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It was Sunday, our last day, we had to check out and had for home tomorrow. My wife had finished dressing. I said, you look very cheery, you must have really liked that big Latino cock you got yesterday. Jill replied, it would be fun to have Sam’s cock every day, you know I love being a whore for young studs, they never get tired of fucking. Honey, you know you love it too, you always like to use my pussy after my young studs fuck me. I replied, I SURE DO, I like the feel of your well used pussy as I fuck you, it such hot feeling. I love being married to my hot-wife. Jill responded you mean you like being married to a whore, I don’t think a prostitute would be fucked as much as I have since Thursday evening. I said, O. K. but don’t forget, you’re my whore. Jill held up her held up her hand showed me her wedding band, and said, I love you, but I love to fuck a lot, especially young studs, that’s why I love you using me as your whore, I’ll fuck any guy you want me to fuck. I kissed her as she said, I need to go, see you later this afternoon and left.

It was about 5:30 pm and I went the bar, a young very tall and muscular black man sat next to me. I said, long day, huh? He replied, yeah, but it’s supposed to get better for me around 7:00 pm. I asked why, waiting for a hot date? He replied, you could say that.

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   I extended my hand and said, the name is Russell, we shook hands and he said, Rick is the name. I asked, do you happen to know a couple of fellows named Sam and Joe? Rick replied, hell yes, they were just here, I’m their replacement and I know who you are. You’re the Russell with the wife that loves to fuck young studs. Joe told all the guys, your wife is the hottest fuck he ever had, better than any of the younger women he has fucked. I said, Joe is right, my wife loves to suck lots of cock and swallow lots of cum, she loves her pussy and ass to be used as cum dumps, she loves to be filled up. Rick replied, oh don’t worry Russ, I’m going to fill up that little whore of yours. I took a picture of Rick and text a message to Jill, Ready for this one? She answered, I’ve never had a black cock, but I hear it’s a lot of fun, he looks delicious, can’t wait to try it out. I texted back, spoken like my true whore, be ready wear a very sexy black nightie. She texted back, yeah, I know the one, I’ll be ready by 6:45. Rick and I had a couple more drinks and talked, it became 6:45 pm and we went to the room.

We walked into our suite, and I sent I’m here. Jill said, I’ll be out in a minute. Rick sat on the couch and I handed him a drink. Jill walked out of the bathroom wearing a very short black nightie, garter belt, crotchless panties, small fishnet stockings and stiletto heels, she looked every bit the whore she had turned into and she was ready to fuck. She walked over to Rick and asked, well are you disappointed? Rick replied, HELL NO, I’M GOING TO HAVE FUN FUCKING YOU! Jill was not shy, she said, don’t just talk about it, FUCK ME.

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   Jill leaned down and unzipped his pants and quickly tugged on them and pulled them off. Rick was already aroused, out sprang a huge cock, bigger than, Sam’s and getting bigger as Jill started stroking and sucking it.

Jill stopped sucking, looked at Rick’s cock saying, look at the size of this cock, it looks like big lollipop, it tastes so good. Jill inserted Rick’s cock head back in her mouth, started making slurping, slurp, slurp, shruuup, uuummm, and moaning sounds ooom, ooom uuuum, as she attacked Rick’s cock. I asked, hey Rick, how big is that monster? Rick replied, my girl’s best friend here is a little over 12 inches and very thick, as you can see your wife agrees with me it sure is her best friend, look at her go sucking on my dick. Rick stood up and grabbed Jill by the head, and said Joe and Sam you like your mouth fucked, he didn’t give Jill a chance to answer, Rick took his cock and inserted as much as he could down her throat, he was so big, Jill’s mouth was very wide open, more than I have ever seen it, as he was moving Jill mouth back and forth on his huge monster. Rick yelled out to me, damn Russ, Joe and Sam are right, your wife is the best good cock-sucking whore, ever, they said she has great pussy too. I said, they would know, they both used her for hours as their whore, now you’ll know how much a whore she is after you drill that pussy. Rick replied, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO DRILL THAT ASS TOO, IF YOU DON’T MIND? I replied, YOU CAN FUCK HER ANYWAY SHE WILL LET YOU FUCK HER AND AS MUCH AS SHE WANTS TO FUCK, BELIEVE ME, SHE LOVES TO FUCK, BUT SHE’S A CLOSET WHORE! SHE DOESN’T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW ABOUT HER NAUGHTY SECRET LIFE OF BEING A WHORE!

