A Day Out


"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. . . " he stammered out. It was like he hadn't acted of his own accord. "I just cant help it sometimes. Its like, oh I can't explain it. "Surprisingly, she was somewhat charmed by this and asked his name. It was Nik. He really was attractive too. A mop of dark brown, almost black hair sat atop a fair skinned face with blue eyes that shone behind his small glasses. He stood a few inches taller than her, and while not perfectly cut and built, had a nice physique that made her melt. Willow laughed lightly and stuck a flower in his hair behind his ear. "Care for a swim?" she asked while pulling off her dress. She stood before Nik in nothing but some white panties as she kicked off her sandals.

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   Willow had always been comfortable with how she looked and wasn't ashamed of her naturally curvy body, so stripping in front of this stranger was nothing to her. Nik, however, was somewhat stunned and turned on at this sudden exhibitionism, and barely noticed when she giggled and jumped in the river. "Come on scardey!" she called, "The water isn't cold!"Nik started pulling off his shirt timidly. This taking too long, she climbed out again and walked up to him, her nipples erect from the chilly water. "Here!" she said, exasperated. She quickly pulled off his shirt and started for the pants. He was about to stop her when he realized his situation. Wet, naked woman in front of him trying to take his pants off. As she was unzipping his pants, she noticed his very hard cock. "Nice to meet you too," she giggled, and with one movement, his pants were around his ankles. He stepped out of them and as she was turning to leave, he grabbed her arm. He pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. She leaned in after the kiss and whispered,"Come on. . .

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  " She broke away and dove back into the water, her new friend not far behind. The two swam down the river a ways until the water started to slow. "Just a little further!" Willow urged on as they neared a bush hanging over the water. She dove down and disappeared, but soon after, Nik heard a splash and some giggling. He followed suit, and dove down where he had seen her do so. There was a clearing under the water that led to a deep pool. He resurfaced and looked at the beauty that befell him. Tall trees surrounded them, creating a private feeling, but the pool was so wide that the top was open and the sun shone through on the pristine water. A boulder that had been neatly carved out by time sat to his left, and this is where he saw the ultimate beauty. Willow lay there in the sun, the water droplets slowly evaporating as she warmed her body. Her nipples were still erect and shone with the little diamonds of sparkling water. He followed the lines of her body past her chest (a difficult task) to her stomach, her still panty clad hips and pussy, her thighs, legs and even her perfect feet. He watched her in silence until it was broken by her voice. "Isn't it beautiful here?" Nik wondered if she even realized the sight he was seeing but quickly agreed,"More than you know. ""Come over here!" she yelled back to him.

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   He swam over, never taking his eyes off her, and climbed onto the rock along side her. As he was still gazing, she leaned up. Running her hand up along his neck and through his wet hair, she pulled him to her. She gently kissed him. A smile crossed Nik's lips as they left hers. He turned and dove into the water, and as he resurfaced, he beckoned to her. Willow rose to her feet and stepped to the edge of the boulder. Raising her arms above her head, she dove into the water with a perfect swan dive, resurfacing shortly, directly beside him. He turned to her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him in the water. They kissed again, a wet sloppy kiss from the splashing water around them. He leaned in and kissed her neck, sucking on it slightly. She sighed. . . that was one of her favorite places to be kissed.

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   Willow reached her arm down Nik's back, down to his ass, massaging it slightly. She pushed him closer to her, feeling his hard cock straining against his boxers. "Let me help you with something," she said as she dove under the water. Underwater, she rubbed his crotch lightly as she slowly pulled his boxers down, and off. She resurfaced, and swam to the boulder. She dropped them there with a fwop and swam back to him. Sinking below the surface again, she brought his cock to her mouth, licking it slightly. She bobbed back to the surface to get a breath of air, and went down again. This time, taking his head in and holding it between her lips. She created a water tight seal between her lips and his head and spit the water out around him, so her mouth was empty. She licked the very tip of his head a few times. Her mouth was warm compared to the somewhat chilly water, adding all the more to the sensations, as she suddenly sucked hard, letting him slip out. The chilly water hit him hard as she came back to the surface for a breath of air. "Holy shit, baby" he said, stunned, "How can you hold your breath for so long?""I guess its just a talent," she said with a smirk as she went under the water again. He was expecting the same, gentle treatment as before when she went under, so when he suddenly felt his entire cock engulfed in warmth, he let out a surprised moan that echoed off the walls of the boulder and into the trees.

