Unexpected Wonderful Weekend


I had intended to stay in all weekend working on a paper but Saturday morning I needed to get out for air. I went to the mall and was just killing a couple hours and saw a sort of friend from high school of all places. I was back and forth between my parents here is Georgia and my Aunt and Uncle in Alabama during those years and so I was shocked when Jana tapped me on the shoulder in Penny's and I turned around and she gave me a very huge and tight hug. She is like, 5'7" or so and has always been really super conservative. I heard that she was virgin when married at the age of 21 and all through the time I knew her she was very much a friend but then there were times she stayed away from me. "Brenda, it is so great to see you. " she almost shouted. "It is nice to see you too. " I said and was looking at her still tomboyish figure that I was always jealous of. She had on a mid-thigh skirt and button up blouse and sandal type shoes. She stepped back and looked at me and smiled, "My god you are looking so good. " she said and I know I turned red facced for some reason. We began walking together to the food court and sat down to talk. No, I had never been married and yes she had, twice and neither worked out. No kids for either of us and yes I worked and was hesitant to tell her what I did. She was a secretary in a law office.

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We sat and talked for a while and then had some lunch and talked more. "I always envied you. " she said suddenly. "Why me?" I asked her. "Well, you were always so, ah, well, so, unihibitied. You did anything you wanted to and with who you wanted to I used to hear. " she said looking down. "Well, yeh I guess I did. " I said and then she said, "I heard that you even did it with some teachers. " and she looked down again. I joked and said, "Well, you used your bains and I had to use what I had. " I said and she said, "And still have. " and then she was shy suddenly. "Well, you have a great body. " I said and was serious.

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   "Let's go somewhere else. " I said and she said okay. "Where to?" she said and I suggested a place for some drinks and she said fine. "We found a nice place and went in and sat at a small table. We ordered some drinks and started talking again. "I always wished I could have done some of the things that you did. " she said. A couple drinks were working now on both of us. "MMMMmm, like what. " I said and she blurted out, "Just that if I saw someone I wanted I would go after them no matter what. " and I laughed. "well, I did not always get what I wanted to get. " and she smiled and said that she thought that I did. I had on a long summer dress and the top two buttons were unbuttoned as usual and I found that I had unbuttoned a couple more. I felt wet again and knew that I was turned on by Jana a lot.

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   Somehow our hands touched across the table and we smiled at each other. "I gotta go pee. " she said and got up and came back after a little. "Feel better?" I asked and she said "A little. "

"I wish I had gotten to really know you before. " she said and then I asked what she wanted to know about me. "Well, is it true that you like to make love with women?" she asked me and we had two more drinks. I felt my fingers undo another button and my nipples get hard. "Very much so. " I said. She was quiet for a while and then red faced she looked at me, "Have you ever wanted to make love to me?" "I never really thought that there was a chance before cause you were very conservative. " I told her. "But now, I would if I had the chance. " I finised. She was holding my hand now across the table and actually had moved a little around the table to be closer to me.

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   "Tell me Dear. " I said since I wanted her to think about how she was feeling and also what she was drawn to about me. "Tell me, would you really like to make love?" and she stammered out "Yes. " "Right now, what are you attracted to about me?" I asked and my dress top was fully open facing her. "I have always loved two things about you," she said, "Your lips and your breasts. " she said. "all the girls were jealous of those tits. " she blurted out. I was a little dark in the bar and so I leaned forward and pulled my top apart my tits falling out towards her. "Go ahead Hun. " and her hands came to them slowly and began massaging my tits. I leaned forward and took her face and her hands stayed on my chest and I pressed my lips to hers and she opened her mouth and my tongue slipped in teasing her tongue. We kissed for a couple minuetes and when we finally stopped she had her hands inside my dress massagging my tits and pulling the dress off my shoulders some. I had moved her legs apart some and gone slowly up her thigh and was slowly moving to her pussy lips. She moved her legs apart and then I found that her panties were gone.

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   My fingers found ever so little hair closley trimmed. "I took them off when I peed. " she said and I let fingers move around the lips slowly till her clit was in the open and then I pinched it softley and then harder making her hips move. "I think we need to go somewhere more private. " I said and she said "Yes. " and so we did not really fix our clothes and we got up, left the bar and the bright sun hit our eyes. She followed me to my place and came up and as soon as I closed the door and turned she was kissing me again.
I"I am on fire. " she said suddenly and took off her blouse and skirt and I took her to the bedroom and let my dress fall to the floor.

I laid her on the bed and laid next to her and began kissing her all over and she responded with her mouth finding my nipples. I pushed her back and she looked at me, "Lay down and let me show you. " and she did. I laid next to her kissing and massagging and sucking and then down to her litle fuzzy pussy and separated the lips with my tongue. I nibbled her clit and sucked it and was pulling her nipples too. Her hips began to move faster and faster and then she soaked my face with a nice orgasm.

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   "Oh my god, that was incrediable. " she moaned and we kissed more. She turned me on my back and said, "Now I will do you. . . but I really do still love two things and I will see about the third. " she said. "Oh, what is that now?" I asked. "I love kissing your lips. " she asnd and she did. "I love sucking your nipples and all of your wonderful tits and I hope I love eating your pussy too. " I told her to try all she wanted to to make sure. She laid me back and began. Her mouth was great for the first time and she took me thru multiple orgasms simply because when she was eating my pussy she could not stop. "Your slit is so big" she said and I said, "Finger me again and as you do, slip more fingers in me until all are in me and then slip your hand in and massagge me inside.

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  " I told her and she began doing it as I had said and when her fist was in me I pushed it in and began fucking her fist. After a lot of orgasms we laid there just kissing all over. "So how did you like it?" I asked her. "I wish I had long ago" she said. "Can I stay the weekend?" she asked me. "Sure, but my roommate will be back tomorrow and she may want to share you with me. " I told her. "If you are in the bed too I will do anything at al. " Jana said and we got up and had something to eat, both naked and kissing and carressing all the time then got a couple NetFlix movies and laid in bed for a while watching. I woke up at midnight to the feeling of my pussy getting wet and my nipples being sucked on. "Sorry, I was hungry. " Jana said and I told her to suck the nipples really harder then to bite them harder after that. She did as I said and soon an orgasm shook my body and we began to get serious again. We laid in bed at 3 in the morning and finaly fell asleep. She stayed the weekend and my roommate had her too, the three of us in bed.

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   Jana moay be moving in soon. We are still talking it over.
Love you all.
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