The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 11


Tuesday morning at about 6 a. m. , my dogs were going bananas. I wentdown to hush them up, thinking they had just got a whiff of a cat ora stray mutt in the neighborhood. They were scratching at my door,though. "Shit, who in hell's breath could be at the door thisearly?" I grumbled to myself. "Who is it?" I shouted. "It's Jason!""Jason, I'm not dressed sweety. Are you alone?" "Yeah. " I opened thedoor totally starkers. I told him to go wait in my bedroom while Ibrushed my teeth. After my breath was presentable, I asked him whyhe was there at that hour. "I just wanted to see you before I wentto school," he said. "I'm super glad you came Jason," I said,putting my arm around his waist and my head on his shoulder. Hekissed me. "Have you had breakfast yet sweety?" "No, I told my mom Iwas going over to your house before you left to go to your school tosay hello.

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  " I took him downstairs and made him some eggs and toast. I felt so domesticated. *giggle. "I love it when you cook for meMiwa. You're so good at it and it's so nice of you," he enthused. "Ilike it when I can do it for you, Jason. By the way, do you know howto cook yourself?" "No. " "You should learn. Women think it's hot ifyou can do that. I can teach you. Plus it's something we can dotogether, which makes it even better," I advocated. "Besides, whenyou go to college you'll be able  to eat more than take out food ordelivery pizza and you'll be less likely to get fat. " "That would becool," he accommodated.

So that's what would happen. He started coming over in the morningand I would show him how to make meals from scratch and then thesame thing would happen for dinner.

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   His mom was supposedly kindapeeved at him missing dinner because, basically, she was hardly everseeing her son anymore since he would stay until 10 or so afterschool now. She actually didn't believe I was teaching him how tocook. One morning, while I was still sleeping, he phoned me to letme know his mom was coming with him. Shit. I immediately got up andgot dressed in my little made up uniform and did my makeup so that Iwould look as young as possible. When they showed up, I let them in,gave Jason a kiss and a hug and hugged the mom, Denice, too. "WowMiwa, I can see why he spends so much time with you: you'rebeautiful!" she marveled. I giggled and thanked her. I showed themhow to make a Creme Brulee I especially liked, and, as I always did,I had Jason, who I had bought an apron for, do most of the work sothat he could get a physical feel for it. It came out okay, but itcould have been better. "We can work on that again tomorrow,sweety," I told him. "Why?" Denise countered. "It's already prettygood. "Pretty good or good enough is what just about sunk GM Mrs. Williams.

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   When Jason cooks for or with someone in the future I wantthem to be blown away," I said with steely eyes. "Okay dear," sherelented. "Yeah mom, Miwa doesn't half ass anything. You should seeher play guitar sometime. Wow!" "You dork!" I giggled.

We ate and then I took him to school before supposedly heading to myprivate one. Then after he got home, his mom came with him again andI showed Jason how to make a quick and light tempura. I alsoinsisted that Mrs. Williams get to work, too, and walked her througha recipe for a kick ass chocolate cheesecake. We ate the tempurameal, which was accompanied merely by some rice and canned fruit butturned out well nonetheless, in between Denise attempting to finishthe cheesecake. It was pretty decent, though there was still roomfor improvement. The kitchen was a mess, however, and beingsomething of a neat freak, I kinda ranked them out about being moreorganized. "I always make everything from scratch. The canned fruitthis time was because I wanted to teach Jason one thing at a timeand so I left out the tsukemono and miso soup," I propounded. "He'll  get t he 411 on that tomorrow," I said.



The next morning, Jason came alone, telling his mom that he woulddemonstrate for her what I showed him. We went over what was wrongwith his Creme Brulee and how to correct it. This time it was MUCHbetter. I also reminded him about preparation and having all theingredients within reach and confining the mess to as small an areaas possible. And the same thing happened with the tempura, only Iadded how to prepare miso with it and it ended up being one prettydecent little dinner.

After a couple of months, I warned him that I was going to invitehis entire family and Dylan and the rest of that gang over a fewdays later and he and I were going to make dinner for them. I toldhim to make a menu and then we talked about it the next day as towhat fits and what doesn't. I made Jason do the entree himself. Ihelped him with the appetizers and I whipped up the dessert. Theentree was decently successful and the dessert and appetizers cameout top notch. We all had a good time. I was definitely in withJason's family now. By the time school ended, Jason could roll outenough meals ranging  in quality from competent to near spectacularhe could keep a family going for weeks if he needed to. I told himto cook for his family every now and again just to keep that musclememory. His mom,  of course, loved that.

