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Topic: Lifes a Bitch Life's a Bitch By A. G. Thomas Back in front of the TV I ejected then inserted GANGBANG NURSE #1. Taking a long pull on the bottle I hit the play button and settled back. From the title I had expected it. But still, to see my wife walking into what appeared to be a hospital room and up to a patient laying on a bed almost floored me. She was wearing a nurses costume that just did cover the cheeks of her tight cute ass and damn but she looked hot. It wasn't that it was just short. The damn thing was unbuttoned to her navel giving one a perfect view of her 34B breast which because of her five foot four stature appeared to be larger then they actually were. Moving to the "patient" she took his vitals, acting surprised when they were high. And why wouldn't they be with her leaning over him, her firm breast all but spilling from their meager cover. With a huge grin the "patient" reared up and clamped his thick lips over her right nipple along with pulling her down onto his bed. A gasp of surprise issued from her lips. But instead of pulling away her hands closed about the tight kinky curls covering his head pulling him tighter to her breast. "Oh Mr. Billings you shouldn't do.

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  . . . Ohhhhh. . . . Mr. Billings. " Mr. Billings didn't, couldn't say anything what with his face pressed tightly to my wife's breast and his mouth full of taunt nipple. Instead, he took her hand and guided it to the tent covering his lower body. As her hand closed about his sheet covered erection his thick lips moved from her breast up over her throat to cover hers. For several long minutes they passionately kissed before she, gasping raggedly pulled back. For a couple of heartbeats they looked into each others eyes and then she lowered her lips to his bare dark chest.

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   For several minutes she kissed and tongued his chest before concentrating on his nipples. As her lips and teeth teased each of his nipples in turn her hand moved from his sheet covered cock upward then beneath the sheet. As her hand moved downward so to did the sheet until along with her hand closing about him he was fully exposed. With a last nip at his left nipple she raised her face from his chest and again looked into his eyes. "May I kiss it" she purred as her hand massaged his almost eight inch cock like a milk maid would a heifer's tit. Without waiting for an answer her head moved downward until she was directly over him. Her tongue flicked out to swirl over his piss slit lapping up the pearl like drops of pre cum oozing from it. A pulsing purr of pleasure issued from her lips as they opened and a micro second later slipped down over the crown of his cock. As her head bobbed up and down the first three or four inches of his cock and as his ass bounced from the bed he sputtered "Damn bitch but you does love black cock don't you!" For a moment her only reply was a louder pulsing hum issuing from her throat and then she raised her face from his crotch to look into his broadly grinning face. "Oh yes I just can't get enough of it. The smell, the taste is so much better then my husband's skinny little white cock. And the thick warm cum. Ohhhh, I get goose bumps just thinking of it's taste. The flavor is almost intoxicating. "  Hardly had the last syllable left her mouth before she again lowered her head to his crotch.

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   But this time it was to kiss his egg size nodules and tongue the area surrounding them. As she did so his fingers traced lazy patterns ever higher up her inner thigh. Obligingly her legs parted allowing him unfettered access to that which he sought. As his dark fingers slipped beneath her super short nurses uniform and touched her cunt her slim body shuddered slightly and a muffled sigh issued from around the cock between her lips. For several minutes each pleasured the other thus. She kissing and licking his balls and he lightly running his fingers over her cunt and teasing her clit. Seconds later at almost at the same exact instant she again took him into her mouth while he in his fervor pushed two fingers into her. As his fingers moved faster and deeper into her mumbled gasp of arousal and pleasure came from her cock stuffed mouth. A third finger, along with his thumb rubbing over her clit, tormented her cunt for minutes on end while she, with but the crown of his cock between her lips and with her tongue fluttering against and pressing into the underside of his cock, drew a suction that would have rivaled a suction pump. With her attention thus focused she was not aware of the door opening. Nor was she conscious of the beaming grins on the faces of the three negro males, two of which couldn't have been more then sixteen. Neither did she hear the startled gasp of "Aaron" from the beautiful young woman who might have been either the young mans wife or the elder sister of the two teenagers. Mr. Billings though was all to aware of their presence and tried to push my wife from him but she would not be denied. Despite the mans initial panic his hips continued to push up at my wife's face.

