Katie has been working a lot,Beth has been coming and going as she needs I guess. Mom stopped seeing Uncle Alan, but has been spending quite a bit of time with Katie when ever it seems possible. Zoe and I seem to be the only real constant here. The pool, being enclosed has kept us together on a daily basis. If we don't spend 6 hours a day in the pool, then there must be something wrong.

Zoe can swim like a fish, and her tight body shows her muscle tone is developing quite well. This girl is in shape. Her breasts are starting to develop , but it doesn't look like she will ever be large breasted. Her ass is so firm, and her legs have a real athletes shape to them.

I think it was a Wednesday. Katie planned a trip to the city, and my mom was going with her. Beth had been gone for a few days, something to do with work or something, so it left me and Zoe at home. Of course, we spent it in the pool for the most part.

Looking outside, it was just starting to snow. There is something about being naked in a pool, when the snow starts falling. I saw on the edge of the pool, not paying much attention to anything, when Zoe came over and sat on my lap.

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  Her naked wet skin against mine got things stirring without much effort. I felt my cock rising into the crack of her ass, and upwards to her bald pussy. Zoe reached down and brought my cock up and rubbed it against her, giving a little grind to enhance the sensation. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy as she leaked on me, and it was wonderful. Her little pussy made so much wetness, I just had to eat her. I laid back and shifted her to my face. My tongue probing deep into her pussy, tasting her for all she had. My nose nuzzled against her little butt hole, sniffing her at the same time I ate her was totally intoxicating. Zoe leaned forward and brought me to probably the quickest orgasm I've ever had. She took it all and licked me clean.

After we had a little something to eat, the phone rang. It was Katie, saying the snow in the city was getting heavy, and she and my Mom were going to just stay there for the night, and wanted to make sure Zoe and I would be OK on our own. I didn't have any problem with it, and Zoe agreed, it would be OK with her as well. We spent the day between the pool, the video games and movies. I ordered pizza for dinner, and actually, even with all our own freedom to do what we wanted, we went to bed early.

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  Zoe slept in her room, and I took up the guest room, which doubled as Beth's room when she was there.

I was sleeping pretty well, when I felt someone crawl in with me. Figuring it was Zoe I spooned her. As my hand found my way to her chest, I quickly noticed it was not Zoe at all,the breasts I was feeling were larger,

"Mmmmm, I've missed that. "I heard. It was Beth. I felt her naked body starting to slide closer, grinding her nice ass into my crotch. I got hard rather quickly, and found myself wanting to fuck her pussy hard. She has such great muscle control, but she had other idea's. Beth reached between us and guided my cock to her ass, and took me in slowly.

Once I was totally in her, I rolled her onto her stomach and proceeded to pump into her full strokes, enjoying every bit of it. . I started pumping harder and harder. Beth was screaming, and that brought Zoe in. Zoe climbed onto the bed and started stroking Beth's tits, Beth turned to Zoe and kissed her hard.

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I continued to bang Beth's willing ass, bringing her to at least 3 orgasms, before I couldn't hold off any longer.
I tightened up, and got ready to cum deep into Beth's ass, when she turned herself around and took me deep into her mouth, sucking every drop of cum I had. Zoe only helped it all by sucking on my balls. Beth sucked for all she was worth, and finally I just collapsed on the bed.