Hannah **Part One**


"Hey Mel!" Hannah waved, and pointed at the seat next to her. I smiled and made my way through the crowd of students. I sat next to Hannah, and whispered to another friend, Jamie, next to me. The principal hushed everyone in the auditorium, and began lecturing us on drugs and other stuff like that. I was too busy thinking of plans for this weekend with Hannah. She and I have been friends for what seems like forever, but actually it's only been about 8 years. This year we would embark on a new journey… seniors at the local high school. We had been there for each other when we were sad, or when we just needed someone to be there. Again the principal told everyone to be quiet, and yet again began to lecture us. I was so tired, and bored. I couldn’t wait for that final bell signaling the end of 10th period. Then I would walk home with Hannah, she lives next door to me, and we would think of what we would do over the weekend together. Yes, it was finally Friday. It seemed to take forever for the week to finally end. As the principal was finally finishing the bell sounded ending the class. Everyone sprang up from their seats, and ran for the doors.

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   Hannah and I were both in Stage Crew, and knew how to get out of the building without getting pushed or shoved.
Once outside Hannah grabbed my wrist tight, and ran over to the corner of the street, pulling me along with her. I laughed, and playfully hit her shoulder. She laughed also, and walked along with me to the other side of the road. Past the woods we went along, and I sat under our favorite tree when we were young.
“Why are we stopping here Lee?” She shielded her eyes from the light with her hands and looked up the tall, mighty oak which we used to climb. “We aren’t climbing that thing are we? I just got my nails done, and this is a new outfit ya know. ” I just smiled, and pulled her down, so she was sitting next to me.
“Hannah don’t you just love this place?” I just smiled and looked at all the trees surrounding us. “It’s beautiful Mel,” She looked at me when she said it, and placing her hand on my thigh. “And you are too. ” Hannah gently kissed my neck sending shivers down my spine. I’ve liked Hannah ever since I’ve met her, but I never knew she was a lesbian like me. She kissed up my neck, and tilted my head to kiss my lips. At first she was teasing me by licking my lips with her tongue, then gently brought her tongue inside my mouth.

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   I massaged her back while we felt around in each other mouths with our tongues. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse, and pushed my long blonde hair out of my face. I pulled her shirt over her head, and unclamped her bra. I let it slide to the ground, and just smiled at what I saw. Her breasts were just as I imagined them, soft and delicate. I began nibbling and sucking on her erect nipples. She enjoyed this, and let out a low moan out of pleasure. I licked my way down to her belly-button then slid her jeans and panties off of her. I licked her wet pussy and played with her clit. She moaned, and rocked her hips to go along with my rhythm. She let out a loud moan and said, “Oh yesss, Mel I’m cumming, mmm lick all my hot juices. ” I just swallowed her cum as it came. Her ass was off the ground, and she slowly lay back down onto the ground. She sighed, and was breathing heavily. I slipped two fingers into her hot and wet vagina.

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   “Ooohh! Ooh baby yesss!!!” She started to rock her hips again, and I knew another orgasm was coming. She moaned loudly as she came. This time after she was finished she kissed my lips, and took off my shorts. I wasn’t wearing any panties, and Hannah seemed to like this.
She pinned me down so that she was on top of me. Slowly she began exploring my wet pussy. Her tongue then started to play with my clit which I loved. “Mmmm oh yess that’s it, that feels so good. ” She started to slow down a little bit to catch her breath. Hannah took her hand, and started to rub my clit slowly. As the seconds went by she began to quicken. Soon enough I was moaning loudly with pleasure. I sighed, “Ohhh” as I came. She looked at me, and winked. I just lay there breathing short little breaths.

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   Suddenly we heard a twig snap. We grabbed our clothes and ran. We promised we would do that again soon.

**Part Two will come soon**