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   A heartbeat later with a loud groan his ass pushed from the bed and his hands flew to her head. Moments later he fell limply back onto the bed and his fingers untangled themselves from my wife's long reddish blonde hair. With a last kiss to the knob of his cock and a gentle squeeze of his testicles she sat up on the edge of the bed. When she did so she was looking directly into the faces of Mr. Aaron Billing's visitors. No one said a word. But as the smartly dressed light skin black woman turned about to look into the hallway as if looking for someone of authority the three visiting males stepped further into the room. As they approached Aaron's bed and my wide eyed wife the eldest unzipped his pants. Stepping before my wife and with hands on hips he looked down at the young man in the bed and snickered "looks as if your fit enough to get out of here little brother. " Shifting his attention to my wife he said "only fair that my brothers nurse pay the same attention to his brothers don't you think. " Without a word but licking her lips my wife reached out. As her fingers snaked into his pants and struggled to pull his erection from his fly the two younger boys stepped up beside their elder brother. In their excitement at the prospect of having a beautiful white woman do to them as she had to Aaron together with crowding closer they unzipped and pulled their cock's out. Unlike Aaron's cock, the one that she had just freed was maybe five inches in length and a circumference of an aspirin bottle. As for the two that were brushing my wife's cheeks and straining for her mouth, they too were about five inches long but only about two inches around.


   Leaning forward slightly my wife slipped her lips over the cock directly before her. As her lips began to move up and down the first couple of inches of the eldest boys cock she reached up and grasped the two teenagers. A nervous giggle burst from the two youngsters as my wife's fingers closed about and began pumping their pulsing erections. The young woman whom everyone had forgotten about but who had seen her three brothers step toward my wife closed the door and walked to Aaron's bed. As one the three before my wife reached out to touch the white woman who without protest was pleasuring them. Marquel, the one whom she was sucking, slid his fingers into her reddish blonde hair cupping the back of her head. Nequise and Kenay, the eager teenagers, closed their dark fingers on her nipples. A collection of soft whimpering oohs' issued from around the cock sliding between my wife's lips as the two youngsters rolled, tugged and pinched her nipples. Without warning Marquel released his hold on my wife's head and stepped back. When he did the youngster on my wife's right twisted his fingers into her hair yanking her face in his direction while thrusting his hips forward. Without hesitation her lips parted and she took him into her mouth eliciting a groan from him. The other youngster tried to move directly in front of my wife but couldn't because Marquel had dropped to his knees between her slightly parted legs. Never the less he managed to press his cock to her lips and was rewarded seconds later when she relinquished his brothers cock. Placing his hands on her thighs he  A gurgling whimper burst from around the dark cock sawing between her lips and a shudder as if from a chill racked my wife's petite body as Marquel spread her legs and pushed his face to her sparsely covered vulva. With Marquel's hands gripping my wife's thighs holding her to his face and with the two excited teenagers yanking her face first one way then the other she was totally at their mercy.

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   She offered no resistance though to their eagerness, and in fact attacked whichever cock was presented to her with vigor, while as if with a mind of its own her pelvis repeatedly jerked against Marquel's probing, lapping tongue. It was in the midst of this seeming free for all that the young woman finally spoke. "Why don't you two horny ass niggers lay the bitch on her back and fuck the shit out of her instead of fighting over her mouth. Course you'll have to get your older brother's mouth off her cunt first. Shouldn't be to much of a problem though if'n you offer him first crack at the nasty slut. " For a moment the two teenagers looked at each other and then as one pushed her down onto Aaron's bed. Aaron who had saw it coming had already slid from his bed to make room for her as his three brother's began tearing at their clothes. My wife, her uniform top already off her shoulders and midway down her arms worked it the rest of the way off. Drawing her legs up she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart giving the four men and one woman an excellent view of her cunt. Her eyes twinkling with lust she looked expectantly at each of the men while they with animal like rumblings in their throat's drew tighter about the bed. But before Marquel or any of the others could fall atop her the woman threw herself atop my wife. As their lips met my wife released her ankles and began franticly tearing at Latisha's clothes who herself was trying to do the same. Moments later she was as naked as my wife and the two of them were exploring each others body's with lips and fingers. The brothers, not wanting to be left out, ran their hands over each woman's slim quivering body. It made no difference that one of them was their sister.

