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Topic: Public Sex. . . Hello Friends.
I am Pratik. This is my first post & i am exited about it. I am 170 cms tall with an average weight. I am 22 yrs old & just completed my education. My first post is my first Public Sex.
Myself & my friends always think about public sex but were afraid of it. We even tried of it but were not successful. We were very dissapointed & want to do. And it happen finally when we did it & are happy about our new experiecnce.
It started like this. . .

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  . . . .
One day me & my other two friends were sitting around the corner of the road.  Both of them were girls, named. , Rita & Neha. They both are around 160 cms long.  Rita has figure of 36C-30-36 & Neha had  34C-32-36. They both are hot & sexxy. Whenever I am with them I feel to Fuck them. We did it before but we were planning to do it in public.
We were chatting & suddenly Rita told lets have sex here & now. We both were totally shoked off & watch her. She told she is not joking but she is serious.

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   We ask her how & where. She showed us an underground place(not exactly) where hardly anyone comes. We saw a couple were already fucking there without any fear & enjoying themself. We watched them & as soon as they went I ask them to do it. But they were already in process. They both were kissing each other & pressing there boobs. This made my dick hard in my pants. I went down & removed there jeans & panty & started licking it. After about 5 min of those they pulled my  pant down & removed my 7" dick & started sucking it.
They suck for 10 min. I fucked them in their ass & pussy. And cumed on their face which they licked eachother & swallowed it. After that they started sucking my dick again & I cant say NO as I was enjoying. After few min of sucking we wore our dress. I saw them not wearing their panty & was exicted about what next to come.

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