How i wear my cuzin clothes


When my hot 18 year old cusin would come over to sleep id wait till, 3 in the morning and steel her bag, i woudl take all her clothes out, i would get naked and start with her tight xtra small pink panties, i woudl put them on and my cock would be popping out of it, i woudl be soo honry and turned on. i would put her bra on, and then ehr skirts and tight shirts, i would walk around like im a dirty slut, i would be hard as hell by now and then i would get a condom and put it on my two fingers and use some ky and finger my tight asshole and pretend im my cusoin, i woudl ride my finger untill i was about to burts then i would take her pantes and jerk off into them leaveing a little stain so she would know i cam in it...... this story isnt very good because its my 2nd one i ever wrote so i hope u like and please give me feed back mike