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  • Margo reviews 04-05-2022
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    2022-04-25 2 hours Belgrade
    : 10.0
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    Margo - escort review from Serbia Ga naar profiel
    This was my second meeting with Margo, and I can only say she is a very beautiful lady, who is very professional and dedicated. Communication was easy both times.
    Being greeted by Margo in her sexy outfit is a perfect way to begin, but the long, steamy kiss that follows is a thing to remember. I am usually a bit reserved around new people at first, but with Margo it was not the case.
    Very intelligent and with a lot of life experience, chatting with her is a pleasure, especially when she is sitting next to you, caressing and kissing along the way.
    As amazing as that was, once things moved to bedroom, magic happened. She is active, passionate and has an almost sixth sense, anticipating your desires. Her long, beautiful legs were a constant distraction, but it is her lips and that long, naughty tongue of hers that will remain in my mind.
    I will just say that since our meeting, I have this desire to simply watch Margo eat and ice-cream cone.
    Thank you for the wonderful time, and know that I look forward to our next meeting.