First time Being Watched

Erotic Poetry

I had been married to this woman for about 17 years, and she never liked sex. She had confessed a few years earlier that she had been tricked into giving her brother a blowjob when she was a lot younger, and that the practice had been repeated ever since, covering a span of nearly 13 years. Therefore, her guilt of having sexually satisfied her brother for so many years gave her a dislike for sex. But I had learned soon after starting to date her, her bother had taught her well in regards to sucking a cock.
I had grown accustomed to going sometimes a couple months at a time with no intimacy from her, so I reverted back to just satisfying myself with my hand whenever I sensed a need for release. Since learning how good it felt as a young teen, I sometimes jacked off as often as twice a day.
One evening, I was feeling quite arroused, and in need of a good release. I could tell by her actions that tonight was not going to be a good night to ask for a favor. I devized myself a plan, although I really had not thought it through all the way to the end. I awaited for sundown, all the chores to be completed, and I decided to turn in for the night. I kissed her good night and headed to bed, knowing that she would probably come herself when the program she was watching ended, about 15 to 20 more minutes. I went in the bedroom, undressed and got into bed.
I lay there dreaming up my plan, and my cock was already a few minutes ahead of my plans. He was already rock hard when i laid down, but i knew I would have to wait in order to get anywhere close to the plans I had. I lay there and awaited her coming to bed.
When the program ended, i heard her turn the tv off, and I knew that meant she would be coming into the bedroom in just a short while.

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   I positioned myself on the bed and pretended to be asleep. Just as I planned, she came in and started prepareing for bed. I lay there, peeking at her through small slits in my eyes, having opened them just enough to allow me to see her, but hopefully not enough so that she could tell I was watching her. I could feel my cock stirring again as I watched her take off her clothes. Her 36D tits coming into view then being covered by the thin nighgown she wore to sleep in. Finally, she had undressed, gotten into the night clothes and was in bed beside me. I was still "asleep".
She leaned over to kiss me goodnight, but I remained asleep, not moving a muscle.   I had to concentrate on my breathing so as to make her think I was asleep. She settled in beside me and got still. I lay there and waited, listening to her breathing and concentrating on mine, until I knew she was starting to drift off. Time to put my plan into action.
I moved just enough to awaken her and turned my head toward her so that I could watch her again. In order for my plan to work, I had to know that she was fully aware fo what I was doing. Time to start.

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   I slipped my hand to my cock, taking ahold of it but not moving my hand. I waited. When she settled back down, I started slowly stroking my cock. Not moving a lot, just enough to attract her attention. It was starting to feel really good, and I knew I wasn't going to be long at this before I was going to blow my load. I was so turned on thinking that for the first time in my life, she was going to get to see me playing with my cock.
I stroked it more, getting a little faster and a little more open about what I was doing. As of yet, she had not acknowledged that I was doing anything. I had to step up the plan. My plan, up to this point was to let her think that I was so horny that I was going to stroke myself, hoping this would get her involved and she would give me some pussy. That was my honest plan for the evening. Thinking of getting it, I was getting more turned on. So I started to make little groans. Maybe if my moving wouldnt awaken her, my noises would. After a couple minutes of stroking my now pulsating cock and moaning, she still made no acknowledgement that she was awake.

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   I was beginning to think that I had waited too long and that she had in fact gone to sleep. I had to do something. I was so turned on, I decided to go a little further, maybe this would wake her up.
I opened my legs, opening me to spreadeagled on the bed, but still wrapped up in the sheets. Then I lowered my free hand to my balls, where I started to roll them and fondle them while jacking off with the other hand. I knew the combination of jacking off, fondling my balls and moaning should arrouse her. After just a short while, she rolled over. I nearly blew my wad when I knew for a fact that I was stroking my cock like a teenage virgin boy, and she was laying right beside me knowing I was doing it!I had to immediately shift my hand so that i was gripping the sides of my cock, not touching the highly sensative underside, knowing that only a couple more strokes there was going to cause me to pass the point of no return.
I continued stroking my cock and fondling my balls while she lay there looking toward me. She called my name, real softly. I remained "asleep". I kept stroking my cock and moaning. She called my name again, as if to be sure that I was asleep, but not to awaken me if I wasn't. I kept stroking my cock and fondling my balls. She called my name a third time, this time only a bit louder.

