I had never had unprotected sex, interracial, anal, or sex with another woman, until a few days ago


I had never had unprotected sex, interracial, anal, or sex with another woman, until a few days ago. My name is Jan. I am 20 years old, a red head, 5’5” about 140 with 36C breasts. My room mate is Joan. She is 22, 5’1” 125, with light brown hair. Both Joan and I broke up with our boyfriends within the last 2 weeks. I have only had sex with 2 men and always made them use a condom. Joan has had more experience. I am not sure how much more but I think she has only done oral and vaganal sex.

It was Saturday and we were feeling a little down so we thought we would go to a local bar. I was wearing a black strapless dress that showed some cleavage. Joan had on a sexy green dress that was very low cut. I think we both looked very sexy. The idea was to have a few drinks, dance and maybe find a cute guy to make out with.

We took a cab to the bar. A lot of heads turned and when we walked in.

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  That made both Joan and I feel real good about ourselves. We had been there about an hour and had had several drinks when a black man came up and asked Joan to dance. She said OK and went to the floor. I also danced that slow dance. When I got back to the booth, Joan and the black man were sitting there drinking. I sat down and got another drink. Joan told me his name was David. I could not help but notice that his hand was under the table and Joan was reacting to him. We talked a few minutes and Joan asked me to go to the bathroom with her. When we got in the bathroom, Joan told me she wanted to take him home. I was very surprised but also very high and said it sounded like a good idea to me. We both took of our under ware and went back to the table. Joan and Dave started kissing and feeling each other up. Joan asked him if he would like to go back to our place. He asked if it was OK with me.

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  I just smiled. He very quickly said lets go. He paid the bill and we got a cab back to our place.

It is about a 15 minute ride and as soon as we got in he started kissing Joan and sliding one of his hands up her dress. I watched as he found her uncovered pussy. He then started rubbing my leg. His hand slid up and he started rubbing my pussy also. I noticed the bulge starting to grow in his pants. By the time we to the house we were all ready. I opened the door and said I had to us the restroom. When I came out Joan was on the sofa, had her dress off and Dave was eating her pussy. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stood there and watched. Joan was in heaven at pussy licking she was getting. I went over and bent down and unzipped his pants. I pulled his dick out and started to rub it.

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  It was about sane length as my last boyfriend but was a little bit bigger around. I rubbed it and then took it in my mouth. I hadn’t had much experience but by the sound of Dave I must have been doing a good job.

After a few minutes Dave got up and helped me take by dress off. Dave took his pants and shirt of as we went to the bedroom. He told Joan to lie down and then told me go up to her head and to suck on each others tits. Neither of us had ever done that before but the way were feeling, it was like what the hell why not. We started sucking and Dave took Joan’s hand and put it on my pussy. She started rubbing and then slid a finger in me. I was about to go crazy when Joan jumped. I looked down and Dave was putting his dick in Joan. He started pumping her. The fasted he pumped the harder Joan sucked my tit and rubbed my pussy. He fucked her awhile and then pulled out. He came up and had both of us lick and suck his dick.

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  It was my first taste of another’s cunt. I must admit that it was a turn on. Dave told us to change places. I laid down and Dave started to give me head. Joan got over me and we started sucking on each others tits and I reached up and rubbed her pussy. My finger found her just fucked hole just as Dave slid his dick in me. This was the first dick that had been in me without a condom and it was a black man. He was pumping me fast and Joan was sucking on my tits. I came several times and then Dave slammed into me hard and held still as he filled up my pussy with his black cum. I must admit that the cum pumping in me was a turn on. After a few minutes Dave pulled out and again had Joan and I lick his dick clean. He laid between us for a few minutes with us playing with his dick him playing with our tits and pussy. He told Joan to lay on her back and for me to get on top of her in the 69 position. I got on her and Dave told us to eat each other. I knew that I had cum dripping out of my cunt.

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  Dave told Joan to eat his cum out my cunt. I felt her starting to lick my slit then my hole. I could not stand it and did the same to her. I looked up and Dave was hard again. He got behind me and slid his dick in my pussy again. He fucked me a few time as Joan was licking me. Dave pulled out and felt pressure on my ass hole. I told him I had never done that before. He said that he would take it easy and pushed. The head went in and I pushed my head into Joan’s cunt to keep for screaming. It hurt so bad. He pulled out a little then pushed again. This time he went in about 4 inches. He stopped and let me get used to his dick. All the time Joan is licking me and I am about to cum with a dick in my ass.

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  Dave pushed again and this time he went all the way in and held it there. The pain was intense but so was the pleasure. He started pumping in and out very slowly at first. The pain started to go away and the pleasure was intense with Joan licking me and Dave pumping in my ass. He ass fucked for a while and pulled out and fed his dick to Joan. She took his dick in her mouth and sucked him. He then told us to change places which we did. That put Joan on top and me on bottom. We started eating each other. Dave came over and slid his dick in Joan’s pussy. After fucking her a little he pulled out and put his dick to her virgin ass. He did just like he did me. Slowly pushing until the head was in. I could tell that it was hurting Joan because she buried her head in my pussy. After a little while he was all the way in and started to fuck her fast and hard.

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  His balls pounding her right above my face. She, like me, started to enjoy it. I could tell he was about to cum. He shot a load of cum in her ass. He held his dick in her ass for a little while and then pulled out. I could see cum out of Joan’s ass. I took his dick in my mouth. I could taste Joan’s ass along with Dave’s cum. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to lick his cum off Joan’s ass which I did.

Dave stayed about 2 more hours and fucked us several more time. He came in Joan’s pussy and my ass. When he left, Joan and I went to bed. We slept nude together. Several times during the night I woke up with Joan’s fingers in my pussy or mine in hers.

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