The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 18


The next day, I had plans for Sandra. I phoned John up just afterlunchtime and told him I was going to put on a little S&M showfor him at my house with my new girlfriend. Of course, he was up forit. I told him to show up at eight. Sandra arrived at around sevenafter fighting some bad southbound traffic. I ordered her to take ashower and to shave her legs even though they didn't really need it,warning her that if she missed a spot she would be punished and tomake sure her hair was completely blow dried as well. She was inthere for a good 45 minutes before she finally emerged. I had herstand at attention and inspected her and then moved her over to infront of the bondage rack. Just as I finished tying her to it sothat her arms and legs were both spread widely and blindfolding her,John was at the door.

When I let him in, I gave him a quick rundown of the protocolbecause he was going to participate. We ascended the stairs to mybedroom. "Cunt, I decided to use you tonight to entertain a longtimefriend of mine. You will greet him now. " It was evident from theexpression on Sandra's face that this development made her rathernervous as she tremulously bleated, "good evening Sir. " "Goodevening cunt," John retorted. "Sir, you may inspect my cunt if youwish," I informed him.

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   "And Sir may touch cunt in any way he feelshe needs to," I added. John walked around her. "Wow Mistress, she isa nice piece of ass," he leered. "Sir just complimented you cunt. Please show the proper gratitude," I barked. "Thank you Sir," shemeekly responded. "You're welcome cunt," John rejoindered with ashit eating grin on his face. He then played with her breasts for aminute and groped her pussy. . "She is really wet Mistress," hereported. "Cunt, Sir just caressed you. Why are you having such aproblem exhibiting gratitude?" I slapped her hard on the ass severaltimes. "Sorry Mistress," she intoned. Thank you Sir," she uttered. "That's better.

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   Remember, cunt is there to be used and will begrateful for it, understand cunt?' "Yes Mistress," Sandra agreed.

I snagged a bag that I had filled with various BDSM goodies andopened it. Then I went and fetched a wash cloth and both moistenedand warmed it up with hot water before returning to my bedroom. Ialso snared a freshly washed towel. I applied the cloth to her moundand let the water soak into her pubic hair while softening up herskin at the same time and put the towel  underneath her. Then Ireached into the bag and extracted a small can of pre-shave creamand lathered her groin, including her labia, up with it. Sandra'sface was turning red because she realized that she was going to beshaved in front of a complete stranger and have her cookiecompletely exposed to him. I took a razor from the bag and gentlyand carefully started to mow her pubic hair with it. Everytime Idenuded a patch, I dabbed it with the washcloth to keep the skindamp. It took me about 15 minutes to completely make her bereft ofher underhair. The shaving emphasized the cleft in her slit whenviewed from the front. "Now everyone can see what a truly beautifulpussy you have, cunt," I evaluated. "Thank you Mistress," sheanswered. "Would Sir like to inspect cunt's newly barren pussy?" Ioffered. "Yes Mistress,"  he replied enthusiastically.

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   He got on hisknees and got right next to her vulva and prodded it, peeling herlabia to see the pink interior of her drenched vagina. "No doubtabout it Mistress, cunt has a first class pussy," John offered. "Thank you Sir," Sandra expressed.

"Okay Sir, please have a seat so that her Mistress can put herthrough her paces," I said to John. He sat in the chair and I suckedon Sandra's little teats to get them erect. I was super wet myselfby this time and it was all I could do to not get on my knees andeat her. I stuck my hand in my bag and palmed a couple of vibratingnipple clamps and attached them to her milk ducts. She let out ayelp as the clamps dug into the sensitive and erect flesh. I thenlubed up a vibrating butt plug and slid it into her back door beforeI inserted a vibrating egg into her love tunnel. To ensure that thelatter two objects stayed in place while I played with my subbie, Icreated a rope hip harness with extra knots that were pulled tightagainst the openings of her pussy and her asshole. I encased her Acups in a simple breast harness to try to minimize their jiggling,at least what jiggling they could do. I switched the vibrators allon to about half speed and took out my paddle and gave her ten ofthe best, five on each cheek. "Thank you Mistress," she choked asshe writhed from the stinging. Her ass was getting hot and wastaking on a reddish hue.   I grabbed a flogger and and snapped offseveral blows against her butt and the back of her thighs.

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   Then Ihad John help me tickle her until she was breathless. I turned thevibrators up to full and hefted a thick bondage candle out of my bagand lit it and waited for some wax to melt on it. John's eyes gotreal big wondering what I was going to do with it. I pulled Sandra'shair back and dripped several drops of wax on to the front of hersoft skin. She jumped and yipped, especially when the hot wax hither breasts. I continued to make hot wax descend on to her body. "Doesn't that burn?" John asked. "No. This is a special candle wherethe wax cools quickly so that it won't burn her skin when it's usedcorrectly, but  it will feel very hot initially," I inculcated.

