A day at the beach


Last year my wife and I took my cousins daughter (lets call herBelle) on a camping trip to the beach for a couple of weeks and I tellyou, it changed my life forever.


My cousins daughter was14 at the time and just beginning to ripen and blossom into an amazinglyattractive young woman - tall and slim with long brunette hair, and asmile that will melt men from now until the day she dies. I hadfantasised about her for a while now, but it was getting harder andharder to ignore her body and she had become the frequent object of mymasturbation fantasies.


The second day of our campingtrip. my wife decided to go shopping while I took Belle to the beach forsome summer fun in the surf. When we got there, she stripped downimmediatly to her skimpy bikini and paraded self consciously in front ofme. "I bought it especially for this camping trip - do you like it? "she purred. Recently I had been thinking that not only had she becomeaware of my glances but she had also started to become aware of theeffect she could have on boys. My boner MUST have been obvious. "Youlook great" I said and ran toward the surf.


She followedafter me and we swam and bodysurfed for about a half hour, me showingher how it was done. After one particularly big wave dumped us andwashed us laughing into the shallows, we both stood up in waist deepwater. She turned to me and started going on about how cool that was etcand when she turned to me, she failed to notice that her little skimpybikini top had been pulled to one side, revealing a gorgeous nipple andpert breast. I was rock hard again and just stood there letting her talk- all the while imagining my tounge wrapped around that 14 year oldnipple. My whole world seemed to stop - she looked at me directly in theeye, smiled and dived into the water and I knew - thewave had not beenthe cause of thisbikini malfunction - she was toying with me - two couldplay at that game.

Immediatly we began a bit of splashing and playingaroundf in the water which developed into a wrestling match.

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   My handswere all over her young body, lifting her out of the water and playing alittle rough, but at the same time, i was able to cop a feel of hertiny ass and even grab a feel of her small developing breasts. It wasamazing and the best was when she brushed against my hard cock - thelook on her face was simply mind blowing.


Unfortunatly wehad to end the beach session early as we were meeting my wife for lunchbut later that evening, back at the camp ground, my wife had reason toleave us alone again. This time Belle called me into her tent to helpfix her torch. It was already getting dark and as i crawled into hertent, i could see she was in her teenager idea of pyjamas - a singlettop and panties. I swear my cock grew hard in a nanosecond - she wassitting there crosslegged playing with a torch. Her nipples were erectand hard against the cotton of her singlet top and I couldn't stoplooking between there and the crotch of her matching cotton panties. Mymind was whirling when she asked me straight out - "Whats it like tohave sex?" I didn't know what to say at first but i quickly gathered mythoughts


"Well, haven't you ever touched yourself? Down there I mean" I said, indicating her pussy.

"Theother girls talk about it but i must be doing something wrong becausethey talk about sticking there fingers inside but it just hurts when itry that - i can't imaging how that would be with a penis!. " 


"Wellyou gotta take it slow - try toucning yourself gently through yourclothes first before you do that. your body will respond. " 


Sheimmediatly looked down at herself and I think i stopped breathing asshe slowly started rubbing on her pussy through her panties.

"likethis?" she asked. She continued to rub and stroke herself with her eyesclosed - obviously enjoying it - with me offering gentle encouragmentsall the time. I asked her to touch her clit and she looked me straightin the eye and said "whats that? can you show me?" 

Well, I didn'tneed to be asked twice - i positioned myself behind her - reachingaround in front to touch her pussy for the first time, breathing heavilyinto her ear.

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   "Sweetheart, I can't touch it properly without reachinginto your panties. Thats okay right?" She nodded and my fingers deftlywent down her panties and started searching among her wet folds of skinfor that hard nub of excitement. Looking over her shoulder, I could seeshe had just a soft downly layer of blonde hair on her pussy - i was inheaven - my wildest fantasies were coming true right here. When i foundher clit I heard her gasp and I started rubbing slowly and gently beforemoving down to the sweet opening of her heavenly sweet teenage vagina.

"You see how wet you've become Belle? Feel how slippery your pussy is?"

 Shejust groaned, and i slipped a finger inside of her - she gasped againas i slipped a second and third inside. "This is how it feels to have acock inside of you. This is how good it feels. " As i said that, i felther pussy tighten around my fingers and her breathing quicken as shereached orgasm.

After she calmed I removed my hand from her panties and kissed her cheek.  

"I want you to teach me all about sex. I want to learn blowjobs and everything. Let me touch your penis" she said


tomorrow my sweet, tomorrow - i said as i left the tent.


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