The roommate - Donna

True Story

If your looking for a quick paced fuck fest this is not the story for you. It starts slow and wraps up before you know it. This is my first attempt and more of a recollection then an all out story.

I saw “room for rent $300 a month utilities included” on the bulletin board at the local grocery store. In Hawaii that’s phenomenal. I called the number and spoke to Robert who I was to meet the following day to check the place out. He called me about an hour before our appointment saying he was running late from work, but his other roommate Donna would be there to show the place off till he got home.

When I got to the address Donna met me at the front gate. This girl was hot!Mid 20’s, Asian, small and thin but very curvy. She was wearing a flowery doll like dress and no bra covering her D sized tits. Her face was beautiful with pixie cut blond hair. As cute as she was I could not stop staring at her tits with obviously very hard nipples poking through the dress.

She turned away and said “follow me”. As she turned her fat round ass caught my eye. We walked around a two story main house and got to a small cottage around the back. She strolled up the short 8 step staircase and I got full view of a white g-string peeking through her dress.

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  I followed admiring her body as she opened the door.

The living room was huge with a large flat screen TV commanding attention. There was a long sectional couch which she claimed as “her bed”. Confused I replied “what” and she went on explaining she had no bedroom she slept on the couch with her dog. Odd but I didn't’t question it. She showed me the small kitchen followed by the bathroom and my soon to be bedroom.

She left me to check out the room and went to play with her dog. As I exited the room she was on all fours in the living room petting the small dog. Her dress was hiked up and her white panties covered very little of her full ass. I leaned against the doorway hoping to get a peek but she eventually realized her dress was up and recovered her ass.

Donna got up soon after and made me a drink. She said make myself comfortable Robert would be home soon and disappeared. After a few minutes I had to piss so I made my way to the bathroom. I forgot to close the door and Donna walks in wearing just a towel on me mid stream. Non phased she hops into the shower closes the curtain and asks me to shut the door behind me.

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I couldn't’t help myself and attempted to catch a glimpse. I think she knew and kept her back to me. I barely got a side view of her big tits but enjoyed seeing her fat ass and what looked like a thick pussy between her legs. Hot and bothered I made my way to the couch and patiently waited. Robert still has yet to arrive home and I’m ready to move in stat.

The young Asiancomes out of the bathroom wearing these tight white shorts and a matching white baby t with 69 on the front and back. She sits next to me and her clean scent and the visions I caught a few minutes earlier have got me standing at attention. She plays it off but I catch her staring. We talk for a few minutes and are interrupted by her pooch.

Her dog jumps on the couch and darts back and forth hoping over us. He sits on the opposite side of me after a while and Donna calls him to her but the dog refuses. She climbs over me and nonchalantly rubs her hand against my hard cock. I want to act on my raging hormones but for all I know this hot girl could be my soon to be landlords girlfriend.

At this point she is half bent over my lap petting her dog. Her ass is inches from my face, making her pussy just as close.

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  She’s so close I can smell her musk. I see the full shape of her fat pussy through the tights. She has no panties andI can see wetness forming between her legs. My dick starts to stir and I notice Donna’s cute little feet are unknowingly brushing against it.

I’m getting completely horny but a few shuffles and clumps sound from outside the door. Just as quick as I got aroused, it came crashing. Robert has come home.

Almost a yearhas passed since that day and I’Ive got glimpses and peeks but nothing close to the events of that day. I’Ive learned that she is Roberts ex, she seems to go out with this one guy a lot but has not decided to move out, and I cannot stop thinking of fucking the shit out of her.

Visiting my mom in Washington, one nighta few days before returning home while surfing the net I get a friend request on Facebook. Low and behold it’s Donna. That same night we start chatting on-line and she tells me she’s missing me. We go on talking for hours and she confesses that she’s done things to me a few times while I was either passed out drunk or drugged out on party binges.

I barely recall a few of these nights but I do remember waking up naked a lot and having lipstick on me when I know I had come home alone.

Arriving back in Hawaii we never really connect in person even though we live under the same roof.