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  She deep throated him once, gagging slightly, but soon began licking the underside of his shaft as best she could with it filling her mouth the way it did. She wrapped her arms around his ass and pushed him into her, deep throating him a second time. Bringing one hand around his waist and upper thigh, she ran her hand down his leg, and up the inside. Extending her arm between his legs, she ran it back, caressing the underside of his ass, and giving his balls a gentle squeeze. She let her hand stay there as she resurfaced again, and played with him as she kissed him again. "My turn," he said with a slight grin, as he brought one of her breasts to his mouth. He licked the already quite hard nipple, and wrapped his lips around it. Giving it a light suck, he reached his hand around to her back and held her closer. He took more of her breast and nipple into his mouth letting his tongue dance playfully around her nub. Water splashed up his nose, causing him to lose his focus for a minute, but Willow just turned slightly and practically shoved her other tit into his mouth. He sucked greedily as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him closer. She moaned softly as he finally dropped her breast, the water splashing up on it a little, and he was now the one to drop below the surface. At first he found it difficult to balance himself so that the water didn't bring him back to the surface, but soon he got used to the pull and was able to stabilize. He found his way to the waistband of her panties and pulled them off. He quickly bobbed out of the water and tossed them behind him on the rock.

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   Hearing the fwop of wet fabric, he slid beneath the surface again, making his way straight to her pussy. He pressed his lips against the hair and kissed her. Then, moving his chin down a few inches, reached his tongue out and licked her clit ever so lightly. Reaching a little further down, he ran his tongue along the outsides of her lips, stopping just before her sensitive nub. He resurfaced for a moment to catch his breath before diving back down. He ran his tongue along her slit, up and back again, before plunging it inside her. Willow felt his tongue penetrate like a bullet and let out a loud moan. It echoed over the pool and through the forest behind her. Nik fucked her with his tongue a little more before needing to resurface for breath. As he popped up, she grabbed his face, and brought his lips to hers. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, tasting herself and playing with his tongue. "Much more like that and I'll be cumming all over you," she gasped. "Last I checked, that was the plan," he said with a smile as he sunk below her again. She placed her hands on his head as his tongue began licking her and exploring her, never once touching her clit. He reached around and took her legs, one in each arm, pulling them up over his shoulders.

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   He allowed himself to float to the surface, so that just his head was out of the water. Willow lay floating on her back as she was pulled closer to him, her legs over his shoulders and her pussy in his face. He began to eat her slowly, letting his tongue linger inside her as it made long licks. Gradually he began increasing speed as his tongue flicked in and out of her. She began to feel the beginning tingle of an orgasm, when he suddenly focused all his attention and power on her clit. Taking it into his mouth he sucked hard on it, flicking it with his tongue. Willow let out a long moan that became somewhat muffled as her bucking orgasm created waves that splashed in her face. As her orgasm subsided, she took her legs from his shoulders and bobbed in the water for a minute before embracing Nik, and giving him a long, passionate kiss. She positioned herself so that his cock was between her legs, just brushing the outside of her pussy. She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing it and letting him know she wanted him. Reaching down, she positioned him and they slid together, him inside her. They stayed like that, floating together and looking into each others eyes. They could see the passion and lust as well as the growing sweet affection for one another. Nik was glad he had been so forward before. Willow, glad she had accepted him.

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   They begin moving in unison, Nik sliding in and out of her hot pussy. They pressed their bodies together so tight, not even the water was between them. Willow's breasts bobbed slightly in the water. Nik leaned in and kissed and nibbled on her neck. Willow reached around and scratched his back with her long nails. They locked eyes again and kissed, increasing their tempo. The water supported them and gave them a little help with the movement. It was like they were fucking in mid air. "God. . . You are so fucking hot," Willow muttered, as made his thrusts harder, an barely grunting in response. He tightened his grip around her and began fucking her hard. She gasped as she felt him pounding inside her. Faster they went, harder, and longer.

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  "Oh god. . . I'm gonna cum baby. . . I'm gonna cum!" Nik sputtered through the splashing water. "Cum inside me baby. I wanna feel you!" was her gasping response. The tempo reached lightning speed as Nik stiffened, and squeezed Willow. He shot a load of hot cum deep inside her. His body twitched from the power, and she held him tight. They remained like that for a while after. Him resting his head on her shoulder, as they floated, motionless. Eventually he slid out from her, and they swam over to the boulder again.