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   I also suggested that heknow how to do a few recipes great  rather than a ton mediocre orworse.  

In the wake of all that, Jason's parents began allowing him to sleepover at my place every Friday night, which I enjoyed and whichusually resulted in my pussy and/or mouth being filled with severalloads of cum. It was also nice to have another body to sleep nextto. He didn't mind if I disappeared for a couple of hours to playguitar while he watched tv.

When the school calendar concluded, my access to random cock alsopretty much went out the window since Jason now could be with meduring the mornings. Because we were together so much, I told himthat we were going to alternate making breakfast and dinner. He alsohad to do his own dishes. One day, I took him aside and asked himhow he felt about the way our relationship was going since we werebasically acting like a married couple. He stated that he wascomfortable with it and that he loved me like a house on fire. Ifelt good that he was learning so much from me, too, but he was alsostill a pretty quiet sort of guy, except when it came to sex. He wasalways all over me and I loved having his cock between my legsregularly. On the other hand, it  wasn't a good idea for him to seeme as being the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with,not just because of my personal situation and predilections, but ifhe didn't have that exploratory phase in his life then he wouldregret it forever.

And because Jason was over so much, so were his friends since hedidn't want to give them up, thank God. I didn't want to sabotageJason's friendships. I started noticing Marina staring and smilingat me more and more, which made me uber excited since I had wantedto get into her panties for quite a while.

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   The week after schoolended, she invited me to a sleepover but told me to keep it on thedownlow because she didn't want to piss off the uninvited. Thatuninvited turned out to be everybody but me. I told Jason thatMarina and I were going to have a girl's night out and so to notbother to come over that night. Marina's parents were home, as wereher 15 year old brother Masa and 13 year old sister Arisa, whichfelt kinda weird. Arisa was more typically feminine while Marina wasathletic looking and tomboyish. Once we got Arisa out of the picturearound 10, Marina scooted up next to me and gave me a bear hug. Icould see the muscles in her arms popping out from the weight workshe had done as part of the school's basketball squad. Man, thatfelt good. It had been a long time since I had a woman come on tome. She looked me in the eyes with her face about three inches frommine and asked me if I had ever been with a girl. I told her aboutthe experience with the girl at the lesbian club in L. A. , but alsoadded that she was a total dyke while I thought Marina was a lotcuter.

"I've wanted to be with you for so long, Miwa. You're such ahottie.

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  " What about our boyfriends?" I wanted to know. "What theydon't know won't hurt them," she insinuated. I cracked that it wouldprobably turn them on anyway and we both giggled nervously. She wasjust dressed in a baseball jersey and a pair of jean shorts while Iwas in hip huggers and a blouse tied off above my navel. Sheleaned into me and I felt her soft lips on mine. It was anagonizingly long, slow smooch and I was overflowing with wetness inmy crotch. She undid the buttons on my blouse, untied the knot andthen popped the hooks of my bra and I let them slide off of me. "Fuck, you have some nice tits," she admired. It was pretty obviousnow to me that Marina was a top. "Thanks sweety," I rejoindered. Shekissed me again, this time more heatedly, as I felt her handscruising over my breasts. I slid both my hands under her shirt andunfastened her bra and played with the inverted nipples of her b cups. Webroke our kiss and she removed her shirt and the bra. We had beensitting crosslegged facing each other, but now she was toppling meover on to my back and crawling on top of me. I felt her soft, nakedglobes and her erect nipples against mine as she kissed me yet againwhile my hands ran up and down her sturdy back.

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   She slid down andher mouth was encompassing my left nipple and I was moaning as hersoft, moist lips cajoled very pleasurable sensations out of them,little needle pricks of heat that jabbed my senses.

