.   I slid out of the robe and tossed it on the floor and then I crawled up on the table dodging plates and glasses and as my mouth lowered over her half eaten chocolate cream pie I leaned over and snatched a big mouth full and swirled it around and swallowed it and asked, “Could you please let me have some more of your wonderful pie?”
She pulled my mouth to her and we kissed as her hands cupped my breast and nipples under me and then as my body began to tingle, she fed me her nipples one at a time and smeared her pie on them and went around behind me caressing me with each step and stuffed my pussy full of the filling and then began to eat it out of me while I on all fours cooed and came on her quivering lips.
Then she pulled me off the table and led me to her patio where the warm sun had burned over the most of the fog, but there was enough to shroud us.   She placed her naked body on the soft padded bench and I began to kiss, lick and devour her until all that was one was two and what was two was one.   You couldn’t tell who was who, as our heads were buried in each other for so very long.   I knew it was getting late when the sun started to fall the fog began to thicken once more.   However even in the chill of the cold wet foggy air we were steaming hot.   We kept right on until it was pitch black and in the foggy mist had managed to beg her to keep for her wife.

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    I was proposing to her, and begging for her love.   Oh to think how many times I promised I would not leave her until I finally knew it myself, which is why she made me repeat it.
When at last that night came to a close on was on the phone with my parents informing them of what I decided.   They were upset and angry and truthfully never accepted me after that.   I however did not forget everything I promised and when the last day comes, I would hope she will still want me as much.
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