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  Every day though we chat on-line while at work and many nights do the same separated by a wall. One early morning she dares me to come out and touch her. I wait about 45 minutes to gain some courage and do but she freaks out. Robert and I have a talk later that day and it causes a bit of drama in the household.

For weeks she keeps taunting me on-line to do something but I’m scared things will repeat themselves. I do notice she is dressing skimpier and I’m seeing bare tits and ass a whole lot more, but she keeps that pussy hidden well. One day I get brave and send her pictures of my cock. She returns it with pictures of the tightest pussy I have ever seen.

Days later while snooping around I find a whole album of old modeling pictures of her topless in the closet. I take pictures of them with my phone but stupidly tell her I have them. She doesn't’t believe so I send her proof. Again she tells Robert and the air becomes thicker in the house. My lust for her is taking over and I’m not thinking clearly anymore.

It’s now my 26th birthday and all week Donna’s been teasing me with peeks and steamy chats. Before I go out with my friends we have a IM conversation and she tells me that when I get home she’ll she butt naked on the couch sleeping and I should just take what I want for my birthday.

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  I get ready thinking “yeah right” but for good measure I take a stay hard pill for myself and slip a sleep aid and arousal pill in her drink before I go.

I get home fairly early and just as she said shes on her stomach, lyingon the couch blanket-less and fully naked. I check Roberts bedroom and it’s closed and locked. I go back to Donna and admire her naked figure. Her body is a caramel brown, her hair now past her shoulders and back to a wavy natural brown. Her toenails match her fingers covered in a pink polish. Her legs shapely and end in a apple shaped thick and full ass. Her pussy fully shaved and fat enough to hide her hood and lips. Her back is slim and her breasts are so big they are overflowing the sides by her weight.

Cautiously I kiss her shoulders with no reaction. Working my tongue down her back and ass I take a whiff of her sex. I blow between her legs and hear a faint ahhh. I skip straight to her feet and suck on her sexy toes. She squirms a little but other then that not much response. My cock is hard and I need to taste her for the first time.

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I run my lips up her calves, up her thighs and come face to face with the pussy I have dreamed about, stared at pictures of for weeks. I dive my tongue deep in her and she quivers violently. I work her pussy for what seems like hours but I’m sure its just minutes. Kissing and licking her asshole I realize she’s not awake just a living puppet dreaming and moving with my motions.

This is too much. I need her, I want her. Stripping down I straddle her and tap my hard 10 inch cock against her tight pussy. Donna does not know what’s coming. Slowly I slide my head in her. Her obviously deprived cunt has never been in this predicament. It fights my entrance, she stirs but does not show signs of waking.

Barely getting past my head an animal comes over me. I thrust deep in her, almost near 3 quarters in I get resistance but force through her walls. Balls deep she awakens with a scream. I quickly cover her mouth and barely make out the sounds of muffled “NO Thomas” and “Stop”.

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  After a few minutes she calms and is bumping my rhythms back. I drop my hands from her mouth and reach over caressing her big tits.

I flip her over on her back and try to kiss her but she slaps me and laughs. I thrust faster and harder with aggression. I twist and tug at her big brown nipples. She grips my chest and dig her nails in. I put one of her nipples in my mouth and bite and suck on it like a babies pacifier. She bucks and pants deeply from the bottom. I feel her start to cum and she squirms out from under me.

She pushes me on my back and sits on my face. I devour her pussy like steak and she attempts to swallow my cock whole. Within seconds her twitching pussy sprays my face with her hot juice. I hold her head and fuck her face from the bottom till I blow it in her throat. We collapse on the couch and pass out.

I am awakened by this beauty sitting on my cock.

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  Riding me like she’s done it a million times. I cum in her quickly and one again fall deep asleep in ecstasy.

My face is burning, I open my eyes. Robert is raining punches down and I’m bleeding. He yells “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE”. I get up and see my things packed and am rushing out the door naked in embarrassment. Digging through my bags I find some clothes and walk my way to the sidewalk. Sitting in a black sedan Donna’s there. The backseat filled with her clothes and driver is holding her hand.

The car starts up and she say’s “I needed a way out”.

Months have gone by. I’m staying with friends jumping from house to house and as bad as my life is right now all I can do is think of my old roommate Donna.