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   Each woman's breast were squeezed and their nipples pinched and tugged while they with their faces between the others legs moaned incessantly. When at long last they fell apart Latisha was lifted from the bed by Aaron and carried to the unoccupied second bed. As he fell to the bed with his sister Marquel crawled between my wife's legs. Almost as one the cock's of the two men sank into the warmth of the women's body's. But it wasn't only their cunts that welcomed male virility. The two teenagers not wanting to be denied nor willing to wait their turns presented their cock's to both my wife's and Latisha's gasping mouths. Without hesitation both women's lips closed about the eager cock's drawing a suction. Over the next forty or so minutes each woman not only fucked but sucked the cock's of all four brothers. The orgy though was not over for even as the last of the brothers to use my wife rolled from atop her the door opened. For a moment the old man just stood there in the open doorway starring wide eyed and with mouth hanging open at my wife. Reluctantly pulling his eyes from my wife he turned them on each of the young men and finally Latisha. He didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know what had been going on as the women had that fresh fucked look upon their faces while the four brothers had huge shit eating grins on their faces. Leaving his cleaning supplies in the hallway he released the door and staggered toward my wife as one hypnotized. Not a word had been spoken yet anticipation lit my wife's face as she watched the old negro walked stiff legged toward her. With every step toward her he shed an article of clothing.

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   It wasn't until he was along side her though that he dropped his underwear. When he did a gasp slipped not only from my wife's lips but Latisha's as well. The mans semi hard dark chocolate colored cock looked every bit as large as Marquel's, and he wasn't even fully hard. Licking her lips seductively my wife sat up and swung her legs off the bed. Reaching out she closed both hands around his cock squeezing and pumping him to even greater hardness. Unbelievably he appeared to grow even longer and fatter as the blood rushed into his dark appendage. Slipping to her knees before him, and after a worshipful gaze into his smiling face, her lips and tongue traced the length and breadth of his dick. When her lips again touched the uncircumcised head of his cock her tongue flicked out to probe and tease his flesh. Like a train entering a tunnel her tongue probed his flesh searching for the outlet of the fluid staining his dark flesh. A soft purr like moan issued from her as her tongue lapped up his pre cum like a cat lapping up milk. Seconds later satisfied with her effort she opened her mouth to take him in but it was not to be. " Ain't your mouf I be wanting white girl, it's your snatch. So gets your sweet ass up on dat bed and gets ready for some black pleasuring. " Jumping to her feet she fell back onto the bed spreading her legs at the same time. But on her back was not how he wanted her.

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   Ordering her to roll over and bring her knees beneath her he climbed onto the bed behind her. Grabbing her waist he jerked her up and back raising her pert ass higher. "Which hole you be wanting this nigger to ream white girl? Is you wanting me to slam your already fucked sloppy cunt or your shitter" he growled as his heavy dark cock moved between her butt cheeks. Before my wife could answer a hysterical yell filled the momentary silence. "Aaron, Marquel, stop him for God sake. He'll tear her if he shoves that horse cock into her" Latisha screamed. But the brothers stood unmoving as the old skinny janitor scooped cum from her throughly fucked cunt. Only after he had smeared the discharge of the four brothers over the first couple of inches of his monstrous cock and prodded first her cunt then the tight puckered ring of her anus did they move. But before they had moved a foot his angry growl and seething look stopped them in their tracks. "Unless you chillin's be wanting to shoves your little pecker's in the bitch's mouf whilst I breeds her you best stop right there. " Turning his attention back to my wife he gripped her butt cheeks splaying them apart. Again his heavy cock moved between my wife's two holes only this time as the broad head touched her cunt he pushed against her. Squeals, were they of pain, or arousal, burst from my wife's lips as he pressed against her. It was so hard to tell after having seen the other video as well as after having looked at all the photographs. A minute, then three and four dragged by as he pressed against her cunt before suddenly her lips flowered apart and the gigantic broad head followed by maybe three almost wrist thick inches slipped into her.

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   A choked wail burst from her throat. Again I couldn't help but wonder if it were of pain or pleasure. For a moment he held still then slowly ever so slowly he pulled back till but the very tip of his horse cock remained between her cunt lips. Again he remained motionless only to suddenly along with jerking her to him thrust his hips forward like a rutting animal. Three, five, eight thick inches disappeared from view before he again ceased moving. My wife trembling. Repeated whimpering gasp of to big, to big tumbled from her mouth as time and again he almost withdrew before with a rolling corkscrew twist of his hips drove the same eight inches into her. Each time he did so he jerked her backwards to meet his thrust. Her gasping oomph's turned to mewing purrs of pleasure as at first imperceptibly then with ever more growing vigor her cute tight ass wiggled and pushed back to meet his every thrust. Spittle sprayed from his thick lips as in conjunction to his repeatedly driving into her he sputtered "fuck it honky. Fuck that chocolate snake. Oh yeah girlie that's it. That's what I talking about. " With her now taking as much as ten inches of his cock relatively easy no longer did he find it necessary to jerk her backwards each time he pushed forward. His hands slid up her sides then beneath her to alternately squeeze and tug her breast.