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   Willow pulled herself out first, laying down in the sun again,"Baby, that was amazing. ""Nobody has ever fucked me like that before. How did you know about this place?" Nik asked. "I used to come here as a child. I always wanted to fuck somebody here, I just never found the right person. Then you came along, and I knew it was right. " She rolled on her side, facing him. Her breasts fell together creating amazing cleavage that excited Nik again. He knew he would want her again and he knew he would have her. For now, he let the sun warm his skin as he reached out for her. He scooted himself close and kissed her again, letting his tongues travel down her neck, licking up the little drops of water. He started getting hard again as he reached up and caressed her breast. He moved dow a little and with them still on their sides, he took her breast into his mouth, sucking and licking her nipple. Willow reached out and ran her hand down his shoulder, down his side, his waist, his hip, and around to his ass. She gently caressed it and gave him a little squeeze.


   She let her hand glide around to the front to his still somewhat soft penis sat waiting for her touch. She ran her fingers down the length softly. Holding the tip in her hand, she let her thumb lightly rub his head, bringing more life into him. She wrapped her hand around him and ran it down to the tip and then back again. She felt his becoming harder as she tightened her grip a little and began stroking him. He let out a little moan as he began fucking her hand. She increased her tempo, moving her hand rapidly, and suddenly stopped. Nik opened his eyes and looked at her, pleadingly at first. But she was just looking back at him grinning. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He sat up on his knees and rolled her onto her stomach. Lifting her waist, he brought her to her knees and spread her legs a little. She raised herself onto her hands and turned to look at him. He reached between her legs and brushed her breasts with his finger tips, before running them the length of her torso to her pussy. He leaned in and licked her the length of her slit.

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   He leaned in again, and massaged her clit with the tip of his tongue, then suddenly plunged his tongue inside her. She was wet and ready for him. He ran his cock along her pussy, rubbing ut between the folds and along her opening, getting it wet. He rubbed her a few times before grabbing her hips and thrusting inside her. Immediately he began sliding in and out, pounding her pussy harder each time. He let out a growl as he began fingering her clit while pumping in and out of her. He could hear by her breathing that she was going to cum again soon, so he increased his pace. He wanted them to cum together. He could feel her getting ready, so as quickly as he began, he slid out and stopped. She whimpered slightly. He rubbed her ass and even bent down and bit her cheek gently. "I wanna cum while you orgasm around my cock," he said. Moving around to the front he looked at her. "That means you get to suck me off. .

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  . almost. "As if she needed an invitation! She hungrily took his cock into her mouth, tasting herself again. This time with a taste of him mixed in. She loved that taste. She ran her tongue along the bottom of his shaft to his head, where she flicked it slightly. WIth a feather touch, she let her tongue dance around his tip before sliding it between her lips. Nik leaned back and took in the sensations. At this rate it wasn't going to be long. Willow grabbed the base of his cock with her hand as she pumped the rest in and out of her mouth. With her other hand, she played with his balls, squeezing them and tickling them with her finger tips. She slid him out of her mouth and removed her hand. She kissed the tip of his head lightly. Them brought it to her closed lips again. This time, she quickly engulfed all of him, letting herself gag on his head.

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  This was almost more than enough for him. He pulled out of he mouth and moved behind her again. He fingered her for a moment before plunging deep inside her. Willow let out a moan as he penetrated her. She reached down and began to rub her clit like she was masturbating. Nik started pumping hard, in and out of her. He gripped her hips and slapped her against him again and again. Willow started to moan again as he body started shaking from an intense orgasm. Feeling her walls clenching around him sent Nik over the edge as he came hard into her. She milked him dry with her orgasm as he collapsed against her back. He pulled out and she lay down on her back. He moved between her legs and lay down between her thighs on her stomach for a while. Neither of them spoke from pure exhaustion. After a few minutes, Nik moved and Willow rose from her laying position. The both dove into the water, cleaning themselves up a little while playfully kissing and caressing each other bodies.

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   Shortly after, they climbed out onto the rock again and fell asleep in each others arms. When Nik awoke later that evening, Willow was gone. He wondered if it had been a dream until he saw the wildflower, like he one she had placed in his hair earlier laying where she had been. He wondered if he would ever see her again. He knew he would. . . .