The Time Shifter Chapter 50


I returned home, took a shower, brushed that evil taste out of mymouth, made dinner and then jammed through the night. I didn't getto bed until 5 a. m. and didn't awaken until two in the afternoon. Iwatched some ESPN, made a couple more You Tube videos and laterforced myself to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. When you're anadult, because you have a car, you can be a nightperson and stillhave a social life. But not when you're 14 and all you have is abicycle, the bus or your own two feet.

Monday, I had to take two buses to get to this one major guitarstore. I was there mainly to show off and, after a while, these twoguys in their mid-20's started following me around and watched meplay seven or eight songs. It was getting nearly time for the nextbus to arrive or I would have to wait another hour, so I put thisIbanez Prestige I was playing at the time back on the wall and beganto head for the door. As I am just getting outside, they chased medown. When I heard their footsteps behind me, I stopped and got mybody in a position so that I would be able to kick both of them inthe head if I needed to. "Hey, you're totally amazing!" one of themsaid. Warily, I thanked him for the compliment. "Are you in a band?"he continued. "Not at the moment.

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  " "You want to jam with us?" Rightthat second, I saw my bus down the block. "Hey look, my bus iscoming. Give me your number and I'll call you back," I instructed. Igot the one guy's number, entered it into my cellphone and, lessthan a minute later, was on the bus for home.

I took a shower, changed into a blue jean skirt and a white t-shirtand then called the number of the guy who I met earlier that day. "Hello?" "Hi. Is this Mike?" "Yes it is. Who's this?" "This isMisty. I met you earlier today at the guitar shop. " "Oh hey Misty. I'm glad you called me back. " "So tell me about your band," Irequested. "Well, we're melodic without being too wimpy. To behonest, though, we've had a few personnel changes over the lastcouple of years and we're still kinda groping for a direction. ""Yeah, it sucks when you can't find good band chemistry.

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  " 'Ain'tthat the truth. Anyway Misty, where do you come from musically?" "Itend to like more classically influenced stuff. Yngwie, Deep Purple,Dio, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, UFO,Accept, etc. " "Very cool. Well look, why don't you come down to ourrehearsal studio and see if you're a good fit with the rest of theband?" "There's kind of a problem with that," I sheepishly informedhim. " "Oh shit, what's that?" "I'm only 14, so I have to take thebus and I'll only be able to bring my Strat and a combo amp withme. " "You play and look like that and you're still only 14?" "Yeah,but I'll be 15 in September," I added hopefully. "Fuck!" he shoutedinto whatever room he was in. "Sorry,"I said.

"Look Misty, you're one of the best guitar players I have ever heardand you would definitely be the best one I ever played with, not tomention the hottest. So I'm just frustrated about how everything hasbeen going south on me the last year or so. " "Well, I have arehearsal room in my house. For now, though, how about I go down,see if our musical leanings are a match and if I like what I see wecan rehearse at my house with my full backline. " "You have a fullbackline and a rehearsal studio in your house?" he interrogatedincredulously. "Yeah.

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   I have three Marshall JVM 800 stacks, two MesaBoogie Dual Rectifier stacks and a shitload of guitars, effects andother shit. " I elucidated. "You must be rich," he guessed. "Mike,I've said this before, but there are four things you never ask awoman about: her age, her weight, her money or whether she came. " "Ineed to remember that," he laughed. "Yes you do," I affirmed in aflirty way.

A couple of days later, I lugged my guitar and that heavy ass (atleast when you're a girl) Marshall combo amp on and off of two busesand down a street while dressed in black leather from head to toe ona hot late June day. Mike was waiting for me outside and graciouslyhauled my amp the last few yards into the rehearsal studio. "Youlook fucking devastating, Misty," he praised. "Thanks sweety. " Itold them to just play one of their songs and then I would tryplaying it with them afterward. So that is what we did and they wereblown away I could learn what songs they had so quickly. .

But there were two problems: first, the songs just weren't verygood; secondly, the singer was suspect. They asked me to join and Iissued a positive response to the offer.


   I subsequently asked Miketo take me home and he fulfilled that request. "Mike, let's behonest: you're never going to get anywhere with your present singerand the songs definitely aren't going to cut it, " I assessed as wecruised down the 5 freeway. "For the time being, the best thing todo would be to fire the singer and have me sing," I pointed out. "Fuck, Misty, you've just joined the band and now you want me to canthe singer and rewrite our songs? Isn't that kind of arrogant onyour part?" "When we get home, Mike, I'll show you my vocal chops. And by the way, I also play keyboards, though I don't have much inthe way of that because I mostly play guitar. That can be easilyrectified, though. "

After he pulled up in my driveway, we went upstairs to my musicroom. I switched on the small PA system I had as well as my guitaramp. Once my amp was warmed up, I went into Heart's "Barracuda,"then Deep Purple's "Burn" and, aside from my guitar work, I put on ahell of a vocal display. "Okay, we'll fire our singer," he relented. 'I knew you'd come around to my point of view," I calculated. "ShitMisty, I don't know if I should be excited or afraid bringing youinto the band," he averred anxiously. "Mike, I don/t want to getinto any power struggles. Ultimately, we should make this band aboutthe songs and the fan experience and not our egos. " "Yeah, I thinkwe can agree on that.

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I worked on tearing those tracks down that night and reconstructingthem in a way that would be exciting to the ear. I came up with somegood ideas in parts, but couldn't quite finish them off as acompletely satisfying product. I finally went to bed around 3  a. m.  When I got up in the morning, I ordered a bunch of keyboardequipment online.

