Taking out my revenge on his wife and daughter


Well this is a story of revenge

A few years ago my wife cheated on me with my so called best friend. . He was telling her stories about me cheating on her and used her insecurities to get in between her legs. . I soon divorced her after I found out (He just had to tell me. . He "thought" it was the right thing to do. . I think he just wanted to piss me off) and I punched him in the face multiple time. . That said though I hated him and wanted to find a way to get revenge. . .

Well last night time for revenge came. . The plotting for revenge took much longer though.

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  . I have been paying this woman to "Befriend" my so called best friend and his wife Christa. . . She has been hanging out with them for the past 6 months to get close to them and to get their trust. . Unbeknown to both of them she has been working for me to plan for this night

My my ex friend, who is named Ace, Is a semi pro poker player. . He always goes to Atlantic City to play in the amateur and semi pro tournaments. . Once a year he goes to Las Vegas for a big tournament for amateurs. . . He has been going since before he was married and each of the 14 years he has been married he leaves his wife at home (He says he needs to keep his mind clear, I know for a fact that he goes alone so he can pick up drunk woman with out his wife knowing). .

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Now his wife, who is named Christa, was a total bitch. . She has blond hair and green eyes. . Her face is nothing special but she has a huge pair of 42 DD tits. . Again she is noting special but this would not stop me from taking out my revenge onChrista. .

Well my friend started drinking with Christa. . After a few glasses of wine my friend slipped something into Christa's drink. . It is a slow acting, tasteless drug but once it put you out, you are dead for the world for almost a day. . After Christa passed out my friend called me and waited for me to pull up.

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  . She opened the door and let me in. . .

Now there was Christa passed out sitting in the chair by the TV. . She was breathing slowly. . I shook her to see if she would wake up but she didn't move a muscle. . I picked her up and brought her to her bed room. . I then gave my friend a camera so she could record all the fun for me to relive when ever I wanted

I started to undress Christa. . I started off by sucking on her huge nipples and playing with her humongous tits.

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  . Then I started to finger her pussy. . . Even though she was out cold her body reacted to my fingers and she started cumming almost instantly. . For ever orgasm she would quake and shiver but never work up. . I then started to titty fuck her, making sure the head of my cock would go into her mouth. . Again she is not the best looking woman the fact that I was about to fuck her made me super horny. . I started to go down on her for a little bit but I quickly realized that this was for my pleasure, not hers. . .

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I started teasing her pussy with the head of my cock. . then I put more in, then a little more. . Finally I was all the way inside of her. . I then got on top of her and fucker her hard. . My cock was like a piston thrusting in and out of her in a feverish pace. . I would like to say I fucked her for hours but in all honesty It took me like 20 minutes before I shop load after load of my cum into her unprotected pussy. .

I rested a few, then me and my friend went into the living room to watch the video of what I just did to a passed out Christa. . The video made me instantly hard and after watching it, I told my nameless friend that I was going to fuck her again.

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  . I got back on top of her and started to see how hard and violent I could ram my cock into her pussy. . I was going to just fuck her pussy again but then I had another idea. . . I turned her over and lifted her ass up in the air. . I then brutally rammed my cock into Christa's ass and fucked her doggy style. . Again I wish I could say I anally raped her for hours but truth be told I shot my sperm up her poop shoot about 10 minutes later. .

Now I know Christa was going to be knocked out for at least 6 hours more so again I watched the video and got something to eat. . I was watching some TV thinking of what I could do sexually to Christa again.

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  . My friend had to go to the bathroom so she did. . A few seconds later I hear her call my name and she tells me to come quick. . That was when I saw a Bonus revenge fuck opportunity unfold. . On the bathroom floor was Ace's and Christa's 13 year old daughter Erika passed out. . it seems that she snuck some of her mom's wine and must have accidentally drank some of the wine we drugged. I first made sure she was breathing and she was. . . That is when my friend came up with an idea. .

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She said "How about you fuck the little girl also? That would Be the ultimate revenge". . I guess my conscience should of kicked in, but lucky for me it didn't

Now Erika again is 13. . At 13 though she has an amazing pair of 34 c tits, green eyes and blond hair like her mother, but unlike her mother Erika was a beauty. . Every strait guy I know would love to fuck her and it seems I was going to be lucky enough to do it. . I carried her to her parents room and laid her down right next to her naked and recently fucked mother. . I started stripping the close off this lolita goddess. . Her tits were firm and if I didn't know better I would think they were fake. .


   He pussy was almost bald except for a small patch of thin blond hair. . .

I started to suck on Erika's nipples just as I did to her mother a while ago. . Unlike her mother though Erika started moaning. . I was scared at first because I thought she was about to wake up but she never moved. . I then Titty fucked her just like I did to her mom, making sure the head of my cock would enter her mouth. . Unlike her mom, when I went down on Erika I stayed eating out her pussy a long time. . The tasted of a 13 year old girl's virgin pussy is something I think every man should experience because it is both indescribable and amazing. .

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   Again though as I ate her out Erika moaned. . Like her mom she shivered and quiver every time she had an orgasm. .

Now it was time to fuck this little goddess. . I started to stick the head of my cock into her pussy but immediately met with resistance. . Erika was a virgin alright and a tight one with a narrow pussy. . . I guess it was a good thing Erika was passed out because I then thrust inside of her breaking her Hyman instantly. . In no time both her pussy, my cock and the bed under us was covered in her blood. .


   For some reason that turned me on so much so I started thrusting in and out of her now deflowered cunt. . Even though Erika was way tight ( not lose like her mother) and it was the most amazing sensation my cock has ever experiencedI took my time because I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I can. . I looked up and saw my friend recording me slamming cock into this amazing pussy over and over again. . I asked is she has been recording since the beginning and she nodded yes. . I then started fingering Erika's still passed out mom and I fucked Erika like an animal. . After almost an hour I could not hold out any longer so I thrust my cock right against Erika's cervix and shot my cum right into her unprotected womb

I fucked each both of them one more time each before I got dressed and headed home. . I watched that video tape each and every night since that day and each time It just gets hotter and hotter

If you are wondering what happened after they work up. . Just like I planned my friend got naked and laid between them.

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  . When Christa woke up and asked what happened my friend told them that she got really drunk and started flashing her tits to a man walking by. . She then said she invited the guy in and he fucked Christa, my friend and Erika at the same time. . It seems Christa told my friend in the past that in Christa's bar days she would get to drunk she would take a guy, some times even a bunch of guys home and fuck them but have no memory of it

Both Christa and Erika got pregnant and Christa made Ace think her baby was his. . She sent Erika to live with her mother and when Erika had her baby she put it up for adoption. . I found out about it and adopted the baby with out any one knowing it. .

Even to this day I think about how much I enjoyed getting revenge and plot to try to do it again some time soon


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