Ecstasy In Death


I couldn't move my hands to feel what it was. I struggled only to find that my hands were bound behind my head, and my ankles were spread wide and also bound. A shiver ran through my body, and I tried to scream, but no sound escaped my lips. I could feel this hard thing running along the side of my body. I strained to hear, but there was no sound to be heard. Then what felt like a hand touched my body. It was cold as ice. I tried to see what it was, but there was nothing. Only the loud thumping of my heart rushing through my head.
Then this icy hand gently caressed my body. I could feel it starting at my throat, running fingers along my collar bone. Then lower to make small slow circles around my nipples. I felt my nipples react to this strange touch. Again I tried to scream, but nothing. It continued on down my torso, and hovered just before my lips. I kept trying to struggle, but it was useless.

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   Those icy fingers traced my slit so gently, I started to become aroused. I suddenly felt another hand back on my nipples.
Then there were more hands and fingers touching me everywhere. I felt my lips spread and something soft and hot touch my clit, but those icy fingers were working at the wetness now seeping from my pussy. I thought I was going to go insane with the two extreme sensations. The heat on my clit turned into a soft sucking feeling, and those attentive icy fingers plunged deep into me.
The two worked into a steady, slow rhythm, increasing as my body reacted. Other hands and fingers worked at my nipples. Those icy fingers worked inside my pussy with amazing skill. Penetrating deeper and deeper with each thrust. My body was writhing, my mind screaming as I came to the first wave. My fear was overcome by the convulsions of ecstasy that ran through my body. I had never experienced anything like this before. As I neared my second orgasm, a very dim candlelight lit the room. I could finally see the faint outlines of my assailants.

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I frantically looked around and saw shadowy figures in both male and female forms. All hands on my body. There had to be atleast twenty in all. As more candle flames came to life, I was able to see more clearly. My body convulsed under their touch. The men apeared tall and lanky. None wearing any clothing. The women were curvy with very ample breasts. There was one man standing near the wall, surveying everything. His hand was stroking his enormous cock. One female walked over to him, and he shoved her away.
He walked over towards me very slowly, and the others immediately stopped, except for the suction an my clit. Which I now figured to be some sort of mechanical device. He wasn't lanky like the other men. He was very muscular.

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   He came to me, and put his large hands on my breasts, squeezing them together. He lowered his face, with his lips just above my nipples and rolled his eyes to look at me. His eyes were a glowing deep blue flame that captured me. With some odd play of shadows, I could not see the rest of his face, only his eyes. His tongue flicked across my nipples, as if to taste them.
Then with a flicker of candle light, I saw great white fangs come out of his lips. He traced those sharp fangs over my breasts, nicking my nipples. I could see slow trickles of crimson running from my breasts. His tongue lapped at my blood. He then layed his body the length of mine, and two figures untied my legs. They held my legs, knees bent, impossibly wide, as this creature forced his cock into me. I came instantly. He thrusted into me with such force, I thought he was going to split me in half.
As I came again, He sank his fangs into my left breast. I watched helpless as blood ran from my body.

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   His mouth was slick with my blood. I could see the others walking back toward us. They ran their hands over both of us, then I began to feel other pierces. He was fucking me so hard that it took my mind off the others biting me. My body was floating somewhere between life and death, when everything went black again.
It all began with a dream. I could feel myself slipping away into a deep, cavernous blackness that I couldn't control. I felt wary and confused. Like something had slipped my mind and there was nothing. I just kept falling farther and farther until suddenly, something hard brushed my side. .
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