Saturday, we had a band meeting and we let our singer go. Also, justfor a fresh start, the band's name was changed from Broken Babylonto Vicious Sun. At my behest, we trademarked the name and we had alocal artist design a logo, which we also trademarked andcopyrighted. The next thing we needed to do was write songs,something that would take us months to do before we had a strongenough selection to take in front of audiences. I also had aconversation with Mike about incorporating the band at some pointfor tax and other reasons.

Anyway, this is what took up all my time the remainder of thesummer, hashing out songs, jamming and getting used to playingkeyboards. When my sophomore year of high school commenced and Iturned 15 in the bargain, I received overtures from thereconstituted popular clique (the seniors who populated it last yeargraduated) and, when I wasn't preoccupied by my band, I hung outwith some of them. AFAIK, none of them knew about my adventures withKevin's friends nor about being double teamed while I was high onweed. Ms. DeSantis pleaded with me again to try out for thecheerleading squad, but I had to tell her I was just too busy withmy band.

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   She attempted to impress on me how being a cheerleaderwould result in me garnering more attention and that it would lookgood when I applied to college as an extracurricular activity, whichmade me laugh. "What are you so amused about?" she wondered. "Youhave no idea how much work it takes to keep a band going and make itviable. Cheerleading is about as artistic as making a baloneysandwich and requires very little thinking or talent, not to mentionthe business smarts you better have in music or you will getscrewed. Plus how many millionaire cheerleaders are there? None, atleast for their cheerleading. "

The quarterback of the football team asked me out after meeting meat a party. He took me to the usual dinner and a movie and Iwouldn't let him touch me, which was hilarious, at least to me. ThenI ignored his calls when he endeavored to take me out  again. Eventhough I became part of the popular crowd, I was still nice toeverybody, including the nerds, goths, punks and stoners and wasoften touchy feely with them while the jocks got zero love from me. Some of the popular kids were perturbed about me not being thatavailable and a couple even asked if my band was a fictional entitysince we hadn't begun playing out yet.

It came to a head when I started seeing this goth kid, RandySchleuter. We met when we were in the same biology class together. In fact, he sat next to me and our relationship was ignited by mejust asking him how his weekend was. Our musical interests werecompletely different, aside from a mutual respect for David Bowie,Japanese visual kei bands and Marilyn Manson as well as afascination with BDSM. But I was interested in the way his mindworked and we shared a lot of the same sense of humor.

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   Of course, at 15, he didn't have a car or much money, so initially i went over tohis house to hang out with him. His parents might have been relieved tosee him with a normal looking girl and not one of the all in blackcrowd, but his friends were understandably suspicious at first and oneof them attempted to get my goat by needling me and taking the mickey. Ijust ignored her. Mind you, it wasn't that I was hanging out with themeveryday, but at least a couple of days a week.

Then I invited him over to my house and played him a bunch of Bowie, XJapan and T. Rex material. In between that stuff we joked around. Hestarted asking me about  my personal life, including whether I wasseeing anyone. I said that I wasn't into relationships at the moment dueto how busy I was with the band. "So I'm not into Mr. Right at themoment, but Mr. Right Now," I giggled. He used that as a jumping offpoint for some wry sexual innuendo. The subtext of it, though, was thathe wanted to fuck me, that much was for sure. I had him lay his head inmy lap while I sat on the couch.

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   I undid the buttons on his shirt andran my hand up and down his chest. There was on obvious bulge in hisleather pants, as I expected. He grabbed my righthand and kissed it. Ileaned my head down and kissed him softly on the lips. He hooked his armaround my neck and we continued kissing. I was becoming wet and thesmooching became more heated. I was waiting for him to make a move on mytits, but that didn't materialize.

I decided to move things forward. "Hey sweety, my bed would be a lotmore comfortable, I suggested. "I'm sure it would," he snarkily grinned. I got up and helped him off the couch and, my hand in his, led himupstairs to my bedroom, which was unremarkable except for somereproductions of Japanese art works on the wall. "Oh, I'm disappointed,"he cracked. "This isn't very metal at all. " I did a bad imitation ofLinda Blair saying, "your mother sucks cocks in hell!" from the exorcistand followed it up with, "is that satanic enough for you?" "No, no, Idon't think Anton (Lavey, the leader of the Church of Satan) would bepleased at all," he needled. Well, if I can't please Anton, I can pleaseyou," I riposted and went to my knees and undid his pants.

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   "Ooh, youdirty little girl," he kidded as I pulled his cock out. I was stunned atthe size of it. He was at least eight inches and I couldn't get myfingers around it. "This is your first blowjob ever, isn't it?' Iwondered insistently. 'Yeah. " "So how does it feel to get it from one ofthe popular girls?" "Well, I don't know yet. Why don't you get on itand I'll let you know afterward," he grinned. "Yes Master," I joshed andenclosed my mouth around his rigid spear and pushed my lips down hisshaft while my tongue tantalized his cockhead. "Oh yes, that's a goodgirl," he sighed. I bobbed my head up and down trying to get all of hisdick into my mouth and I was barely able to. "Oh fuck Misty," he moaned,as my throat muscles caressed his manhood. His breathing went more andmore to hell with each pass of my lips and tongue down his length. Whenhe got right to the edge, I pulled back and sucked as hard as I could,causing his body to jerk and his penis to spurt great globs of his cuminto my yapper as he grunted in ecstasy.
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