Topic: bobbie&carol turned slutsI woke up I couldn't see clear I try to move but I'm just to weak. I,m sitting down on a couch in some kind of warehouse. Just relax and you'll be ok I look over to my left and see this black guy from the club carol and I  were at. I can't belive it!!! he's naked !! I try to think how I got here. carol and I are both married and we just went out for a few drinks.  just a girls night out. But carol wanted to go to this other club I did't want to but carol talked me into it. We went into this club and sat at the bar I looked around and saw that most of the people were black. Let's get out of here carol. why ? Don't you like black people? It's not that it's just. What do you want ladies?The bar tender asked. Two screw drivers Carol said. Let's have these drinks and then we will go o. k. ? Allright I said. We were sitting ther drinking when this big black good looking guy asks me to dance I said not right now.

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   How about you he said to carol sure why not. I watched her walk out on the floor and slow dance with him she was right up against his body. I think as the dance was over he grabbed a feel of her ass. But it was dark and I didn't know for sure they came back to the bar.  This is Tony Carol said. Nice to meet you Bobbie. I shook his hand and said nice to meet you to Tony. Another round Tony said to the bar keeper. I don't drink mush so one drink mellows me out So when Tony said lets dance and took my hand and walked me to the dance floor. He take s me in his arms and pulls me into his body. I feel so strange my body is shaking my breasts get hard and I feel my panties dampen. I have been with two men so I am not to out going when it comes to sex. Tony put his head on my schoulder and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He ground his hips into mine I felt his thing pressing into me I was glad the dance was over my knees where weak. We got back to the bar carol was talking to this other black guy.

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  This is Mike he's a freind of Tonys. HI! I said I just wanted to sit down. I took my drink and downed it . Hey another round Mike said. We sat around talking and drinking And the next thing I know here i am. I shack my head and look at the man sitting there it's tony my eyes look down and gasp!!He has his cock in his hand it"s half hard and allready 6in long and thick as my wrist. Tony takes my hand and says come Bobbie feel what a real mans cock feels like I try not to do it but i have to do it. Tony says! hey Mike I think the drugs are starting to work. so thats why I can't stop my self from takeing his cock in my hand. it feels so hot and starts to get harder. I look down and see that i have just my bra and panties on but i don't care i have all these sexy feelings my tits feel so hard and my pussy is so wet. I hear some moaning and look over and see some kind of stage Carol is on a bed and two black guys are taken care of her. One guy is fucking her doggie syle with a ten inc. cock and shes sucking another 9 in. cock balls deep down her throat.

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  I snap back to reality Suck my cock bitch Tony says. My mind is saying no but i bend my head down and take the coal black head of it and suck it into i can't belive i'm sucking another mans cock much less a blackmans. my pussy is wet and sloppy the i love the feel of hiscock in my mouth and now all i want is to taste his load of baby seed. Oh suck my cock you white whore bitch!!!I felt his cock throb and knew he was comming i wanted to see his monster cock shoot its load into my mouth. I pulled it out just far enough too see the first gob of scum shoot out and into my open mouth . I sucked it back into me and drank every last drop. My pussy was on fire I needed to be screwed. Tony please do me. Do you ? you mean fuck your white sloppy cunt/ Yes! well say It !I had to say it my cunt was dripping for cock. Please fuck my sloppy white cunt with your big black cock. Thats it i said to my self i'm a fucking whore slut to let this man fuck me  and beg for it. first i have to loosen that pussy up . I felt his hands on my hips and he puled my cum soaked panties off Look how wet this whores panties are. I don't think she need to much lube. Hey bring the camara and get this on film.

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  speread your legs. I opened my legs and Tony put a finger in my wet hole I was so horney AHH! yes fuck me with your finger i felt him put two more fingers into my cunt. Boy this cunt is wet  i bet  i can get me fist in her without lube. Idon't care fuck me with your whole hand he pushed all his fingers in . My cunt felt like it was going to rip open. But i was ready to cum and saidFUCK MEE!!!FUCKME!!Thats when his hand slipped right intomy pussy. look she fucking has my fist in her cunt. Here look at it bitch . They show me the replay on the camara. I watched and could not belive it my cunt opened up and his hand slipped in and took about 6in.  of his arm a allso . Tony said she'll take  on that donkey cock with ease.
 end pt one
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