I felt her fingers tickling my belly as they slipped down, down down andundoing the button and zipper on my pants and then shoving itunderneath my panties to my clit,  her soft index finger doing awindshield wiping motion as she bumped  the hood over and over beforeshe put more pressure on it and began generating a friction that wasgradually warming my nubbin. The simultaneous sensations of her nipplesucking, clit battering and her soft body on mine had me very hot andbothered and I snuck occasional glances at her beautiful face and thosealmond eyes. My passion was quickly working itself to a boil and then Iconvulsed as the orgasm surged through me. I had to suppress my moansbecause I didn't want anyone in her household to hear what we weredoing. She sat up and licked her moistened fingers off.

She pulled my pants and panties off and then she lost her shorts,leaving her in a pair of cute blue panties. She asked me to hand her apillow so that she could raise my hips and make my pussy easier to getto. I then felt her mouth against my vulva and her tongue pushingthrough the opening of my sperm catcher and she carried on with that forfive minutes. "God Miwa, you taste so good I can't get enough oflicking you," she smiled. "Well, don't stop Marina!" I giggled. I felther fingers dividing my vaginal walls and her warm, wet mouth finding myclit and it and my g spot were soon throbbing. "Oh shit Marina, ohshit," i panted, grabbing her head while the heat mounted inside me. Then it shattered and raced through my nervous system, causing my pubicmuscles to contract rapidly and me to emit choked cries of ecstasy. Shehad a strong jaw and I flooded her face with my natural lube when themultiple orgasms struck, my hand tightly clamped on my mouth so that myvoice wouldn't resound all over her house.

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Her mouth finally fatigued or she ran out of patience or whatever andlaid on a pillow near the headboard. I guided her panties off of hervery toned legs, revealing her bushy twat. I could feel the heat of herpussy radiating against my face a foot away, she was that worked up. Itook some time flapping my tongue up and down her slit, tasting heryummy girl precum. I then rolled my tongue around her clit while I usedthe tip of my middle finger to tease the nerve endings around her pussyand she expelled some moans. My ring finger joined the other digit as Icoasted both of them through her sensual gates while I sucked andflicked her tiny joystick, my near ass length hair covering her thighs. She was rolling her body slightly as each sensation was hoarded by hersystem and gradually saturating her brain. She was grunting and herchest was heaving, while my fingers stroked her inner ridges to triggerher first orgasm, as she came in a suppressed guttural explosion ofsound emanating from her mouth. My tongue kept at it and kept at it, as Iled her to the summit  repeatedly like a sensual sherpa afflicted withOCD. She was now overloaded with all the sensations and nudged me off ofher clit with her foot.

She went to her dresser and produced a locked box from it, a strap onharness issuing fourth from it. I totally needed to be fucked and sheslid it on her and positioned herself over me and popped the artificialcock at my opening and drove it deep inside, provoking me to issue along moan as my vaginal walls surrounded it. She braced herself on herelbows over me and began undulating her hips, creating a wave of thrustsinto my love tunnel while I propped my legs on her back wanting thatgel dildo as far inside as it would go. She did this to me for abouthalf an hour and I was going nuts with all the orgasms she elicited fromme.

Then I did the same to her, the man made schvanz disappearing into herhair covered cunt over and over and over while she was on all fours andwrithed and panted.

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   "Fuck me harder, Miwa!" she whispered in a huskyvoice, which inspired me to ram it into her with all the strength Icould muster, which wasn't, unfortunately, anywhere near what it waswhen I was a male. Her sighs built to a crescendo until she was over theedge amid a flurry of gasps and grunts. I was spent now and pulled outand took the strap on off so that I could cuddle with her. God, it feltso sweet to hold a girl in that kind of physical shape. We kissedlanguidly. I told her I wasn't going to be able to stay overnightbecause I had dogs at home, but I could remain until about 2 a. m. Plus Iwanted to be home in case Jason came over early.

I asked her how she and Steven were getting along. She talked about whata great kisser and pussy eater he was and that she was very comfortablewith him, but she also needed to be with women every now and again. Itold her she could come over to my house anytime and that even if we hadsex in front of Jason he wouldn't get upset and would probably get hardand want to join in. I asked her how many of the other girls on thebasketball team she had been with. She replied a couple of them and shewanted to fuck the team's 6'3" center, too, but she wasn't absolutelysure she was gay or bi. When I asked how she knew I would be interestedin sleeping with her, she just noticed that we locked eyes a lot andthat encouraged her to go for it.

This experience was fucking fantastic and I hoped to repeat it.


   I wouldn't have to wait long. .