Coaching Volleyballpart 7


Everything was set up. I bought the steak, got the massage oil, I made chocolate covered strawberries, and got a condom (I didn’t plan on using it though).
My roommates were gone for the night so I had the apartment to myself. Mindy came in wearing a purple strapless dress, her hair ran down past her shoulders. She looked stunning. Way older than she actually was.
Dinner past with no problems the steak tasted great. She told me that every girl has this magical way they think they will lose their virginity and that is way she demanded the dress and dinner. I had no problem playing out her fantasy. I began to use the massage oil and gave her a 30 min massage that most people have to pay for. One of my techniques to get girls I pick up is relax them with a massage. I became pretty damn good at it and it always made the girls open up their legs.
“Im ready” That was all it took I kissed her deep grabbing her perfect tits. I moved down her neck slowly kissing it as I went down. I got to her perfect nipples and ran my tounge around them, She moaned softly. I continued down her body till I got down to her pussy.

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   I started to lick it softly. Her moaning picked up. I started licking faster and hard. “IM CUMMING IM CUMMING O FUCK YES YES YES YES!!!” Mindy came so hard and flopped backwards on my bed. “I want it now” I had hoped she forgot about the condom and with that I slowly put my cock inside. A few thrusts later I broke through her cherry. I fucked her slow and deep loving the way she moaned. I picked up the pace. She started to come again “YES YES MORE FUCK ME HARDER” I kept pace and pounded her tight wet pussy. She moaned my name over and over again “IM CUMMING” “PLEASE CUM IN ME” balls let go sending huge amount of cum deep into her pussy.
I brought in the chocolate covered strawberries and soon after she fell asleep on my chest. While she slept I thought to myself. I did it I fucked all 8 players on my team. Well I only fucked Rebecca’s ass cause she wanted to keep her virginity but hell that would work for me.
I woke up to find myself handcuffed to the bed.

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   Mindy was stroking my morning wood I looked up and smiled “Good morning beautiful” She smiled. I could start to feel my balls tighten, but she stopped. “Time for me to go”
“wait what you have to finish and uncuff me” She walked over and put in one of my videos of the twins. She waved good bye and left. My cock was throbbing but there was not thing I could do about it. Talk about sexual frustration.
30 minutes had passed when I heard the apartment door slam. Finally someone to let me out. A stroke of fear hit me though, how do I explain this porno to my roommates? A figured moved into the room. It was not my roommate. My roommate and his family were coming up for a visit to do some shopping. He was home last night but he said they would be back around noon. It was only 11. The figure that stood in front of me was not my roommate but his little sister. She was about the age of the girls a coached.

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   I actually think a year younger. She had long brown here that flowed down half her back. She was just starting to develop tits. Her body was slim and skinny. “Hey, sorry my parents and brother went to a store I told them I didn’t want to go so they dropped me off” She stopped and stood there with wide eyes. Taking in what she was seeing
“Um hey Jackie. Can you get the key and let me out” Her eyes were fixed on my cock which was still as hard as it cold be. She came in the room and her eyes fell onto the tv. She saw the twins playing with each other “There about my age” She said
In the video Terra just put on a strap-on and Mary started to suck it. Jackie got up into bed with me and imitated what the girls were doing with my cock. She took my cock in her mouth. With a few bobs ups and down she stopped “I cant get my mouth as far down as she can” I told her it was ok and that she would get better she took the cock again in her mouth. In the Video Terra and Mary were strapping dildos onto teddy bears. They climbed on top of the bears and started riding them. Jackie continued to follow the video.

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   She got up on my cock and forced her way down. I broke through her cherry, with a few up and down thrusts she stopped “This hurts, its doesn’t feel good like the two girls are showing. ”
“Its takes a little time just keep going” She did as she was told. She saw the twins move their hands to their clit and rubbed it while riding the dildos. Jackie did the same. I could see that she was really enjoying this. The twins erupted into a huge orgasm in the video. Soon following Jackie started to go “O WHATS HAPPENING IT FEELS SO GOOD” her body shook violently she started riding my cock fast and it was too much for me to handle. I let go, all the sexual frustration that Mindy left me was gone. Jackie rolled off my cock and went into the bathroom to take care of my dripping cum. She came back and unlocked my cuffs. We were getting dressed when we heard a car door slam outside. I could hear my roommate’s voice. We quickly got dressed and Jackie jumped on to the coach and turned on the tv.
I greeted my roommates parents as they walked in.

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   His mom went over to Jackie “O dear your sweating sweetie, r u feeling ok” Jackie looked at me and then back at her mom “I have never been better”