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   I kept stroking my cock. She raised up onto her elbow, and leaned over closer to me, trying to get a look at what I was doing.
My load was so close to shooting, but I could not allow myself to cum yet. I was so turned on, I wanted this to last for a good long time. She moved her hand over to mine, trying to make sure that what she thought was happening. . . was happening. And she affirmed her beleifs. She was laying in bed beside her husband, and he was jacking off right in front of her!
She lay there a few seconds letting her hand ride mine as I stroked my cock. By now, she knew beyond all doubt that I was jacking off, and she knew it was getting good because both my hand and hers were getting the precum that was coming from my cock. She then raised her hand up and with her fingertips only, she started circling the head of my cock with my precum while I stroked its length and fondled my balls with the other hand. I was in heaven, knowing that after so many years of jacking off behind closed doors, I was now doing it and she knew damn well that I was. I had to reposition my hand again to save my load for a few more minutes.
Just when I knew for a fact that I could hold the flow back no longer, she looked up into my face, called my name again, and then returned her stare to the covers moving up and down.

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    Then she reached down and pushed the covers down below my hands, she now was seeing my handy work as well as feeling it with her hand. She looked back up into my face, called my name, and then returned her start to my cock. I again, changed my grip to avoid cumming.
Very soon, she moved down and got her face within inches of my cock. Still watching, I was still stroking. I was only hoping that she was enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying performing. I thought that maybe I should "wake up" and see if she would fuck me, but I knew that by now, even if she did, I probably wouldn't last 3 strokes anyway, so I decided to continue on with my actions.
Then she did something that absolutely floored me. She lowered her head, opened her mouth and took my cock in it! She had all but quit sucking my cock years before, saying that she had so much guilt from sucking her brother's cock, that she couldn't suck mine without thinking about sucking his and that caused her a lot of distress. Here she was. . . sucking my cock like she hadn't sucked it in months!
Without a doubt, I knew that I was so close to cumming, I surely could not hold it any longer with her sucking me like she was doing.  Regardless to how I felt, I was either going to have to "wake up" or cum. Thinking quickly, I decided to go for broke.

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At any time before when I could get a blowjob from her, she absolutely refused to let me cum in her mouth, because the last time she did her brother, he came in her mouth and gagged her. That is the reason she finally decided to stop sucking his cock. She sucked him almost every day, even when he was married to his first of three wives. He would bring her a candy bar, she'd suck his cock! Here I was with my cock in her mouth, she was sucking like she was starved for cum, and I couldnt hold it back any longer. I knew that if I came in her mouth, I'd never get another blowjob, but hey. . . I was "asleep" anyway, and I had no control over what I was doing. I had reached the point of no return, and I couldn't stop now if I had wanted to.
I positioned my hand for the maximum feeling, stroked my throbbing cock a couple times, and raised my hips slightly. I let it flow. Gush after gush of hot cum flowed into her awaiting mouth. I knew at any second she was going to move her head, but she stayed right there. She swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked for more. I never came so hard or so much, and she took every drop! When my cock finally stopped pumping cum and began to go limp, she was still sucking it for more.

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   When she knew there was no more cum, she stared licking the head, up and down the shaft, my balls, and then even my fingers. She was starving for cum and didn't want to miss a drop.  
I lay there panting, still "asleep". She didn't say a word, she just rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, she woke me up and acted like nothing happened. I began my routine as usual, not wanting to cause any suspicions. While making the bed, she looked up at me and smiled. She asked me, "Did you sleep well last night?' I told her I had, why. She just smiled and said she didn't have a reason for asking, she was just curious. Then she asked me if I had any dreams. "Not that I recall, why?"
We seperated and divorced some 3 years later, and I never admitted that I was awake that night. We did repeat the scene a couple more times, sometimes she would suck me off, sometimes she would watch me and get herself off with me, and other times she would just reach over and stop me. But she never "woke me up" during any of these sessions.