Rick started tensing up holding as much cock as Jill could take in her mouth, he started dumping his load in her mouth saying, COME ON WHORE, SWALLOW IT ALL, TAKE IT ALL DOWN THAT THROAT. Jill semi gagged and said, it’s too much as he continued to hold his huge cock in her mouth, saying, I’M GOING TO KEEP AS MUCH COCK DOWN THAT THROAT UNTIL MY BALLS ARE EMPTY, EAT ALL THAT CUM WHORE, TAKE IT ALL!Rick kept coming she was struggling to keep up swallow all his cum, it was so much spunk, that cum started flowing out of the corners of her mouth, I was watching my whore wife being used by a big black cock, it was damned hot scene, I couldn’t get enough. I was in a drunken state of arousement watching my wife thoroughly being used like a cheap whore by this young black stud with the biggest cock dumping so much fucking cum down her throat. I almost couldn’t wait to see Rick bury that monster in her cunt.

Rick finally withdrew his monster, he held his huge cock in front of her face and told her, you know what’s next whore, Sam and Joe you do a good job. Jill leaned over and started licking Rick’s huge balls, she alternated putting his balls in her mouth. Rick said, come whore, lick the dick too, Jill started, going up and down Rick’s monster licking it clean.

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   Rick said out loud, RUSS, LOOKS LIKE THIS WHORE LIKES BLACK COCK, he asked her, YOU WANT TO BE A WHITE WHORE FOR BLACK COCK? Jill said, you have a big beautiful cock, it looks delicious.

Rick stood Jill up, carried her and threw her on the bed, and said out loud, YOU’VE NEVER BEEN FUCKED BY A BLACK MAN, BLACKMEN DON’T MAKE LOVE, THEY FUCK, HEY RUSS, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR WIFE AND MAKE HER THE WHORE SHE REALLY IS, A BLACK COCK WHORE. Rick turned Jill sideways and raised her right leg and in one thrust he penetrated her pussy until all his cockhead was in. Rick went in and out slowly for a minute, then with out warning he started driving all his cock in her pussy, Jill began to moan, it’s too big, it’s too big, he said, you probably told Sam the same thing, but I know he still fucked the shit out you, well I’m going to stretch your pussy to fit cock, you’ll be ready to take lots of big black cock. Jill was moaning, ooooh, aaaaah, Rick started going faster, Jill said, easy, easy, your too big. Rick said, fuck this, he turned Jill on her back and raised her legs and he thrust all the way in her pussy, and started slapping his balls on her ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Jill began rolling her head from side to side screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAA, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAA. Rick said out loud, THAT’S IT WHORE, SAM TOLD ME HE MADE YOU SCREAM AS HE WAS BREAKING IN YOUR PUSSY FOR HIS BIG DICK, AFTER SAM BROKE YOU, IT WILL BE EASIER TO TAKE MY BIG DICK. What I was seeing was surreal to me, I couldn’t believe I was watching Rick pin Jill down with her legs almost to her shoulders, while his foot long piece of meat disappeared in her pussy over and over and his huge slapping on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, it was hot watching it all the action unfold. On one occasion Rick stayed raised up and held his cockhead in her pussy, Jill began bucking upwards as much as she could, she wanted as much cock in her cunt as she could get. Rick said out loud, HEY RUSS, LOOK AT THIS WHORE WANTING MORE OF MY COCK HER CUNT! Rick, in one thrust rammed his monster all the way in Jill’s pussy, while saying out loud, HERE YOU GO WHORE, TAKE ALL MY COCK IN THAT HOT CUNT. Rick held her pussy in place with his cock all the way in. Jill started, moaning, ooooh, oooooh, uuuoooh, she was squirming and trying to buck her hips upwards wanting more cock. Jill said, give it to me real deep, oooh fuck me so deep! If I had not seen it, I probably would not believe what I was watching, Rick was turning Jill into a very submissive whore.


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Rick lubed his cock and Jill’s ass and turned her on her side and put his monster at the entry of her asshole and started pushing in until his cockhead was in her ass. Jill moaned, oooooh, oooooh, you’re so much bigger than Sam, she continued moaning, ooooh, uuuum, ooooh. Rick yelled out, HEY RUSS, THIS WHORE HAS A TIGHT ASS, I’M GOING TO HAVE FINISH THE JOB SAM STARTED. I replied, GO FOR IT, and we high fived, Rick started drilling more cock in her ass, Jill moaning said, eeeasy, eeeasy, your huge, Rick kept driving more cock in until his balls landed on her ass, he was finally all the way in. Jill kept moaning, it’s so big, so big, Rick started pumping slowly in and out, increasing his pace with every thrust. Jill looked hot getting fucked dressed her black nightie and her leg raised up in the air showing her sexy stiletto heels. Rick was now fucking Jill in earnest, he started plowing hard in her ass, Jill was moaning loud, OOOOOH, UUUUUUM, AAAAAAH, OOOH FUUUUCK. Rick said out loud, WHORE YOU LOVE THAT COCK IN YOUR ASS, DON’T YOU SLUT? Jill said out loud, OOOOH YEEEES, GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK THIS WHORE’S ASS, FUCK ME HARD, DON’T STOP, FUCK YOUR WHORE, Rick was happily complying, as his balls slapped on her ass with every hard thrust, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Rick started alternating between fucking Jill’s pussy and her ass. Rick would lube his cock in her pussy and then drill her ass.

