Home from the business trip part 1


     "Another drink sir?" the flight attendant asked.

     "No, one will be enough, I have someone waiting for me, and I want to be able to perform, if you know what I mean", I smiled, displaying my wedding ring.

     She smiled, she was a hot blonde, and she'd been making my cock twitch for the last 2 hours. She slipped me a business card.

     "Very good sir", then, just so I could hear, she whispered, "Your wife is a lucky lady, give your lover an extra roll, for me! If you and your wife ever want a three way, I'm based in your home city, there's my number, give me a call. "

     She gave me a most wicked, sexy smile, and I was treated to the sight of her fantastic ass, as she made her way forward. I read her business card, Angela Drasek, nice name, and even nicer body. I filed the card away in my wallet, who knows, may come in handy someday.

     High above the world, at 30,000 feet, I was on my way home. The business trip had ended with a deal, and I knew I would get the bonus that had been promised to me, if I landed this deal. I had planned to stay overnight, but we had got the deal done by Noon, and I was eager to get home. My airline had been able to switch me from an 11 AM flight the next morning, to the last flight out tonight, I would land at 11:15 PM, and I should make it home from the airport right at midnight.

     I needed to bury my cock deep inside my sexy wife's hot heat, the sight of my sexy attendant's ass reminded me about the sexy ass waiting at home, my wife Caroline. I felt like the lucky one, I was very eager to get home to her, I'd gone without sex or masturbation for 6 nights, I had been sorely tempted to stroke out my pent up lust, in my bed all alone at my hotel, but I wanted to save it up, and give my sexy wife a heck of a ride when I got home. Just thinking about her soft, smooth body, the curve of her breasts, the way her hips flared out, tapering down to her legs, the neatly trimmed nest of red pubic hair covering her tight labial lips, the look in her deep green eyes, and the way her long red hair looked when it was spread out on the pillow in the midst of passion, kept my cock rock hard, and I needed her more than ever.

     After landing, and getting my luggage, I got a cab at the taxi stand, and soon, I was home, at my front door.

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   I opened the front door quietly, the lights were off, just a soft night-light glowing in the upstairs hallway. In the living room, the clock softly chimed the midnight hour. Since I wasn't expected home until tomorrow, it made sense that Caroline had gone to bed early. I thought of her upstairs, her soft, warm body, nice and naked under the covers, as she loves to sleep in the nude. My cock was begging for it, I stripped down right in the hallway, my cock felt so ready to blow I didn't want the pressure of my clothes bringing me off. I quickly climbed the stairs, passing by our daughter's room, I peeked in, saw her asleep and dreaming pleasant dreams. I smiled, and quietly opened our bedroom door. I could hear Caroline, her breathing deep and measured, and my cock urged me on. I gently pulled back the covers, and slid inside. I inched over, pressing gently against her back, feeling the heat of her body against mine. I reached around, and ran my fingers over her, stroking at her soft skin, running my fingertips over her nipples, feeling them start to stiffen up as sleep started to dissolve.

     "Hey baby, I'm home early, I'm so horny, I need to fuck you so much" I whispered.

     She murmured sleepily, "Oh yes, please do, feels so good what you're doing. "

     I gently rolled her onto her back, her legs spread, and I quickly got between them. I could hear her breathing start to change, as she rose toward wakefulness, I notched my hardness against her, and pushed in slowly.

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   The heat surrounded me, I grunted as I was encased in the tight clutch, and I couldn't hold back. I thrust hard, felt some resistance, then my cock slammed in, hard.

     "Ouch, oh that hurts, ouch!" a voice that was not my wife's voice cried out!

     I pulled out fast, jumped out of bed like a scalded cat, and clicked on the bedside lamp.

In the glow I could see our 17 year old babysitter, Jayne, sitting up, her eyes shocked, seeing me naked by the bedside. I looked down, saw my cock streaked with the blood of her hymen I had just broken. I grabbed a towel, wiped my cock down, and clicked off the lamp.

     Sitting in the dark, Jayne told me that Caroline's sister had called her, some kind of family emergency, and that she had left a little after 7 PM. Caroline had told Jayne that she should be home in a day or two, and that I would be home later today, and Jayne had said that she would be happy to stay overnight.

     I responded by saying that my business trip had wrapped up early, and I was eager to get home, so that when I got here, and found her asleep in bed, I had naturally assumed that she was Caroline, and with Caroline always needing it as dark as possible in our bedroom in order to get to sleep, I had no visual of her, and until I had entered her, and her fully awake voice cried out, no idea. I didn't add that she was tighter than my wife (of course, she was a virgin), but I was so horny that I didn't register it as anything more than maybe she just felt tighter since it had been a week since we'd had sex, and maybe her pussy had just needed some stretching out.