The vibrators were having their effect, as she was moaning inbetween the yips from the stinging liquid that emanated from thecandle. Then she let out a long, "Ooooh godddddd," and panted andgasped. "Is cunt about to cum?" I asked. "Ohhhhh yessss Mistress,ohhhhhhhh," she whimpered. I let a bunch of wax build up on top ofthe candle and then splashed the lot on to her breasts and body andthat seemed to accelerate her panting. "God Mistress, I'm going tocum!" she mewled.

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   I looked over at John and I could tell by theglazed look in his eyes that he was totally turned on and his cockwas bulging under his sailing shorts. Sandra panted rapidly and thencried out in ecstasy, as her pubic muscles contracted and quivered,propelling her to a huffing, puffing orgasm. "Thank you Mistress,"she squealed. "Your Mistress likes the way cunt showed gratitude toher for being allowed to cum," I notified her.

I turned the egg vibrator off and untied her. I removed the egg fromher sopping, newly barren snatch and bent her over and bound herhands together. I anchored that tie to the top post of the bondagerack. I snapped a collar on her that had an o-ring on i t and Ithreaded a length of rope through it and tied it off on the lowercrossbar of the rack to hold her head and body in place. "Would Sirlike to fuck cunt?" I inquired with a raised eyeborw?" "Yes I wouldMistress," he shot back. "Would cunt like Sir to fuck her?" I askedSandra. "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress," she gasped. "Is cunt onthe pill?" I wondered. "Yes Mistress," Sandra verified. "Sir, she isall yours.

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   I only ask that you limit your fucking to her pussy andher mouth since her asshole hasn't been developed yet to take a cockthere. " "Thank you Mistress," John somewhat raspily rejoindered, hishorniness evident in his voice. He stood behind her and pushed hisstiff fat seven plus inches into her and began to thrust. "Sir,please note that she is there to be used for your pleasure, soplease feel free to disregard any concerns for hers," I told him. Sandra moaned right from the outset of John's penetration of hersex. "Fuck, her pussy feels good," John conveyed, the sound of hispubic bone crashing into her ass further adding to the intensity ofthe scene. Sandra didn't need long before ascending that hill ofpleasure to her climax, grunting that she was just about there whileJohn savaged her with his weapon. I sat on the edge of the bedplaying with my clit and watched Sandra emit an "Unnnhhhhhnnnnhhhh"sound as her orgasm rent her nervous system. John gave her a couplehard wacks on her ass. I imagined him doing that to me while Ivigorously frigged myself and went over the falls of ecstasy myself. Once the orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and watched John continueto bring the big hammer to Sandra, provoking her to another orgasm. A couple minutes later, I was ready for my second climax, my fingerswet with my natural lubrication, my voice trembling and stranglingwhile I felt the heat rumble through me.

John held on well through this, but he was about to go off now and Icould see his head tilted back as he pounded his baby maker intoSandra's willing twat. He finally unleashed the contents of hisballs into her pink receptacle. I pulled my hand out of my shortsand got up and undid the ropes as well as the blindfold and hadSandra shake her arms and legs out.

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   After turning off the vibratorsand removing the nipple clamps from her, I commanded Sandra to layon the edge of the bed and I ate John's cum out of her whilebringing her to another orgasm. "Thank you Mistress," Sandra said,as she sought to regain her breath. Once we had all recovered fromthe exertion, I pulled the butt plug out of her ass and scurried offto drop it in the bathroom sink, pouring hot water over it. I washedmy hands and re-entered my bedroom. "Well, that was certainlymemorable," John laughed. "I thought it would be sweety," I flirted. I laid a passionate kiss on Sandra and told her I loved her. "I loveyou, too, Mistress," she replied. I kissed John and went down onhim, licking his flaccid cock all over and rolling his balls in mylefthand. I encircled it with my lips and closed them around it,exerting friction on it as it rode over my tongue. It's a real  turnon to feel a guy's dick grow in your mouth and finally John's fuckstick was expanding and lengthening from my ministrations. I pulledoff of it briefly to tell Sandra to get behind John as he sat on thebed and to kiss him and rub his chest from behind. John was a luckyman, as he had two hot young Asian girls catering to him withouthaving to pay for it. My mouth continued to ride over his rigidextension and he was moaning in between exchanging long kisses withSandra. It had been quite a while since I had the pleasure ofsucking John off and I was savoring every inch of his schlong.

