In my first letter "costumeinacostume1" I describe how I dressed as a girl in a Halloween costume to trick unsuspecting men into letting me give them my first blow job. In my second letter "gloryholeillustration2" I describe how I accidentally discovered a glory hole and learned what they are used for. In my third titled "steely3" I discover that there is a whole underground of men "cruising for sex" which incidentally is a web site listing places to cruise. In my fourth letter "zebulon4" I tell you about a visit to an adult bookstore expecting to suck cock but getting more than I bargained for. In "sissy5" I let a domineering man dress me in ladies underwear for his, and others, amusements. In "buddy6" I found what I was looking for without looking. In this letter I wonder if I can find another Buddy. Observing my attraction to men with well-built physiques I became determined to improve my own body which had been neglected for too long. I was by no means out of shape, I just wasn't muscular and hunky. With my sexual drive fulfilled I developed a vast reservoir of intellectual and physical resources freed to devote to productive purposes instead of an empty pursuit of fruitless sex. I work harder, play harder, and live life more fully. I have been visiting the health club regularly now instead of just paying for the membership. Sometimes Tom and I go together but I am fine with going alone when it's my scheduled workout day. This story takes place about a month ago. I was at the health club working out. Between sets I played the people watching game.

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   I would look at the women and evaluate how pretty they were, how much would I like to sleep with them, what, specifically, would I like to do with them, what was perfect about them and what could be better. Freed of my stereotypes of gayness too, I evaluated the men as well. There were always more men at the gym than women and there were always a couple of men I wouldn't mind draining of their cum given the chance. People watching was easy and fun. Sometimes I might get caught ogling one of the girls but I was always careful not to get caught checking out the men. After all, I didn't want to get clocked in the parking lot. I finished a strenuous set and was feeling pumped and tired. Packing up my sweat-towel I went to the locker room to hit the showers and sauna as usual. The locker room is one of the best places for people watching for the obvious reason that the people are nude. Years ago I would check out the men's dicks with a solely comparative analysis of how mine stacked up to his. Now that I have eaten about thirty dicks, when I look, I always have images of myself kneeling before them. However, I have no compulsion to serve them as I once did. If I want to suck a cock I just call my suckbuddy, Tom, whose got an outstanding specimen. If I had a need for another cock I would just go to the gloryhole which I haven't visited in almost a year. My self-created pictures of me kneeling in front of a beautiful penis are just a fleeting mental indulgence, nothing more.

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   On that particular day there were a couple of attractive men in the showers. I soaped my balls lovingly, daydreaming briefly, about Tom's balls or the guy's in the shower stall across from me. Next I was reclining in the sauna when the only other guy in there hit on me. A couple of years ago I would not have noticed the signs but to my initiated senses it was unmistakable. Sitting across from me wrapped in his towel, as I was, he exposed himself subtly and grabbed his crotch. Could it have been an innocent readjustment? Not likely. I didn't know that men had sex in the sauna but now that I saw the clues I wasn't surprised. It did seem to be a natural environment with all the naked men and all. If I had been inclined to play I would have simply grabbed my own crotch in response. For cruisers this is as clear as the spoken word. But I was feeling very satisfied with my sex life and even though I could tell he had the kind of cock that would cause my mouth to water, I passed, pretending that I hadn't noticed or understood. Another guy came in taking a seat on the lower bench across from and facing me. I was still indulging my daydreams and as my mind wandered my thoughts went to the partly exposed cock and balls of Mr. Crotchgrabber. His cock would have been long, thick and heavy, the way I like them.

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   I don't think there is anything wrong with small dicks they're just not for me. Abraham Lincoln was once asked how long a man's legs should be. He replied they should be long enough to reach the ground. I think this is true of a man's penis too. It should be long enough to reach from his balls to its intended hole. This is the truth, but truth notwithstanding; my preference is for the big ones. So there I sat, eyes closed, with visions of cock down my throat, my nose swimming in a sea of pubes, when I realized I was becoming visibly aroused. I snapped back to reality. The first man was gone. The man sitting across from me was smiling broadly and eyeing my semi-swollen member. He was sitting with his legs spread creating a V-opening in his towel. His own large member was out for some fresh air, hanging draped down over one thigh. I noticed a smear of pre cum on his leg. He wasn't signaling me but his intentions were unmistakable. At this point my lust had surfaced and I began to entertain thoughts of acting out.

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   The more I thought about it the more it appealed to me. It wouldn't be long before the balance of power between will and willy would shift and I would be having sex in the sauna. I remembered how I had first met Tom through a night of sex and now we were best buds. My life had improved significantly since meeting Tom. I thought, just as one can always improve oneself, one can always improve one's situation too. Maybe a second suckbuddy would do me good. That did it. My mind was made up. I spread my towel, thinking lustful thoughts. My woody rose to attention and this guy rose up to take care of me. His mouth was great, warm and inviting. He let me enter a little bit into his throat. He gave a good blowjob (not all guys or gals do). He bobbed and sucked until I shot I wonderful load of cum onto his tongue. I got to work on him quickly fearing someone else would interrupt us.

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   I couldn't see the details of his meat clearly in the dim light but it was hot, sweaty, tasty, and the skin on his shaft was abundant allowing me to give him a great wank along with the blow. I have a gift for giving head and have always received numerous compliments. This time was no exception. He was real animated, telling me over and over how great I was and how much he loved it. That turns me on. When he came his juicy, meaty cock slimed me with a fantastic, sweet load of white pearly cum. I tongued his load savoring it before swallowing. I said "Thanks, Buddy. " and he too said "Thanks Buddy. " and I asked him if he wanted to get together again sometime. His name was Barry and he agreed mentioning that I gave the best suck he had ever had. We met next week. I tried to engage Barry socially, to create a friendship. But it just didn't work out. Chemistry can't be forced any more than sex can.

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   We are all humans first. Our sexual identities are merely fictions. We choose to engage in whatever behavior we want right or wrong. Gay or lesbian or straight or bi are just labels. I have learned first to be true to my humanity and to let my actions follow from who I am rather than letting who I am follow from with whom I have sex. In the end I decided that anonymous sex was just too risky and that I am not the kind of guy who puts the people he loves in harms way. I had determined to have sex only with my wife but truth be told every once in a while I slip up and me and my best buddy Tom go at it. Other stories by Magic Vibrating Penis: costume in a costume1, gloryholeillustration2, steely3, zebulon4, sissy5, buddy6, and gym7. Best to read them in order. .