     Jayne said that when I was stroking her, she'd been having a dream about her boyfriend Kurt, and that he was making out with her. Her mind had her going with the dream still, in that area between sleep and wakening, and she hadn't snapped out of the dream until the pain of her deflowering snapped her awake.

     What a way to come home, horny as hell, and fucking away the virginity of our babysitter! I sighed, and resigned myself to one more sexless night, and, possibly, a whole heap of trouble, if Caroline found out.

     Jayne asked me, quietly, "What now?"

     "Well, I'll drive you home, and pay you for your sitter work. "

     I suddenly felt her hand take hold of my cock, and rub it gently.

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   I was shocked, I had clicked off the light, as I didn't want to traumatize her any further, and here she was, feeling my cock surging in her hand.

     "Jayne, wha. . what are you doing?" I stammered.

     "Well, now that I am deflowered, how would you like me to stay here with you, and since I'm no longer a virgin, let's finish what we started?" she whispered.

     Our babysitter is a long legged teen beauty, a thick mass of chestnut colored hair, deep brown eyes and full, red lips, that look like they are begging to be kissed, her breasts are about the same size as Caroline's, topped with stiff, perky nipples, I could never let her walk past me without getting a long look at her sexy ass, and long legs, that I'd fantasized about several times having wrapped around me as I drove my cock into Caroline's steamy cunt, and here was my chance to see fantasy become reality. The rock hardness of my 7 inches, aching for release, overruled any other choice.  

     "Lay back baby, and let me lick you, and give you the kind of introduction to sex you deserve. "

     As she lay back, I struck a match, and lit a candle on the bedside table. I explained to Jayne that half the thrill of what I was about to do to her would be her being able to see me doing it to her.

And, I knew that my arousal would pitch up, being able to see and feel this sexy teen temptress. As the candle cast a mellow glow over the scene, my cock ached, I could see Jayne's legs spread for me, her sweet, almost virgin entrance, slightly parted, with a neatly trimmed muff of that chestnut color hair topping her mound. I quickly got my face down there, smelling the rich scent, and lapped along her long pink trail, sliding it up and down, just pushing the tip in to lap at her sweet juices that are starting to slick up her lips, then running my tongue in circles over the tight rim, listening to her moans of pleasure. I parted her lips gently with my fingers, and my tongue dips inside, eager to taste her essence, pushing my tongue into the rich flow, eagerly licking up the musky, tangy nectar of her almost virgin pussy.  

     Jayne cooed, "Oh yes, yes, feels so good, love it, yes, yes.

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     Her words spurred me on, and her pussy started to gush with juices as I brought her higher and higher. My cock was aching, I knew I couldn't last much longer, and I raised up, I could see her face smiling at me, as I raised up.

    "Yes, yes, give me your cock, finish what you started, oh fuck, let me have it!"

     I nudged against her, and slid in slowly. She moaned, I hoped with pleasure, and she arced her hips up to mine, I felt her hands pushing down on my ass, and she flinched and gasped a bit as I made contact with her torn hymen, but she hissed through gritted teeth, "Don't stop!", and I pushed in, until I had buried myself balls deep. I felt the heat of her virgin tight teen cunt around my cock, and I knew I was going to lose it soon. As I pulled back slightly, I felt her long, coltish legs wrap around my waist, and I buried my throbbing cock as deep as possible. I lasted maybe 30 seconds, then my cock jerked, swelling up tight with a massive urgency.

     "Oh fuck, gonna cum, fuck, going flood you baby, sorry, can't last any longer, fuck, oh fuck YEAH!"

     I howled and my cock exploded like a fire hose, exploding and squirting wildly, gushing stream after stream of pent up spunk, emptying my balls deep inside her hot, clinging depths. I pulled out, her body was flushed, she was ready for an orgasmic release, and I was not going to leave her hanging. With practiced fingers and lips, I quickly got down there, and it didn't take long to feel her stiff, engorged clit twitching wildly against my tongue, as she exploded in orgasm.

     "Oh my god, oh fuck, feels so fucking good, yes, oh yes" she cried out as the waves of pleasure washed over her, giving her the release she needed.

     I shifted back up to her, she kissed me tenderly, rolling over into a semi-fetal position, and quickly drifted off. I snuggled in next to her, my mind whirling with what had just happened. I wasn't wild about the idea that I had been unfaithful, but given the same scenario, even if I knew it had been Jayne, I don't think I could have resisted.


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