A Tantalising Surprise

Erotic Novels

I went to my boyfriends for the night, I had no idea what he had instore for me.


I had no idea what to expect as I walked into the house. All my boyfriend had told me was to be home at 7 o’clock and no later. I also had to wear the underwear that he had bought for me the week before. He’d said that he had planned a surprise for me.

I walked into the house and heard him call me to the bedroom. His commanding voice told me exactly how I was to behave this evening. I quickly climbed the stairs and walked into the room. Before I could say anything, there was a blindfold over my eyes. My boyfriend quickly ripped off my clothes and I could feel his eyes taking in the sight of me in my new lingerie. He forcefully pushed me onto the bed and started to tie my hands on to the headboard. He was definitely in charge tonight and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen.

After a couple of minutes of silence, I suddenly heard him whisper into my ear as he started to stroke my pussy over my thong, “This is what is going to happen tonight. I’m going to use you for my pleasure. You’re just going to take everything that’s going to happen and you’re not going to complain. ” He slipped his hand below the thin fabric and groaned with approval at how wet I was.

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   He started to explain what he was going to do to me as he slowly circled my swollen clit with his finger, “I’m sure you can’t wait to come, but you’re going to earn that right. I bet you want my head between your legs, flicking your clit with my tongue. Tasting your wetness, as I slowly slide a finger in you. ” I moaned in agreement and managed to whisper , “Yes Sir”, before he uttered the words “Or maybe you would like a girl to do that to you instead. ”

And with that, he quickly removed his hand from inside my underwear and laughed at my frustration. I tried to calm down so I could obey him. I then heard the door open and a female voice said, “I’m definitely going to have fun tonight. ” I suddenly found my breathing getting heavier and my pussy clenching, needing to be touched.

I felt soft, feminine hands slide up my stockings towards my thong. She was hovering above my pussy, I could feel her hot breath on me. My underwear was slid down my legs as this mystery female purred at my dripping wet pussy. “You know, you’re not going to come until you’ve made both of us come. . . With your mouth”, my boyfriend breathed into my ear.

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   I felt soft thighs either side of my head as a strong smell of sex entered my nose. “Lick it. ” Those two words were all I needed. I’d never done this before but I could see how my boyfriend liked it so much. I licked her clit as quickly as I could. When she moaned, it sounded muffled. I heard my boyfriend groaning and imagining this girl sucking his big cock turned me on so much more. She grinded her pussy into my face, covering me in her wetness. Before I knew it, her pussy started clenching as she moaned louder and louder. She climbed off my face and kissed me deeply and desperately, needing to taste herself. “Not bad for your first time. I hope you can give your boyfriend as much attention. ”

As I was squirming on the bed, my boyfriend commanded me to open my mouth. I knew he would be unrelenting with me and thrust his cock deeply into my waiting mouth. He moaned, his large cock filling my mouth.

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   All of a sudden, I felt a tongue on my pussy. “Don’t you dare let my dick fall out of your mouth, no matter what she does to you. Believe me, she’s going to be doing a lot to you. ” This made me moan, making my throat vibrate. I know he loves it when that happened and he struggled to steady his voice, “And I know you’re going to take it all. ” With that, I felt something nudge the entrance to my tight arse-hole. As I was told to relax, I felt her slowly slide the butt-plug into place. Never had I felt so turned on before. The fact that it felt so wrong, just spurred me on more.

Her tongue was expertly licking my clit, my arse feeling so full and stretched. My boyfriend was thrusting deeper and more desperately into my mouth as he was getting closer. That was when I heard something vibrating. The vibrator was stretching my pussy. It was bigger than anything I’d had before but I felt like I needed it. I wanted to come so much, I would have done anything.

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   Inch by inch it slid into me. I gasped and moaned, feeling so full.

The cock in my mouth started to swell bigger and throb as I heard my boyfriend moan. He thrust deeply and I tasted his hot come as it slid down my throat. Suddenly, the vibrations got stronger and the mystery female licking my hot pussy started to drive the vibrator harder and harder into me. I felt a tongue licking my hardened nipples, tipping me over the edge. I came harder than I ever had before and by the time I had recovered enough to remove my blindfold, the woman had left.

I smiled at my boyfriend and thanked him before falling into a deep sleep. I can’t wait to plan something for him.