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   Sincehe was older and had already cum it took a while, but I finallytripped his trigger and he splattered my piehole with his seed,which I gratefully swallowed.

We all collapsed in a heap on the bed. The front of Sandra's bodywas caked with wax drippings. After John left, I took her into mygarage and had her rub the wax off and then sweep it up. I also rana really kinky idea I had by her. She wanted to do it but alsodidn't want to be identified, so I promised to mask her face when wepulled it off. We took a shower together and went to bed. She onlygot about four hours sleep before she had to get up and go home soshe could get a fresh change of clothes and then head off to herworkplace.

After I woke up, I called John at his office and asked him to callme back when he wasn't busy because what I had to say was a littleinvolved. He didn't call until I was in the middle of dinner. Idescribed what I had in mind and he got a kick out of it. I warned,him, though, that it was essential that Sandra's identity beprotected and that I wanted to limit the audience for this stunt toonly about a dozen people we could trust to keep it hushed up. Johnwas on board and the next day he sent out a memo that his company'sbuilding was going to be inspected by their insurance carrier Fridayfor how strong it would be against earthquakes and so it wasnecessary to have everybody completely off the premises by 5:30 p. m. and anyone who was still around after that would be immediatelyterminated.

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   He then contacted a dozen of his most trustedlieutenants and ordered them to be in his office at 6:30 p. m. thatnight "for a special event. Also, you will ignore the memo about theinsurance issue I sent out but you will not, on pain of immediatetermination, inform anyone of said meeting or that my memo was beingignored. "

At the appointed time, Me and Sandra drove into the parking lot,which was just about deserted. I had her strip and had her walknaked about 100 feet  through the lot before John, who had alreadyconfiscated everyone's cellphones, let us into a back part of thebuilding. We were also carrying Marshal combo amps and our FlyingV's. We went up the elevator to the floor where John's palatialoffice was and we stashed Sandra in a conference room while John andI set up our equipment. The soon to be spectators were there butwere obviously curious as to what the hell was going on. I wasdressed in a black corset, a short black leather skirt with blackthigh high stockings and thigh high vinyl boots and sunglasses. Ithen went back downstairs with John to get my goody bag before goingto the conference room where Sandra had been left in the buff. Iwrapped a black scarf around her forehead like a G-rag and put ahead harness that had a heavy ring gag attached that also concealedthe entire lower half of her face so that all you could really seeof her identity now were her slit Japanese brown eyes.

When John, me and Sandra walked into his office, there was anaudible, "what the hell?" when they saw Sandra. We picked up ourguitars and went into Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People," withme singing. Along with Suki Hakamada's looks, the magic coin alsohad me inherit her voice, which was serviceable technically.

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   Atleast I could sing in tune. Then we did John Mellencamp's "Hurts SoGood," before capping the mini-concert off with Judas Priest's "HellBent for Leather," that we extended to show off our chops. At theend of our musical portion of the evening's entertainment, theonlookers were even more puzzled as to just what John was doinghere.

We put our guitars down and leaned them against the amps. I tookSandra by the arm and walked her in front of the audience, such asit was. "Good evening everyone. This is my slave and her name is'cunt' I want you all to tell her exactly what you think of her andwhat you would like to do with her as long as it isn't racist orgross," I implored. They all looked at John, uncertain as to justwhat the import of all this was. John was irritated at theirtimidity and picked somebody out to get the ball rolling. "And don'tbe a pussy about it," he warned. The executive underling thencleared his throat and spoke: "well, her tits are smaller than Iwould like, but I would still do her," he offered. Another spoke up,"I actually love her body. Those little tits are cute as hell and sois her bare ass," he asserted. Sandra was becoming embarrassed atthem critiquing her as if she was a thing rather than an individual. "That little slit, I could eat that for days," another of the smallaggregation offered up.


   "Watching her play guitar like that in thenude was so insanely hot," another burbled. "I'd be all over her ifgiven half a chance," he disclosed. Mark, the company cuckold, saidhe would love for her to sit on his face. As time passed, though,the throng of a dozen were becoming more aroused and the ice wassteadily being broken due to more and more of them stepping up. "I'dreally like to put my cock in that hole in her mask and have hersuck me," another one notified. Sandra was drooling a bit because ofthe ring that held her mouth open, which made the guys all think ofhow it would look if that was cum and not saliva.

Another one asked me if Sandra does anything I tell her to. Ianswered in the affirmative and that it was because she had aninnate need to submit to a dominant. "So don't you think she findsthis humiliating?" someone inquired. "Yes she does and she lovesit," I instructed. "Different people eroticize different things andthere are all kinds of degrees of submission, so while cunt likesbeing subjected to this others wouldn't. BDSM forces people tocommunicate with each other constantly and in that way it ishealthier than most vanilla relationships so that each side getswhat they want out of it, " I advocated.