  With a sputtering exclamation of what could have only been pleasure and satisfaction he drove the last inch of his blue black hardness into her. Not a centimeter of his near foot long almost wrist thick cock remained visible whenever he pushed into her. Her butt cheeks, splayed apart to the point of tearing, allowed the camera to testify to the fact that every inch of the old negro's cock was buried in her cunt. More moans and ever clearer pleas to be fucked, to be bred, to be given a baby issued from her lips. Sliding his hands from her breast to her biceps down to her wrist he jerked her arms from beneath her and back. Like a cowboy pulling on the reins of his pony he jerked her arms back forcing her head and upper torso to arch from the bed. Without inhibition and as if of their own accord her hips rolled and pushed masochistically back to meet his every full length deep thrust.  For maybe another ten, twelve minutes he continued to drive into her before with a last twisting grind of his loins he held himself to her. A guttural growl of "going to give you a black baby vanilla" welled from his chest as he sent his thick globular spunk flowing over the walls of her womb. With her slight frame vibrating like a tuning fork she choked out her pleasure. YES. . . . Yes.

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  . . . Oh God Yessssss. . . . Give me your cum. Give me your cum. Fill my whore cunt with your black baby making cum. YES. . . . Yesssss.

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  . . . Yessssssssssss bubbled from her trembling lips before fading to nonsensical gibberish. Pulling his cock from her he pushed her away and crawled from the bed. Collapsing face down onto the bed she lay as if unconscious as the old negro after sliding from the bed walked around to where her head lay. Twisting his fingers into her reddish blonde hair he lifted her head from the rumpled sheets pulling her face to his slimy cock. "Clean me honky, my wife ain't wanting to smell slut cunt on her mans dick. " Without hesitation and as if it were the natural and right thing to do her mouth opened to admit him. Along with pulling her face to him he pushed the bulbous head of his cock to her lips forcing them wide apart. Surely if he forces that monster into her mouth he'll dislocate her jaws I thought as to my astonishment the bulbous spongy head forced its way past her lips into the warm moistness of her mouth. Two, three, four inches of the fat monster wormed their way between her lips before any sign of discomfort became apparent. With her lips stretched about his dark cock as tight as a rubber band he held himself in her mouth as with muffled groans she weakly struggled. Pulling back he momentarily paused before again pushing forward sinking another half inch or so into her mouth just as he had done when forcing himself into her cunt. Momentarily pausing in his efforts to force his thick cock between her lips he looked into the stunned faces of the four brother's.

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   "Go ahead boys have another go at the slut. Who knows, maybe if'n I didn't make her pregnant one of you's will" he chuckled. Without waiting to see if his invitation for the youths to again enjoy my wife was accepted he lowered his twinkling eyes to her face. With an exaggerated slow rolling pump of his hips he pushed seven, almost eight inches between her lips and intro her mouth. Unbelievably you could see her throat swell as his cock slipped into her gullet. Light excited laughter issued from his thick lips as he pulled back and almost instantly pushed into her face again. Six, nine, ten inches of almost wrist thick cock slipped between my wife's widely stretched lips and into her throat. Her arms began flailing about; her small hands beating against his thighs and stomach as his cock slipped into and blocked her esophagus. It was at that moment that one of the teenagers chose to crawl between her legs. Together with a giggling titter his hands locked on her waist pulling her buttocks up and back. But it wasn't her stretched cunt into which he thrust his cock it was her anus. For perhaps a minute she was sandwiched between the old janitor and the teenager before with a chuckle of "what a nasty cock whore" the old man pulled from her mouth. As the janitor stepped back Aaron edged forward pressing his cock to my wife's gasping trembling lip's. With but a momentary hesitation her mouth opened inviting its use. For perhaps another twenty minutes the four brothers double teamed my wife before despite their youth and regenitive power they collapsed exhausted.

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   The last image on the screen before it went dark was that of my wife and Latisha passionately kissing and fondling. As the screen went dark I fell back against the couch breathing heavily. The sudden pounding on the door followed by a shout of "Mr. Bishop it's the police, open the door please" damn near stopped my heart.          .
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