Friend is a heavy sleeper

True Story

Tommy and me planned this sleep over for a week it was going to be a great night. I was 17 and tommy was 15 and we were great friends. We did the ussul, played some video games watched some scary movies and snuck some beer from his moms cabinet because we were home alone for weekend. This was tommy's first time drinking and he had too much and he had past out on the bed we were sharing. It is a small bed and he was right in the middle, i tried to wake him up to move over so I can go to sleep but he was completely fast asleep so i just laid there next to him tried to get to sleep. We were both just in our boxers.
I could not fall asleep, I tried and tried but I was wide awake and for some reason had a random erection. Our bodies were touching because we were sleeping in the same small bed and I always have thought of him in a kinda sexual way but he never knew. We were both under the blanket, I had decided to take my boxers off. So I was now completely naked and him still fast asleep. I decided to start moving to my side, (Me facing his ass and butt) and back and forth so that I could have my cock touch him and it felt good. I kept moving back and forth so if he woke up I would just say im trying to get comfortable. But this is when I realized he is completely blanked out from passing out from the beer. And he was a heavy heavy sleeper anyway so I was fine.
I had than done the ultimate, by pulling his boxers down and off. I finally got to see his penis, not very big but very nice.

sex and the city of athens 

   I was around a 6. 5 hard he was maybe a 5. I had made it this far and I wanted to do something but did not know what. I had decided to go back on my side facing him, and rested my cock within his butt cheeks. I could not believe that the head of my cock was actually almost in his asshole. I had thought though, if I tried to fuck him he will most likely wake up, so instead I saw his mouth was open while he slept and I went for it. I got up and sorta ontop of him and went for it by putting my cock inside of his mouth. I went in and out and it felt amazing! My cock was inside of my sleeping friend as I sat on his cock, soft but felt good. I was ready to come almost immediately, but it felt so good I could not stop. I had unloaded more cum I have ever done in my entire life inside of his mouth. I didn't really know what to do so instead I just left it in there, put his boxers back on and mine and went back to bed.
The next morning he woke up and said, wow I was drooling a lot during my sleep. .