The conversation was reaching an impasse, so I told them to fondleher breasts. "John, can we really do that given the legalenvironment?" one of his underlings worried. "Look you pussy, justgrab her tits, will ya?" John blustered.

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   "Uh, okay boss," one saidand they all took turns handling Sandra's petite breasts. She wasexcited and embarrassed,  her face feeling hot and her heartpounding hard.

"Okay,  I'm going to show you guys a few things and hopefully itwill help spice up your sex lives," I posited. I took a length ofred silk rope out of my bag and demonstrated a simple backhand tie. Then I had one of the execs take a run at it and went over it withhim until he got it right. I did the same with the others. Afterhaving Sandra lay on her back on the floor, I taught them the properwrist and ankle ties for spread eagling somebody on a bed and hadthem practice that, too, many of them ogling Sandra's glistening wetpussy while they did the ankle part of that.

I stood her up and asked them to spank her. They looked at eachother as if they all just saw a five headed sasquatch. John had toorder them to actually begin doing it. So after I had her grab herankles, again displaying her pussy to them, they did. She ended upgetting 36 swats, some harder than others and her ass was stingingand aching. I then took out my paddle and had her grasp her anklesagain. "Now cunt, you will count each swat and show your gratitudefor each one. If you forget how many I've given you or you fail toexpress gratitude, we go back to number one, do you understandcunt?" "Yes Mistress," she responded.

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I only gave her ten swats and she was able to keep track of that, sono punishment was necessary. "Okay you guys, I know you're all hardas a rock," I said, "and want some relief. " I pulled a chair a fewfeet away from John's desk and had Sandra sit in it with her back onthe seat cushion and then tilt her hips up so that her pussy wasparallel with the ceiling. I bound her thighs so that they werespread wide open and tied to the arms of the chair. I removed afunnel from my bag and inserted it into her pussy. John thencommanded, "okay you guys, whip it out and fill 'er up. " "Woah,"they reacted. John got his cock out, too, and began strokinghimself. So his acolytes followed suit and I watched with a smirk onmy face as they all masturbated in front of their boss, me andSandra. One of them finally got to the point where he was going tocum and he shot his wad into the funnel, his semen slowly swirlinginto Sandra's nether regions. They all deposited their loads intoher, but the second round took a while because they were all middleaged men. Finally, their balls refilled and Sandra absorbed theirsmaller amounts of sperm into her open vessel for a total of 26loads. I looked over at Mark and asked him if he wanted to eat hiscolleagues' cum out of her. Mark was into humiliation, too, andadmitted he did want to gulp his coworkers' liquid. I untied Sandraand had Mark lay on the floor and then told Sandra to lower herpussy on to his mouth.

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   Some of the cum immediately poured out whenshe sat up out of the chair, but there was still quite a bit of itinside of her and Mark enthusiastically sucked it up while Sandraground her vulva into his face. This disgusted some and made otherslaugh. They knew Mark was a freak from that party when I torturedhis wife, but this was something else.

I needed to get that gag off of Sandra because she had it on for thebetter part of three hours, so I called a halt to the party at thatpoint. "Thank you Miwa and cunt for a memorable and stimulatingevening," John praised, starting to clap for her. Everyone elsefollowed suit and we left to a kind of compulsory standing ovation,taking only our guitars and my goody bag. I came back for the ampsthe next day. As soon as we got into the elevator with John, I tookSandra's gag off as well as the scarf and apologized to her formaking her wear it so long. No harm was done, so she was okay,though her jaw was sore the next day. She walked back to the carwith me with the night air blowing softly across her thin, nakedframe. She got dressed and we left after I hugged and kissed Johngoodnight.

When I came for the amps Monday, he told me that his subordinateswere still in shock from what they witnessed the previous night,like it had been a kind of weird dream. John was glad he did itbecause anything that shook people up from the hypnotic rhythm ofthe day to day corporate routine helps keep people loose. Yeah, itwasn't exactly politically correct, but tough shit. He also calledMark into his office that morning and gave him a raise for showingsome balls.

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   John was really unhappy with the tentativeness  hisexecs displayed and Mark was the only one who seemed to not carewhat other people thought and took a risk when he ate hiscolleagues' cum out of Sandra's pink channel. "Shit, this company'sdoomed if I ever retire, bunch of fuckin' nancy boys," Johncritiqued.

I could have Sandra spend the entire weekend with me and, aside fromthe rehearsals with the band, we had a laidback Saturday and Sunday,spending a lot of it with both of us naked in my bed watching tv orjust jamming with each other and basically spoiling each other.

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