Rick said out loud, HEY RUSS, THIS IS ONE FINE PIECE OF ASS. I replied, THAT’S WHY I MARRIED THE WHORE, I’VE NEVER HAD A BETTER PIECE OF ASS, SHE’S A HOT FUCK, AIN’T SHE? As Rick was thrusting his monster into Jill said, YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN, CAN THIS WHORE FUCK, suddenly he tensed up, drilled his monster deep in her cunt and started dumping loads of cum, Rick was a heavy comer. He was still coming as he took his cock out and drilled Jill’s ass deep, holding his cock in dumping loads of cum in her ass. Jill moaned loudly, OOOH, OOOOH, YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD, YOUR CUM FEELS SO HOT IN ME, GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM, she began grinding her ass hard against Rick’s cock, saying, OOOH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR WHORE GOOD.

As Jill was grinding her ass against Rick’s cock, cum was running out of her pussy and ass, Jill was moaning, love your big cock in my ass.

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   I thought Rick was about done, but I was sure surprised, he said out loud, HEY RUSS, COME ON OVER HERE, LET’S TAG TEAM THIS WHORE! I said, YEAH, I LIKE TO FUCK HER AFTER HER LOVERS FUCK HER, BUT WATCHING YOU FUCK HER GAVE ME A RAGING HARDON. I laid down on the edge of the bed and pulled Jill down on my hard cock. Rick pushed her down on me and I started French kissing her as I fucked her, while Rick started slapping her ass, every time he slapped her ass, Jill got hotter, making her fuck hard and fast. When Rick had her going very hot, he penetrated her ass, she was so hot it was an easy penetration, in not time I heard him slamming his monster in Jill’s ass. I was kissing Jill, she moaning as Rick literally was destroying her ass. The double penetration action was so hot, I started coming heavier than ever before, I felt my cum in Jill’s pussy mixing up with Rick’s cum, it was fucking hot for me. I said, HEY RICK, I’M DONE HERE, PICK HER UP A LITTLE, LET ME GET UP. Rick, held up a little and I slipped out, he quickly returned to slamming her ass doggy-style.

Rick was saying out loud, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO LOOSEN THIS SHIT UP, THIS WHORE’S ASS WAS MADE FOR FUCKING. He pushed her head down on the bed and propped her ass high and kept on reaming her ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Jill was screaming, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH. Rick yelled out, HEY RUSS, GET YOUR PHONE, TAKE A VIDEO OF THIS. I started taking a video of Rick slamming hard into Jill’s ass. Rick yelled out, CHECK THIS OUT, he pulled out and had me video the big wide gap his monster had created. Rick quickly put his full cock back in her ass and started plowing hard into it, he withdrew leaving his cockhead in her ass and I caught on video as he fully rammed all his cock back in her ass, and said out loud, THIS WHORE LOVES BLACK COCK IN HER ASS, RIGHT WHORE?Jill responded moaning, YES, YES, YES, Rick then pulled out again and showed the camera how big asshole was gapped, saying, OH YEAH, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, THIS IS READY, RUSS NOW YOU CAN GET HER LOTS OF BIG COCK TO FUCK HER IN THE ASS. YOU WANT YOUR HUBBY TO GET YOU BIG COCK TO FUCK YOUR ASS WHORE? Jill replied moaning, uuuum, yes, uuumm he can get all the big he wants to fuck my ass, aaaah I love big cocks in ass, ooooh, oooooh,

Rick started tensing up and drove his full cock in her ass, he started dumping loads of cum in her ass, he said, THIS BITCH HAS A GREAT FUCKING ASS, he slapped her ass as he was coming deep in her ass, Jill was grinding against his cock as she moaned and cooed.

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   Rick said, LOOK AT THIS BITCH GO, SHE LOVES TO FUCK, SHE’S A GREAT WHORE!Rick dumped all his spunk until his balls were empty, he withdrew and turned her around and said, lick me clean whore, Jill obeyed without saying she started sucking and licking his balls, then his huge shaft. When he was clean, like always, after Jill is left worn out, she collapsed on the bed with her legs draped over the edge of the bed with cum rolling down her legs puddling on the floor. Rick had left loads of cum in her cunt and ass. Rick said, he had a great time and thanked me, he gave his phone number to look him up next time I was in town and left.

I went back and looked at Jill all worn out with her legs spread wide and dangling over the edge of the bed. I thought, how much my wife had turned into a whore, and I loved it, from Thursday through today, she fucked five different cocks, how lucky can a guy get, she’ll fuck anyone I want her to fuck. What a great whore wife, it doesn’t get better than that. .